Top Ten Worst Times to Stutter

Thanks to Jerk4life (John) for helping me to make this list!

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1 During a speech

I'm about to give a speech in a few days and I'm afraid this might happen because in public or when meeting new people I stutter a lot - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I've had speeches but I barely remember stuttering. It might be the worst moment of your life. - jerk4life

I always stutter during speeches. - Catacorn

I can tell you all from personal experience that you don't want to stutter while giving a speech. My teacher mentally beat the life out of me because of it. R.I.P. - SpyroZap99

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2 When introducing yourself to someone

I'm always shy whenever I introduce myself. - Catacorn

3 In an interview

I can't image that. It would be serious. - jerk4life

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4 During a conference call

It happened once. It was so embarrassing LOL - jerk4life

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5 When rapping on stage

That would gain a damn lot of attention LOL - jerk4life

Dang, that would be embarrassing. - Catacorn

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6 When singing on stage

Yep. I've done it before. Nothing like stuttering while a couple hundred people are watching you fail. - PianoQueen

7 When talking to an authority figure
8 During declamation
9 When talking to your teacher/boss

Sometimes I laugh my head off while talking to the teacher. Usually it's because me and leafstar were being stupid before and I still hasn't recovered when I have to show my work to the teacher. - birdechosplash

My teacher would probably yell at me lol. - Catacorn

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10 When talking to your parents V 1 Comment

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11 On a date V 1 Comment
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1. In an interview
2. When rapping on stage
3. When singing on stage
1. In an interview
2. When introducing yourself to someone
3. During a speech



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