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Rockland District Middle School takes the cake, but please add some of your own.

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1 Sexiest Guy at Rockland District Middle School

Seeing that 60% have to do with Rockland District I must ask... WHO THE HELL GIVES A DAMN?! Seriously... if you want a school list, do it on your own time and considering that. 00000001 of the people on this site go to that school... GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE PLEASE! - fireinside96

ANY of the school lists. Please put them on your High School's web site. - mgenet

Its all a conspiracy by the government man, that's what this is all about. You know you say someones sexy and then... I don't know, but I'm pretty sure its all a conspiracy - the-rate-it-guy

Why are there so many lists about Rockland District Middle School? Most of the people on this site don't even go to that school! - RiverClanRocks

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2 Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian

There is nothing wrong with being non-heterosexual, but offending innocent people who aren't? Uncool. To all people who aren't heterosexual: I am on your side, even if I don't share your beliefs.

I can't believe people are so close-minded that they created this list.

Who created this is really close-minded

The Guy who created this said it is not a hate list. - DapperPickle

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3 Cutest Couples at Rockland District Middle School

yea I just add random names to this list - footballanytime

I know I don't. I hope the site owners delete these lists. - Darrell

this really makes me sick! - luvtoread

4 Sexiest Girl at Rockland District Middle School

O I totaly live in Rockland District Middle School

5 Worst Users on TheTopTens

This is just offensive. This shouldn't been approved. - funnyuser

There's only a few but that's because they judge you by something you enjoy

This list is removed I think - RickyReeves

It's removed. I never saw it, but I'm glad. - Minecraftcrazy530

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6 Best Justin Bieber Songs

The list would be completely blank cause he doesn't have any good songs - toptenzen

I guess 'none of them' is 1st to like 999999999th - Harri666

How can this be a list if Justin Bieber does not have songs? They're garbage, not songs!

Worst of all,there's tons of comments praising that stupid chick that have hundreds of likes. - SamuiNeko

7 Most Popular Kids at Seaford Middle School

Where the Hell is Seaford Middle School? and seriously who cares about some 11 years olds? - TheGreatest

I never understood why these kinds of lists get approved. - Darrell

8 Best Big Brother Contestants

No one on the show is good - BigBrotherSucks

Get this to number 1 - BigBrotherSucks

I hate every single person on BB because it is the worst T.V. show ever

9 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

This list is kinda creepy. Leave Britgirl alone. She's already dating someone - OriginalVisionary

Or the other dating lists. - Minecraftcrazy530

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10 Top Ten Most Overrated Pies

You really couldn't think of any other ideas?

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11 Most Hated Countries

Kim1001 is messed up cause he sends death treats to people who like south korea and the comments are racist asf

The Korean government and media actively encourage their minions to vote for Japan because they're in a pissing contest over some islands nobody would ever want anyway. This list should be deleted. It is being used for harassment. Who knows why it won't be. I read the statement this site made about this list. They're still wrong for not deleting it. (And the top city in the Phillipines while you're at it. The city of Iloilo must pay people to vote for it. ) - Blue_Devereaux

Yeah, this list seems like the sort of thing that can get a lot of anger and racism-accusations thrown about. Worst thing about it is, it's actually one of the most popular lists on the site. Oh dear. - EvilAngel

There is a big war about countries in that list. Check the posts about that list. - Animefan12

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12 Biggest Flirter at Rockland Middle School

We don't even know these people and don't even care. They could be thirtyyear olds!

Oh my god... WHY are there so many lists about this one middle school in the middle of nowhere in Maine? Who the hell is meant to vote on them? How many people that go to that school do they think are on this site.
Good thing the Rockland sh*t has been removed. - CreamOfConnor

13 Top Ten Places Bin Laden Could be Hiding

One of them was 'in my pocket', and somebody wrote 'lol funny'(or something like that), how is that funny? - PotBellyPup

Well I thought it was clever. Most people just do Best Bands etc... - Britgirl

it's not really a list,it's not even that funny, the person who did this list just put down the first things that came to his head. - biscuits

He is already dead. - SelfDestruct

14 Top Pinoy Big Brother Housemates

nobody even watches that show so it should be number 1 - biscuits

Worst T.V. show ever No one should watch it

15 World's Biggest Losers

Great idea! So that whoever sees it will add their name - styLIShT

you can write your enemy and your most hated person there but it create spam - ronluna

16 Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

I'll vote for this because they are already over, but I just want to let you know this list is a reason why TheTopTens is cancer. First of all, there are too many lists that people dislike just because they don't understand what opinions are. Like TopTen best Justin Bieber songs. Just because you don't like Justin Bieber doesn't mean everybody does. Two, the list wasn't TOP TEN REASONS NOT TO BE GAY, it was TOP 10 WORST THINGS ABOUT BEING GAY. Very different things. Top 10 worst things about being gay details the challenges that gays face. And finally, stop saying you don't care about Rockland District Middle School. If you're raging over those lists, you care about them! by the way, I'm curious about those lists too and I don't even go there. Does anybody know if they are still up?

