Worst Times to Watch a Horror Movie

Well what time do you usually watch horror movies? Uh.. before I go to bed. No! That's the worst time to watch a horror movie! Well I'm going to have nightmares for the rest of the night. DANG IT!

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1 Before You Go to Sleep

My mom banned me from watching horror movies at night. I love horror movies.

Then you're going to have nightmares! I remember when I was 8 years old and my sister was asleep. My mom put one Jason Vs Freddy. After that, I was so scared and my mom kept telling me and telling me It's just a movie and she put on the behind-the-scenes footage. - JaysTop10List

I never had worst times to watch a Horror movie but this one looks the most suitable. I had some creepy nightmares after Alien/Aliens, Suspiria, Dawn of the Dead and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. - Alexandr

Yeah this would be pretty bad.

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2 While at a 3 Year Old's Birthday Party

Everyone! It's time to watch some Barney
A few minutes later
Mommy! This horror movie has naked people and gory stuff
Jason Kidd! I demand you to turn off that movie! - JaysTop10List

I actuli done this with my friends but the kid was 8 years and we were 13

3 While at a Funeral

He was a lovely kind man, NOW LET'S WATCH SOME Saw
Um Billy Graham, everyone's looking at you.
You stink!
If you're not going to watch a horror movie with me than I'll leave
Aww man! - JaysTop10List

4 While in the Classroom

Maybe I watch the movie that the kids are watching- KIDS THIS MOVIE YOU PICK HAS LOTS OF BLOOD
Aw! But we're a fifth grade class! We could take bloody stuff
Chainsaw roars on T.V..
AAH! - JaysTop10List

5 While at a Church

All these reasons are stupid but this is crazy

May God-
Hey we don't want this bible stuff, we want horror movies! Who's with me
*No one participates and just stare*
Joel! Sit your butt down! - JaysTop10List

6 While at a Graduation

Hey everyone! Since we all graduated! Could we watch horror movies?
NO! You stink!
Just imagine that - JaysTop10List

7 While at a Daycare

Goo goo gaga!
Eww! I have enough of this drooling babies! Let's watch horror movies!
* Gets kicked out* - JaysTop10List

8 When It's Midnight

There's just something about that time

9 While Alone in the Dark

That would be scary if I do or what I am not coward

10 While at a Concert

This would be a good idea if it was a bad concert, but how would you hear the film? - PositronWildhawk

When you're ready come and get it na na na na
I hate this Selena Gomez concert! I'm going to watch a horror movie on my iPhone. - JaysTop10List

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11 While at an Interview

We should build Toys'rus and the Galleria Mall don't you think?
Nah I'm going to watch a horror movie
YOU'RE FIRED! - JaysTop10List

12 While in the Shower
13 While at a Nursing Home

It just might give your grandma a heart attack!

14 Right After Watching a Comedy Film
15 While in a Haunted House
16 While on a Romantic Date
17 When the Power's Out

Just think about it

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1. Before You Go to Sleep
2. When It's Midnight
3. While In the Classroom
1. Before You Go to Sleep
2. While Alone In the Dark
3. While at a 3 Year Old's Birthday Party
1. Before You Go to Sleep
2. While at a Funeral
3. While at a 3 Year Old's Birthday Party


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