Top 10 Worst Tollywood Actors

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21 Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

Good actor from Nandamuri family, He has future in acting definitely. But, he should keep his spectrum broad and take up performance oriented roles and do not stuck up like " I will only do as Hero". I believe you can offer good performance roles. and I wish to see Kalyan Ram in wide variety of roles. My best wishes

Most powerful. I like him.

22 Sumanth
23 Sampu

Over the top performer.

Sampu is a chimpanzee

Good acting

24 Ram Pothineni

So handsome person...i love him he needs to do some movies which can bring him stardom that he you

Nice actor

25 Superstar Mahesh
26 Sai Dharam Tej

His face is like half stuck in the revolution between gorilla and man... He and his gorilla face! How did he even become a hero?

Promising actor


27 Vadivelu
28 Mohan Babu
29 Akhil Akkineni

His craze from his first movie is sufficient to tell about him...He is upcoming Superstar...other heroes r jealous of him...

30 Prince Mahesh

My hero and popular tollywood hero most handsome person of the decade and a pure milky boy

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31 Aadi
32 Najee De-Tiege
33 Allari Naresh
34 Sai Teja
35 Varun Tej

Only one mega family actor with best image, simply superb and suits for all characters,nice variations

36 Sampoornesh Babu
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