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Rockland District Middle School takes the cake, but please add some of your own.

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1 Sexiest Guy at Rockland District Middle School

Seeing that 60% have to do with Rockland District I must ask... WHO THE HELL GIVES A DAMN?! Seriously... if you want a school list, do it on your own time and considering that. 00000001 of the people on this site go to that school... GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE PLEASE! - fireinside96

ANY of the school lists. Please put them on your High School's web site. - mgenet

Its all a conspiracy by the government man, that's what this is all about. You know you say someones sexy and then... I don't know, but I'm pretty sure its all a conspiracy - the-rate-it-guy

These guys aren't supposed to tell where they go to school online. - Cartoonfan202

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2 Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian

There is nothing wrong with being non-heterosexual, but offending innocent people who aren't? Uncool. To all people who aren't heterosexual: I am on your side, even if I don't share your beliefs.

I can't believe people are so close-minded that they created this list.

Who created this is really close-minded

Seeking more gay women and men in the bi dating women seeking couples #couples #dating meeting more bi friends bisexualwomenlookingforcouples.com and we can find more love and romance - bisexualwomenlookingforcouples

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3 Cutest Couples at Rockland District Middle School

yea I just add random names to this list - footballanytime

I know I don't. I hope the site owners delete these lists. - Darrell

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4 Sexiest Girl at Rockland District Middle School

O I totaly live in Rockland District Middle School

5 Worst Users on TheTopTens

This is just offensive. This shouldn't been approved. - funnyuser

There's only a few but that's because they judge you by something you enjoy

This list is removed I think - RickyReeves

It's removed. I never saw it, but I'm glad. - Minecraftcrazy530

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6 Best Justin Bieber Songs

The list would be completely blank cause he doesn't have any good songs - toptenzen

How can this be a list if Justin Bieber does not have songs? They're garbage, not songs!

Worst of all,there's tons of comments praising that stupid chick that have hundreds of likes. - SamuiNeko

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7 Most Popular Kids at Seaford Middle School

Where the Hell is Seaford Middle School? and seriously who cares about some 11 years olds? - TheGreatest

I never understood why these kinds of lists get approved. - Darrell

8 Best Big Brother Contestants

No one on the show is good - BigBrotherSucks

Get this to number 1 - BigBrotherSucks

I hate every single person on BB because it is the worst T.V. show ever

9 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

This list is kinda creepy. Leave Britgirl alone. She's already dating someone - OriginalVisionary

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10 Top Ten Most Overrated Pies

You really couldn't think of any other ideas?

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11 Most Hated Countries

The Korean government and media actively encourage their minions to vote for Japan because they're in a pissing contest over some islands nobody would ever want anyway. This list should be deleted. It is being used for harassment. Who knows why it won't be. I read the statement this site made about this list. They're still wrong for not deleting it. (And the top city in the Phillipines while you're at it. The city of Iloilo must pay people to vote for it. ) - Blue_Devereaux

Yeah, this list seems like the sort of thing that can get a lot of anger and racism-accusations thrown about. Worst thing about it is, it's actually one of the most popular lists on the site. Oh dear. - EvilAngel

There is a big war about countries in that list. Check the posts about that list. - Animefan12

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12 Biggest Flirter at Rockland Middle School

We don't even know these people and don't even care. They could be thirtyyear olds!

Oh my god... WHY are there so many lists about this one middle school in the middle of nowhere in Maine? Who the hell is meant to vote on them? How many people that go to that school do they think are on this site.
Good thing the Rockland sh*t has been removed. - CreamOfConnor

13 Top Ten Places Bin Laden Could be Hiding

One of them was 'in my pocket', and somebody wrote 'lol funny'(or something like that), how is that funny? - PotBellyPup

Well I thought it was clever. Most people just do Best Bands etc... - Britgirl

it's not really a list,it's not even that funny, the person who did this list just put down the first things that came to his head. - biscuits

He is already dead. - SelfDestruct

14 Top Pinoy Big Brother Housemates

nobody even watches that show so it should be number 1 - biscuits

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15 World's Biggest Losers

you can write your enemy and your most hated person there but it create spam - ronluna

16 Top 10 Ways to Make Someone Believe you have a Boyfriend

the annoying things that a bitchy girl must do - ronluna

that unnecessary list, one of the worst - ronluna

nothing to do but insult other people - ronluna

17 Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

The London olympics are over

Also, Vocaloids everywhere. - ExxonWireless

18 Top Ten Reasons why Jackie Evancho is better than Sage the Gemini
19 Most Disrespectful Users On TheTopTens
20 Top 10 Overrated Anime

Death note and sailor moon

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