Worst Times and Places to Need the Toilet


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1 In an Interview

Well if you guys were brilliant like me, you would wear diapers. Thus, this problem disappears.

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2 In Bed

I get up and go to the bathroom. I have never wet the bed.

You're warm, contented, sleepy... And then... - Britgirl

I never have to go to the bathroom in bed... - Minecraftcrazy530

3 In a Long Queue

And then the line is even longer when you come back.

4 On Stage

Ha ha! I know the feeling. This happened to me today! It's especially bad when you're performing a LONG play like Hamlet- which I did today!

And it's quite the most common time! - keyson

5 On a Bus
6 Floating Through Space

"maybe I can cut this cord for no reason" maybe you'll discover an alien toilet. - yolo2346

7 At Your Wedding

It is the worst place because everyone is waiting for your big moment

8 In Mid-Conversation

Especially if you're with someone boring who talks too much. - Britgirl

9 In the Theatre

I once drank a full 20 ounces of water in the first half hour of The Hobbit: An Unexpectes Journey. Of course, the bloody thing was three hours long! I kept thinking, "It's got to end..." and it didn't! Let's just say I was in quite a bit of pain for all of the action sequences in the mountains (Which, by the way, were absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable. I have NO idea why they were added to the film, as Tolkien had no such thing in the book. ) and the riddle game.
Sorry about my brief rant. I got off track. - PetSounds

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11 In an Action Movie Film Shoot

En garde! Oh, wait I just gotta use the can.

12 During Sex

You should have prepared for it!

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13 While Swimming

The gross thing is the fact that 40% of swimmers have admitted to relieving themselves in pools. One reason why I don't swim. Knowing that! - PositronWildhawk

14 In a Broken Lift

I do not EVER want this to happen to me. Why must I suffer? - PositronWildhawk

15 On a Toilet V 2 Comments
16 Asking a Girl Out
17 In a Dressing Room
18 At School

If I have to crap at school I will not go I will go when I get home

Why? Are you scared to use the bathroom at school? - mayamanga

19 During a Huge Exam
20 On a Airplane

Why is this on the list? Airplanes have bathrooms idiot.

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