Top Ten Worst Times to Propose to Her

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1 When She Catches You Cheating On Her

"How could you? " You just scratch your head. "Sorry. Um... CAN YOU MARY ME? " She/he will hate you for this :D

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2 After She Dumps You

Girlfriend: I'm breaking up with you.
You: Well, okay... By the way, will you marry me?

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3 When She Wins the Lottery
4 After She Dies

"Oh you've just fallen 24 storeys and died. Never mind; will you marry me?..." Silence. "Is that a no, then...? " - Britgirl

5 After You Confess to Genocide

By the way I've killed thousands- but yer still gunna marry me, right?

6 2 Years After You Dump Her
7 When Sleeping

Either how Leonard did it in The Big Bang Theory, or just talking in your sleep. Either way, it's the worst time to propose to her.

8 When at a Funeral

"He was a kind man, a loving man, so, (her name), will you marry me? "
How more stupid, creepy and obnoxious can you get?!

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9 When You're In the Process of Murdering Someone

(BAM! ) Oh, hey there! Listen, I just shot this man, but will you please... marry me? - DogsUnleashed

10 Right After Her Dad Dies

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11 During Sex
12 When Evidence That You're Married

She might say that it would be easier to do it if he didn't have a suspicious ring on his finger

13 When Driving

"Babe, I ain't holdin' the wheel, but that ain't important. "
(down on one knee)
"Will you mar-"

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14 When She's Angry at a Video Game You Just Beat Her On

"OH! OH! I JUST BEAT YOU! By the way, will you marry me?

15 When at a Wedding

Let's just hope you caught that bouquet - ethanmeinster

Gee, way to make it all about you two.

Works best if it's her Wedding

16 When You Catch the Black Plague

"Honey, I'm sorry, but I have the Black Plague."(girlfriend gasps) "But hey, you can still marry me, right? "

17 When On Live TV

Well, on global T.V., everyone would see it. It would be especially awkward as you couldn't say "no". - PositronWildhawk

"I'm here with (insert name here), who experienced Hurricane Wilfurt. What do you have to say? "
"Yeah, yeah, it was a bad hurricane. By the way, (insert name here), will you marry me?

18 While Having Diarrhea

W-Will y-you...m-m-arry m- OH FORGET IT I HAVE TO TAKE A DUMP!

19 When at Work
20 When In Front of Parents
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1. When She Catches You Cheating On Her
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1. During Sex
2. When She Wins the Lottery
3. When She Catches You Cheating On Her



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