Worst Times/Places to Have an Itch On Your Private Parts

I haven't made a silly list in ages! So.. For those who love the silly, this is for you, poppets

The Top Ten

1 In an interview
2 In a lift

This is so awkward, especially if it's crowded. - Britgirl

3 On stage V 1 Comment
4 While making a speech

It just looks ridiculous - Curti2594

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5 On public transport
6 In a queue

Embarrassing in a long queue. You go to have a discreet scratch on the offending itch and forty pairs of eyes instantly know the region of the itch! How so? - Britgirl

7 While meeting your boy/girlfriends parents

Oh, baby, I've been urging to meet your family! - PositronWildhawk

8 While talking to a stranger

I have on occasions, when engaging in stimulating conversation with a total stranger, there will be a tiny itch that occurs THERE... All you can do is pray... - Britgirl

9 During Sex

Never experienced this but I can only assume this would be pretty embarrassing! - Britgirl

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10 During an argument

Imagine the scene: You and the other person are throwing whatever at each other, scoring points over who can shout loudest and suddenly you are distracted by.. THE ITCH! - Britgirl

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