Top 10 Worst Tomboy Stereotypes

Here are a list of the DUMBEST tomboy stereotypes EVER!
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1 We hate girly girls

I think this is by far the WORST tomboy stereotype EVER! Just because we don't like girly THINGS, It doesn't mean we don't like girlyGIRLS. I have 2 best friends, and they are BOTH girlygirls! And I'm a tomboy!

WRONG! I'm a tomboy, my 9 year old cousin is a girly girl, and I love her for it.

Not true. I like girly girls.

I love girly girls

2 We are obsessed with sports

While I personally love playing Dodgeball and Football, there are lots of tomboys out there who couldn't care less about sports. So I guess this is a dumb stereotype.

I suck at sports

3 We want to be a boy

I hate this stereotype! Just because we act like boys, it doesn't mean we all are immediately transgender! Get your facts straight, stereotypers!

No. That would be weird. I'm comfortable with the gender I was born with and I wouldn't change it

If one Wants to be a Boy, Then They Are a Boy. it's called "Transgenderism", People.

4 We are lesbians

Makes sense - most guys don't want them bc they're similar to actual guys. They're probably abnormal enough to be lesbo in my opinion.

I am a major tomboy. Even when I was younger I have never liked the color pink and other girly things and loved playing sports, play fight with my brothers, and wear baseball caps and sneakers. I even wore a tuxedo to my Junior prom but people thought I was a lesbian just because I am a butch-ish girl. I am 100% heterosexual and only felt sexually and romantically attracted to men and men only. I have a friend who is a lesbian and she is pretty feminine and likes dating very masculine/mannish girls. I currently have a boyfriend and he is attracted to tomboys and women who wear suits so I was definitely the perfect fit for him. Your sexuality should not define how you express your masculinity or femininity and I wish people got that instead of being sexist and stereotypical.

Ok, I'm a lesbian tomboy. True. But it doesn't mean every single one of us is!

5 We try to act "cool" and "hip"

This is one of the worst of the lot. I'm a tomboy, and I hate it when people try to act "dank"! And the DABBING! I think that dabbing is the WORST thing you could possibly do when trying to be "hip", especially with grown ups! Coolness is truly in the eye of the beholder.

6 We hate makeup

Ok, so I don't really like the idea of putting chemicals on my face just to get a date, and so do a lot of tomboys. But there are thousands of tomboys who don't mind makeup, some even WEAR it!

I love makeup

7 We're mean

Yes - they're meant to be meaner than girly girls. Tomboys were intended to be manly and mean, that's y. Just see their grimy interests.

That's not true. Just because we're tomboys, It doesn't mean we're bullies.

I'm very nice to others

8 We hate shopping

Well I love shopping for Funko Pops and video games. But not really clothes, unless I'm shopping for some video game or T.V. show shirt.

It depends on what we are buying.

9 We can't be "sexy"

True. They fail as women when deciding to be manly. Hence, they lose most girly traits. In which it is sad. Since that's their own gender role they should know. Most of them don't have acceptable bust/curves for their gender. Pathetic.

Apparently just because we don't wear dresses and high heels, that means we can't be "Smexy". NOT TRUE. I had a crush who was the smexiest girl I've ever seen, and I think she was a tomboy.

Women in blazers and suits are much hotter than the typical dress and heels.

10 We're just going through a phase

UGH. The dreaded "It's just a phase". Apparently, when we hit puberty we all forget what the word "boy" means and start wearing dresses and high heels, AKA grow out of our "phase".

I'm not sure if I'm going through a phase or not.

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11 We hate the color pink

I'm a tomboy, but I love every color including pink!

I do. But yeah, It's a dumb stereotype

I'm a tomboy and I like this colour.

Pink is okay sometimes

12 They must have short hair

I have short hair but it doesn't mean every tomboy wants short hair. I want a boys cut but some prefer to have long hair.

Yes - I think it's fair for them to look like guys; not only act. It's not mean or egotistical. I dare them to cut their hair.

I am a tomboy and I have long hair. My mom thinks that tomboys must have short hair though

I'm a tomboy and I have long hair.

13 They like eating dirt
14 They think they are "not like other girls"

-NO; there's only one way to be a girl in my opinion by the way! Don't listen to the sources! There should've never been the "not like other girls," statement. I hate those claims.

15 We don't cry

I mean, that stereotype is considered pretty stupid, since tomboys are basically like any human being in sense of acting from expressions.
Gender expression doesn't matter, we all cried at least once.

16 We all like a certain fandom

Wattpad @melodramas_

I'm an in-between tomboy and girly-girl, and this stereotype needs to stop.

Not every tomboy likes Pokemon, Transformers, TMNT, FNAF, etc. I like Transformers, but not every tomboy does.

I get EXTREMELY annoyed when I see a question on a tomboy or girly-girl quiz, and if there's a question like "Do you like Pokemon" and you answer with no, you'll get the answer girly-girl.

Please make this one stop.

17 We don't have feelings

Mostly true. They r nice too. But they feel bad/sorry for me less. They often have these grimy activities... which make my sensitive self worry. I'm glad that I pull much mundane sweeter pranks.

Everybody seems to think we're rude bullies just because of what we like. There are tomboys out there who try to be "Lit" and act like this. And because of that, everybody seems to have got it into their heads that we're ALL like this. THANKS, "Lit" tomboys.

18 They like to call people dude or bro
19 They are gangsters

Not all tomboys are gangsters, I am one and I don't like gangsters

20 We like being ugly
21 They are so mean

YES - I avoid them as much as possible. They fail as girls, tbh. I'M SO glad I was stereotypically ladylike this whole time...

22 We beat people up
23 We are emo
24 We listen to odd music

You mean music that NEVER appears on the radio?

25 They sound annoying
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