Top Ten Worst Times to Read a TheTopTens List


The Top Ten

1 Right now

Unbelievable I have read the top tens list during 5 of the 6 things here

Nothing is about to happen to- (Is taken away from the computer) - Mumbizz01

Oh... Well, in that case... - gemcloben

2 During a school lockdown
3 School or work

I am commenting while in school, like right now!

4 Time out/while grounded
5 At midnight

I sometimes do this. Very rarely, though. I can't be the only one, right? - DogsUnleashed

I do this when I have insomnia. - RockFashionista

6 While having a broken leg

You'll hurt your leg - Jake09

7 While eating/drinking

You'll ruin the device - Jake09

8 While driving
9 When you are in the bathroom

I don't care! I'm actually doing that right NOW!

10 At a murderer's house

Been there, done that. - letdot52

The Contenders

11 During the Apocalypse
12 When Keyson Is Making a List

You wouldn't want to steal his crowd. - PositronWildhawk

13 During a school shooting
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1. Right now
2. During the Apocalypse
3. While driving
1. Right now
2. During a school lockdown
3. School or work
1. At midnight
2. Time out/while grounded
3. Right now


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