Worst Times and Places to Need the Toilet

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1 In an Interview

You'd agree to work for nothing to get out of there.

2 In Bed

Thxs a lot body you ruined this moment now I'll never feel quite that Cozy again!

You're warm, contented, sleepy... And then...

Especially in 3 AM

3 In a Long Queue

This is why some popular rides have mid-queue toilets

And then the line is even longer when you come back.

4 On a Bus

Motor coaches have bathrooms, but my parents don't let me use them. They say they smell and are unsanitary

5 On Stage

Ha ha! I know the feeling. This happened to me today! It's especially bad when you're performing a LONG play like Hamlet- which I did today!

And it's quite the most common time!

6 Floating Through Space

Actually space suits have special pee bags

"maybe I can cut this cord for no reason" maybe you'll discover an alien toilet.

7 In the Theatre

I once drank a full 20 ounces of water in the first half hour of The Hobbit: An Unexpectes Journey. Of course, the bloody thing was three hours long! I kept thinking, "It's got to end..." and it didn't! Let's just say I was in quite a bit of pain for all of the action sequences in the mountains (Which, by the way, were absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable. I have NO idea why they were added to the film, as Tolkien had no such thing in the book. ) and the riddle game.
Sorry about my brief rant. I got off track.

I watched star wars episode 9 and I missed the last 2 minutes of the movie going to the bathroom I came back and it was over, I was really disappointed to miss the ending I will have to watch it again to see the ending

Well, what you were expecting to see a good part of a movie and suddenly you have to go to the bathroom but when you come back, you miss it.

Ahhh what a great movie... dang it I gotta pee. Hope I don’t miss anything... run out of the theater like a total dork sprinting

8 At Your Wedding

It is the worst place because everyone is waiting for your big moment

9 In Mid-Conversation

When I was a young teen I was forced to listen to the 2+ hour long boring lectures and the person who was speaking to me would not let me use the bathroom in the middle of it, even if it was an emergency! >:(

Especially if you're with someone boring who talks too much.

10 In Someone Else's House

Once at a family party I had to use the toilet but it was occupied by another guest. there was another one in the basement so I used that one instead. While downstairs someone locked the basement door and I ended up being stuck in the basement for about 10 -15 minutes.

This is so awkward and embarassing but unavoidable.

You feel terrible haha

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11 In a Broken Lift

I do not EVER want this to happen to me. Why must I suffer?

Man stuck in elevator for 40 hours with diarrhea

12 In an Action Movie Film Shoot

En garde! Oh, wait I just gotta use the can.

13 During Sex

You should have prepared for it!

You walk in on someone

14 While Swimming

The gross thing is the fact that 40% of swimmers have admitted to relieving themselves in pools. One reason why I don't swim. Knowing that!

15 At School

The reason is because a lot of teachers will not allow their students to use the restroom during class, even if it's an emergency.

If I have to crap at school I will not go I will go when I get home

Schools have strict toilet policies, AND I HATE THIS! What if you’re a teenage girl in middle or high school and it’s that time of the month? You would be sitting in your own blood for hours! Gross and unhygienic!

16 On a Airplane

Why is this on the list? Airplanes have bathrooms idiot.

Only if it's experiencing turbulence.

The bathroom is really dirty

17 On a Toilet

When I was 2 would rather poop in a diaper than in a toilet

Ikr diapers r so much better

This really pisses me off. HALP

18 Asking a Girl Out

Hey would you like to *farts*
Girl: ew! *runs away like a deer escaping from a tiger*

19 On a Long Car Trip

Well, that shouldn't be a problem if you're a guy. You can just pull over and go behind a tree or a bush.

If you're a girl, then yes, it sucks.

20 In a Dressing Room
21 In a Police Car

But you will need to litter a soda bottle first

22 During a Huge Exam
23 Buried in the Sand at the Beach

Just pee in the sand. No one will know

24 During a Fire Drill at School
25 When Someone Forgets to Flush the Toilet

I just flush the toilet then use it, but only at my own house.

Ew 💩 and pee and forget to flush in your own toilet

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