Most of the items at the top of that list are bands that came up after 2012 - styLIShT

The London olympics are over

17 Most Disrespectful Users On TheTopTens
18 Best 7th Grade Teachers at Rockland District Middle School

what the hell is this school? - ronluna

People who don't go to your school don't care. - 906389

19 Top 10 Ways to Make Someone Believe you have a Boyfriend

the annoying things that a bitchy girl must do - ronluna

that unnecessary list, one of the worst - ronluna

nothing to do but insult other people - ronluna

20 Top Ten Reasons why Jackie Evancho is better than Sage the Gemini
21 Top 10 Overrated Anime

I don't see any problem with this - styLIShT

Death note and sailor moon

22 Best Things About Jackie Evancho

Oh my the only reason you can't find any is because your jealous!

There is nothing good about her!

23 Best Jackie Evancho Songs

Its pretty apparent that Jackie Evancho has picked up an obsessed stalker.

I guess none. All take the top spots of the worst songs of all time list. - SelfDestruct

Looks like SelfDestruct has been on this list too, he is an obsessed Stalker Troll who searches the Top Tens for any reference to Jaci Evancho and makes rude and even dangerous comments.

24 Worst Countries In Europe
25 Best Ways to Prepare Chicken

My top 10:

1) BBQ
2) chicken sandwich
3) nuggets
4) fries
5) popcorn
6) General Tso
7) Sweet and Sour
9) with Asian noodles
10) with pho

One of the best ways to prepare chicken is Popcorn?!

26 Best Yo Mama So Poor Jokes

It's called dark humour for a reason, sometimes normal humour just doesn't make the cut and dark humour is more funny. There's no problem with these kinds of lists - styLIShT

By far the worst type of yo mama joke alive, they are all sad, not funny.

27 Stongest Girl at Rockland District Middle School

WHAT... THE... HECK! Its retarded considering that like 1/10,000 of us go to this school. - moose4life19

makes me vomit! stupid brats! - luvtoread

28 Best Credit Repair Services

this is so boring that when I noticed it was a list a almost vomited, yes rockland middle school is annoying, but this is simply disgusting, inapropriate, and boring. - CaptainComedy17

29 Best Jackie Evancho Songs Since 2010

Why SelfDestruct is so obsessed with Jackie Evancho that he puts her on lists like this bunches of times.

30 Reasons Why Anime Sucks

Oh, this list was made by mrcoolface, right? - Animefan12

31 Best Online Dating Services

spam, spam, spam, wonderful glorious spam - Darrell

I think it's actually an advertisement by which TTT is getting revenue - styLIShT

32 Best Celine Dion Album
33 Best Yo Mamma So Fat Jokes

jesus those jokes are stupid. also LMAO at those Rockland Middle School ones! That's absolutely hilarious. lol middle school kids are so stupid. - asdfalexia

34 Top Ten Things To Put Ketchup On
35 Top Horde WoW Character Types

sort of like the song "Somebody Told Me" by the killers. - biscuits

36 Worst Rock Voices

very insulting and only 1 here has the worst voice - ronluna

37 Top 10 Worst Anime

That particular list was poorly executed but this list topic is not bad at all, as there are bad anime out there - styLIShT

Yes. Why? Because this is the stupidest list I ever encountered in this site. I cannot stand the people who wrote this list! Because nearly all the animes I saw there are good ones. Pokemon, Naruto, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Code Geass... Oh, what a stupid list.

The list subject isn't bad because I have seen some terrible anime. However, such things you mentioned (excluding Pokemon and Sailor Moon) should not be in the list. - SelfDestruct

38 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Jackie Evancho

SelfDestruct created this one too.

39 Underrated YouTubers

Mikey the Thrash Metalhead, Cinemassacre, CuteFuzzyWeasel, Jambareeqi, Zaffre Revolution, Atlantic Records and etc should be on this list. And to whoever said that Selena Gomez worked hard on her overall career, go screw yourself. Whoever made this list might be saying true facts. Selena Gomez better be beaten up by her boyfriends.

40 Top Ten List of Bizarre Swickis

what the hell is a bizarre swickis? - luvtoread

What the flip are Swickis? - Wolftail

41 Top Super Smash Bros. Brawl Secret Characters
42 Sexiest Women Golfers
43 Greatest Things Ever

Seems a little to broad to me. - Darrell

44 Top Ten Free Translation Tools
45 Best Soccer Goalie in Marion Elementary

Laugh out loud, there are elementary school kids on this website? Well, I'm in middle school, but seriously.

NO. ONE.. CARES. - Absolite

46 Ten Best Songs by Flesh Terror
47 Best Serena Ryder Songs
48 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola

Does Adventure Time have anything in common with ebola? No. So why make a list comparing the two when in common sense you already know the answer? Adventure Time= harmless kid's cartoon, ebola= extremely deadly and contagious disease that is at the moment uncurable. Yeah I dislike both but I'd rather be stuck watching a kid's cartoon I don't really care for rather than die from a horrible disease. - Anonymousxcxc

What does some cartoon have anything to do with a fatal disease? - Pony

What does an animated kid's show have to do with a deadly disease? - Anonymousxcxc

They have nothing in common! Ebola=pain and adventure time=greatness.because of my marceline

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49 Best Bail Bonds Providers
50 Top Ten Ways To Tell if Some If Someone Is A Psycho

Actually found this tongue-in-cheek list quite amusing. It's not a list to be taken seriously. And if you check in on it, you would see just how popular it is... - Britgirl

This list is extremely offensive towards people with mental illnesses! Just because someone might have some mental problems it does not mean that they are freaks or that they're extremely violent!

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