Top 10 Worst Tomboy Stereotypes

Here are a list of the DUMBEST tomboy stereotypes EVER!

The Top Ten

1 We hate girly girls We hate girly girls

I think this is by far the WORST tomboy stereotype EVER! Just because we don't like girly THINGS, It doesn't mean we don't like girlyGIRLS. I have 2 best friends, and they are BOTH girlygirls! And I'm a tomboy! - Apricot

WRONG! I'm a tomboy, my 9 year old cousin is a girly girl, and I love her for it.

Noo,its fine with me

2 We are obsessed with sports We are obsessed with sports

While I personally love playing Dodgeball and Football, there are lots of tomboys out there who couldn't care less about sports. So I guess this is a dumb stereotype. - Apricot

3 We want to be a boy We want to be a boy

I hate this stereotype! Just because we act like boys, it doesn't mean we all are immediately transgender! Get your facts straight, stereotypers! - Apricot

yodel does

4 We are lesbians

Ok, I'm a lesbian tomboy. True. But it doesn't mean every single one of us is! - Apricot

5 We try to act "cool" and "hip"

This is one of the worst of the lot. I'm a tomboy, and I hate it when people try to act "dank"! And the DABBING! I think that dabbing is the WORST thing you could possibly do when trying to be "hip", especially with grown ups! Coolness is truly in the eye of the beholder. - Apricot

6 We hate makeup

Ok, so I don't really like the idea of putting chemicals on my face just to get a date, and so do a lot of tomboys. But there are thousands of tomboys who don't mind makeup, some even WEAR it! - Apricot

7 We're mean

That's not true. Just because we're tomboys, It doesn't mean we're bullies. - Apricot

8 We hate shopping We hate shopping

I personally HATE shopping. But some tomboys ADORE it! - Apricot

9 We can't be "sexy"

Apparently just because we don't wear dresses and high heels, that means we can't be "Smexy". NOT TRUE. I had a crush who was the smexiest girl I've ever seen, and I think she was a tomboy. - Apricot

10 We're just going through a phase We're just going through a phase

UGH. The dreaded "It's just a phase". Apparently, when we hit puberty we all forget what the word "boy" means and start wearing dresses and high heels, AKA grow out of our "phase". - Apricot

The Contenders

11 We hate the color pink
12 We all like a certain fandom

Wattpad @melodramas_

I'm an in-between tomboy and girly-girl, and this stereotype needs to stop.

Not every tomboy likes Pokemon, Transformers, TMNT, FNAF, etc. I like Transformers, but not every tomboy does.

I get EXTREMELY annoyed when I see a question on a tomboy or girly-girl quiz, and if there's a question like "Do you like Pokemon" and you answer with no, you'll get the answer girly-girl.

Please make this one stop.

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