Worst Times / Places to Say Something You Regret

When you think of all the hours in the day and the places we go and people we meet, these times and places we really should think before we speak. Shouldn't we? Hmm? Whatcha think?

The Top Ten

1 In the Heat of an Argument

This is the worst when you do this!

Nothing feels nearly as bad when your Tongue keeps on talking & it lands you in a pit of backlash! - Curti2594

Many times I've wanted to cut my own tongue out after I've said something that shocked, annoyed or offended a loved one. I'm sorry for that. - Britgirl

Many a time this has happened to me. This is a completely relevant list, by the way. -

This - is bad.
Serious and sensibly cool list, Britgirl! - HezarioSeth

2 At a Funeral

See PositronWildhawk's Worst Things to Say At a Funeral and Wedding lists for a laugh at least! - Britgirl

Worst thing to say at a funeral, "Wait... Whose funeral is this? "

3 At an Interview

Just the wrong time to say something to affect your chances of getting that job. Although, a perfect time if you've been forced by the jobcentre to go for a job you don't want... - Britgirl

4 In a Text / Email

You have enough time to check and edit them before sending. But... - Britgirl

... then after seeing the outbox or your listed comment for at least twenty times you say,"Hmm, Oh no! A spelling error and there are some words which I've missed." OR," I think the post could have been little better. Maybe I should have added/deleted this thing or that thing. Maybe my matter was not so clear. And..." And endless things you can think of! - Kiteretsunu

5 At a Wedding

Hmm... Maybe not the best time to air your dirty laundry... - Britgirl

6 In a Recording

Especially in a police interview. I've seen this happen. - Britgirl

7 In Your Sleep

Bad. You don't know even know you're doing it. - Britgirl

8 On a First Date

If you do, it might be your last. Unless you're the 'Check Please' Guy from Goodness Gracious Me. In that case, you're going on forever. - PositronWildhawk

9 When Meeting Your Girl / Boyfriend's Parents for the First Time
10 In Court

Those lawyers are good listeners and have the BEST hearing. So think before you speak! - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Movie Theatre
12 At School

My high school special ed teacher constantly got me in trouble for no reason, and I was the only Asian kid in the class. One day I was tired of it and called her racist IN HER FACE. She was shocked, but I do not regret my actions. She deserved it. >

13 At a Party

If it was something Really Bad to say you want to forget it but Fact is Party's are a Memory so if someone bring it up your gonna want to hide - Curti2594

14 When Meeting The Queen
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