Top Ten Worst Times to Propose to Her

The Top Ten

1 When She Catches You Cheating On Her

Hmm...interesting...if this has happened to any of you, say so... - PositronWildhawk

"How could you? " You just scratch your head. "Sorry. Um... CAN YOU MARY ME? " She/he will hate you for this :D

2 After She Dumps You

Blimey, one heck of anti-romance! - HezarioSeth

Girlfriend: I'm breaking up with you.
You: Well, okay... By the way, will you marry me?

3 When She Wins the Lottery

*wins lottery
"Will you mar-"
"WOO! "
*does happy dance

4 After She Dies

"Oh you've just fallen 24 storeys and died. Never mind; will you marry me?..." Silence. "Is that a no, then...? " - Britgirl

5 After You Confess to Genocide

By the way I've killed thousands- but yer still gunna marry me, right?

6 When at a Funeral

"He was a kind man, a loving man, so, (her name), will you marry me? "
How more stupid, creepy and obnoxious can you get?!

How unromantic... It should be#1

7 2 Years After You Dump Her
8 When Sleeping

Either how Leonard did it in The Big Bang Theory, or just talking in your sleep. Either way, it's the worst time to propose to her.

9 When You're In the Process of Murdering Someone

(BAM! ) Oh, hey there! Listen, I just shot this man, but will you please... marry me? - DogsUnleashed

10 Right After Her Dad Dies

The Contenders

11 During Sex
12 When She Discovers You're Married

She might say that it would be easier to do it if he didn't have a suspicious ring on his finger

13 When Driving

How often does this actually happen? - PositronWildhawk

"Babe, I ain't holdin' the wheel, but that ain't important. "
(down on one knee)
"Will you mar-"

14 When She's Angry at a Video Game You Just Beat Her On

"OH! OH! I JUST BEAT YOU! By the way, will you marry me?

15 When at a Wedding

Let's just hope you caught that bouquet - ethanmeinster

Gee, way to make it all about you two.

Works best if it's her Wedding

16 When You Catch the Black Plague

"Honey, I'm sorry, but I have the Black Plague."(girlfriend gasps) "But hey, you can still marry me, right? "

17 When On Live TV

Well, on global T.V., everyone would see it. It would be especially awkward as you couldn't say "no". - PositronWildhawk

"I'm here with (insert name here), who experienced Hurricane Wilfurt. What do you have to say? "
"Yeah, yeah, it was a bad hurricane. By the way, (insert name here), will you marry me?

18 When In Front of Parents
19 While Having Diarrhea

W-Will y-you...m-m-arry m- OH FORGET IT I HAVE TO TAKE A DUMP!

20 When at Work
21 When You're Gonna Kill Her

Can I marry and murder you, pretty please?

22 When at a Rock Concert
23 When You Only Have a $1 Toy Ring

Well, if she's blind, you can get away with it. But if not, prepare for a pencil in your eye. - PositronWildhawk

24 During World War 3

Can I marry and murder you? Or would you like it the other way round?

25 When She's Having a Baby

"Push, baby, PUSH! Marry me, honey, MARRY ME! "

26 When In a Sports Stadium
27 When On a Busy Street
28 When On a Big Screen
29 When On a Tour Bus
30 When at a Strip Club
31 When In the Shower

If we were together in the shower, it would be so romantic. - Britgirl

If it went down the drain, it would be even worse!

32 After Seeing Someone She Hates Do It
33 When You Meet Her for the First Time

This would just make me run a mile. I can see now. "Hi I'm Michael. Will you marry me...? Oh, where'd she go? " - Britgirl

34 When She's Watching Her Favourite Soap Opera
35 When Underneath a Loud Wooden Roller Coaster
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