Worst Tony Hawk Game Levels

The Tony Hawk series has a lot of fantastic, crazy, and memorable levels. However, not every single level is memorable. These are the worst levels in the Tony Hawk games.

The Top Ten

1 Sky Lines - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X

This level comes from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X. An enchanted version of Pro Skater 2 that was released as an exclusive on the OG Xbox. Although it’s a fun version of the memorable Pro Skater 2, some of the bonus levels really blow. Sky Lines is one of them. And oh god, it’s probably the worst TH level I have ever played. Apart from the pool in the middle of the level, there is no room to skate anywhere in this level. So many objects you can bump into. And you can fall off the map really easily since the level takes place on top of some buildings and stuff. This level is extremely irritating, and annoying. Can’t stand it.

2 Astroid Belt - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Oh boy, we’re entertaining the Pro Skater 5 territory. Pro Skater 5 was a massive letdown. And the levels can explain for themself. Although not every single level in Pro Skater 5 is a dumpster fire, there are a few stinkers. Astroid Belt is for sure a stinker. Although the layout is okay for a Tony Hawk level. The problem is the moon physics. You have to ride a moon board, and the physics are absolutely terrible. Making it impossible to pass any of the goals in the level. Oh and before the patches, the slam button made things really difficult for this level. So yeah, this level is pretty bad. If I want to play a space themed Tony Hawk level, I’ll stick to Skate Heaven.

3 Bonfire Beach - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Another Pro Skater 5 cracks this list. This time it’s Bonfire Beach. This level is extremely bland and boring. The layout is extremely uninspiring. The fire board does nothing really special besides setting your skateboard on fire. The goals are extremely boring. And it feels empty. I know that every Pro Skater 5 is empty, but this is the most emptiest looking level in the game. The only good thing about this level is the Venice Beach Easter Egg. That’s it.

4 Car Factory - Tony Hawk’s Project 8

Do not be fooled. I’m not talking about the Factory level from Project 8. No, I’m talking about the Car Factory level from the PS2 and OG Xbox versions of Project 8. This level is a pain. It’s so big. Backtracking is an absolute mess, and it feels like a maze trying to get to the goals and stuff. The last gen versions of Project 8 are a hot mess, and this level is too.

5 Subway - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X

Another level from Pro Skater 2X. This time we have the Subway level. The problem with this level is that it’s not all that fun. Everything feels crammed in the level. And I do appreciate that the level does resemble a subway station and stuff. But everything feels really crammed in, and makes it hard to skate anywhere. If there was a subway level I wanted to play, I’ll just play the train station level from Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground.

6 Carnival - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4

And this is where the list gets controversial. Carnival hasn’t always been one of my favorite Tony Hawk levels. The layout is fine and stuff. But the problem with this level is that it gets boring. Sure it’s fun for a few minutes. But then it gets boring. I wasn’t a fan of the challenges either. I like the idea of a carnival themed TH level, but it was poorly executed in Pro Skater 4 in my opinion.

7 Boston - Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Underground 2 was kinda disappointing.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game. But felt flat compared to the first Underground game. Some of the levels were pretty good though.
But levels like Boston are not good. This is the first level in Underground 2 besides the tutorial level. This level feels boring. There’s not that much excitement in it. Even though there’s a library, subway station, and a pirate ship. It all feels boring and less exiting. But at least the rest of the levels in THUG2 were good.

8 Santa Monica - Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland

I might get some slack for this, but Santa Monica from American Wasteland sucks. Why? Well it feels really small compared to the other levels. There’s not that much to do in the level. And yes there is the Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster. But they get destroyed later on in the game for the stupid Skate Ranch. Leaving the level boring and nothing left to do.

9 The Capitol/ City Center - Tony Hawk’s Project 8

The only level I didn’t really like in the next gen version of Project 8 was The Capitol or City Center in the last gen versions. Like Santa Monica, there’s not that much to do. Just a giant building, the clock bowl inside the building, and a few rails here and there. The last gen version of the level is more empty than the next gen version of the level. It’s not a bad level. Just forgettable.

10 Chopper Drop - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

This isn’t a bad level. It’s just forgettable. You jump out of a chopper and into a half pipe set in the middle of the ocean. While that may sound cool, the level is pretty forgettable. All that’s there is the half pipe and that’s it. The Pro Skater 2X version of the level added a few rail sections though. But that doesn’t really make the level exciting. Overall a forgettable but not terrible Tony Hawk level.

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