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21 800 1+ Story Buildings (2 Laff Boost)
22 200 4+ Story Cog Bldgs

Don't know what I was thinking when I chose this one. Still stuck on it lol. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Apparently not.

Taking forever just to get to 100. Especially when I join buildings on Toon HQ and it's either fake or they already did it. TAKES FOREVER TO EVEN GET TO 100. Rather do 100 than 200. I don't know what I was even thinking when I accepted this task.

I didn't get this toontask.

23 80 Level 12 Cogs

Cog bosses exist for a reason, guys...

It's not as hard as you'd think. Just do multiple rounds of VP and BAM! It's done. You'll get the task done, AND at the same time level up your Sellbot suit.

Three laff points boost. This is quite hard for only 3 laffs. You wont find any Level 12 cogs wandering around.

24 Nina Nitelight - Upper Right Leg of Cashbot

Yeah, especially since I was also doing a ton of mints at the same time, took me forever to finish it.

Took me days to do this

You guys may think its easy, but it's so hard to defeat that much Cogs in ONLY Donalds Dreamland, I had to do so much Buildings for 140 Cogs!

25 Teleport Access to Goofy Speedway

Much Hard


26 Vidalia VaVoom - Carry 120 Jellybeans

This task is annoying. To begin with, you will first be asked to recover a love letter from either Minglers, Loan Sharks, Legal Eagles, or Corporate Raiders, the easiest being Minglers. Unfortunately, my toon Good ol' Poppy Weaselwhip just got that task and he got Legal Eagles. After this, you will deliver the letter to Vidalia and she will ask you to deliver the letter to Snooty Sinjin. He will ask you to recover 10 wiener dogs from the cogs. The recovery rate is quite low. After this, you will return to Snooty and he will ask you to go to Creepy Carl. Carl will ask you to defeat 10 level 8+ Cogs, luckily these can be defeated anywhere. Then go back to Creepy Carl, you'll deliver an engagement ring to Vidalia and you'll be done. This task took me days, luckily I got Minglers. Good ol' Poppy got the unlucky Legal Eagles.


27 35 Cashbot Coin Mint Supervisors - 3 Laff

Hmm... It's hard but my grandma had to defeat 35 Bullion Mints for a 3 point Laff boost which is harder than the coin mint task.

This is a relatively tedious task involving multiple trips to the coin mint which sometimes is hard to do if you do not have maxed sound.

I accidentally chose 30 dollar mint supervisors...but I only got 1 laff point. Be happy you got 3! - PeppyS

28 Lounge Lassard 3+ Laff Boost

I wish I had Platform Shoes from Robber Barons, since invasion has started and if I got it? NO! THAT DARN LOUNGE LASSARD WANTED TO RECOVER THIS FROM BIG CHEESES. 3 BUILDINGS WITH THEM AND IF I GOT IT? NOPE

I did a tedious 5 story building, everyone lureless except me, and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END!? "Items not recovered: Platform shoes"

This one is probably a nightmare.

You first have to recover a Microphone from the cogs. I did a vp run but I died in pie round but I got the microphone though. My brother has this for days. Very annoying Then you have to recover an electric keyboard from Minglers, Loan Sharks, Legal Eagles, or Corporate Raiders. I got Minglers lucky me. The last three are kinda hard. Then you have to recover platform shoes from Mr. Hollywoods, Robber Baron, Big Wigs, or Big Cheeses. I got Mr. Hollywood thanks goodness. Again the last three are hard.

29 Flippy - Final Bossbot Suit Part


30 1 VS 1
31 TTC's Hard Task: Sticky Lou

Sticky Lou's annoying & we gotta move streets to get stuff to unstick him.

Hate Sticky Lou. He's so annoying.

32 Toon HQ - 80 Gag Pouch

My sister got this task and it was too hard

she had to defeat 400 2 story + cog bldgs

this task is torture luckily I didn't get it
(this task was to get CJ parts)

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33 Lawful Linda - 2 Point Laff Boost

What are you talking about? penny pinchers are only uncommon in here. Though I do agree. I had to restock 2 or 3 times for the money bags

This task wasn't terrible. Got the money bag item on my 1st try.

THE MONEY BAG PART IS SO HARD! the bean counters were so easy, Only bad part about piney pinchers were THERE IS NONE IN DDL

34 200 5 Story Buildings for 1 Point Laff Boost

I saw this one, but thankfully didn't choose it.

This is the task that very few toons like one Toontown Youtuber named Kitteh had done.

35 HQ Officer - 3 Point Laff Boost

Litteraly wow, the sprocket is SO rare! I had to defeat over 15 Glad Handers! I got lucky for the Mover and Shakers though. Litteraly, THE WORST TOONTASK EVER! It's useless!

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36 Uncle Mud - 3 Point Laff Boost

Oh come on! Factories are easy at that point. You can get your first cold caller suit in one day.

Ok, you may thinks it easy, but this is my opinion! Too long for me! I had to restock TOO much!

Can you please give more info

Ikr endless amounts of Memo's

37 4 Blood suckers in TTC

Why do you guys think its hard, its really easy!

Bruh, I finished the 6 bloodsuckers in TTC in like ten minutes. Geez, kids.

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38 Defeat 20 Downsizers

This is one of those specific cog tasks that when you choose it, suddenly you can't find that cog ANYWHERE. Besides those hundreds of cogs or buildings tasks, this task took me the longest. I mean, I checked Lighthouse Lane, Walrus Way, Maple Street, and invasion districts for WEEKS, yet when I finally complete it, guess what, there it is, A DOWNSIZER INVASION! WHY?!

Like the saying goes, when you need them, they're nowhere to be found. But when you don't need them, they're EVERYWHERE. - HerHonour

39 25 Bullion Mint Supervisors - Carry 250 Jellybeans

This task is so frustrating! First if you don't have any friends like me, you have to find a group to do the bullion with which can take forever! Then you have to do the full bullion run which can take up to an hour! After you are finished, you must restock your gags and finally come all the way back to CBHQ and find another group and repeat the cycle 25 times! I don't know why I picked this task I wish you could change your tasks.

40 Woody Nickel - Carry 50 Jellybeans

Hardest task in TTC mostly because of the 10 cog gears from level 3 cogs pretty time consuming especially if you are extremely unlucky when it comes to recovery tasks

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