Worst Title Changes in Pro Wrestling


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1 David Arquette, WCW World Heavyweight Championship - Nitro

This mess should have never happened we have Vince Russo to thank for that. - egnomac

2 Hollywood Hulk Hogan, WCW World Heavyweight Championship - Nitro 1999

Nash practically handed the WCW title to Hogan in this BS match when Nash willingly let Hogan pin him. - egnomac

3 Mr. McMahon, WWE Championship - SmackDown 1999
4 Chris Jericho, World Heavyweight Championship - Unforgiven 2008

Jericho should have never been in the Championship scramble match, Batista did all the work and the most infuriating part was Jericho won the title without any effort what so ever. - egnomac

5 Edge, WWE Championship - Survivor Series 2008

The match began with Triple H vs Koslov and then near the matches end Vickie Guerrero put Edge in the match and ended up stealing the title. - egnomac

6 Batista, WWE Championship - Elimination Chamber 2010

Mr. McMahon just gave Batista a WWE title match moments after Cena won the title in the Elimination Chamber. - egnomac

7 John Bradshaw Layfield, WWE Championship - The Great American Bash 2004
8 Sheamus, WWE Championship - TLC 2009

Shaemus only won the title by fluke win during the tables match John Cena lost his balance and accidentally fell through the table losing both the match and the WWE title. - egnomac

9 Diesel, WWE Championship - House Show 1994
10 Hulk Hogan, WWE Championship Macth - WrestleMania IX

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11 Jinder Mahal, WWE Championship - Backlash 2017

At least David Arquette had a movie to promote. This was completely nonsensical and eventually pointless. - truckturner

12 Mark Henry, World Heavyweight Championship - Night of Champions

Are you kidding me... ! Henry beats Randy..

13 Vince Russo WCW Title 2000

Everyone talks about David Arquette's title reign, but Vince Russo's reign was even worse.

14 The Rock, WWE Title - Royal Rumble 2013
15 Dolph Ziggler, World Heavyweight Title - SmackDown's 600th Episode on February 18, 2011

Putting the title on Ziggler only to have him lose it later on was pointless. nobody even remembers this title reign lmao. after Edge beat Ziggler, my fellow black guy Teddy Long FIRED ziggler. Then big show came, beat up ziggler and carried him away. weeks later Ziggler just appears on RAW and wins the US Title couple months later.

16 Christian, World Heavyweight Championship - Money in the Bank 2011
17 John Cena, WWE Championship match - Money In The Bank 2014

Predictable and down right horrible choice put the DAMN young guys over - htoutlaws2012

18 Sheamus, US Title - Raw on May 5, 2014

Triple H the big nosed nutcase had to put ambrose in a batle royal. samus won the royal and became US Chup. I was hoping ambrose could hold the title for 365 days dammit. they had to give seamus a pointless very long title regin

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1. David Arquette, WCW World Heavyweight Championship - Nitro
2. Hollywood Hulk Hogan, WCW World Heavyweight Championship - Nitro 1999
3. Mr. McMahon, WWE Championship - SmackDown 1999


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