Worst Top Ten List Subjects

Rockland District Middle School takes the cake, but please add some of your own.

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21 Best Jackie Evancho Songs

Its pretty apparent that Jackie Evancho has picked up an obsessed stalker.

I guess none. All take the top spots of the worst songs of all time list. - SelfDestruct

Looks like SelfDestruct has been on this list too, he is an obsessed Stalker Troll who searches the Top Tens for any reference to Jaci Evancho and makes rude and even dangerous comments.

22 Best Things About Jackie Evancho

Oh my the only reason you can't find any is because your jealous!

There is nothing good about her!

23 Best 7th Grade Teachers at Rockland District Middle School

what the hell is this school? - ronluna

People who don't go to your school don't care. - 906389

24 Worst Countries In Europe
25 Best Yo Mama So Poor Jokes

By far the worst type of yo mama joke alive, they are all sad, not funny.

26 Stongest Girl at Rockland District Middle School

WHAT... THE... HECK! Its retarded considering that like 1/10,000 of us go to this school. - moose4life19

makes me vomit! stupid brats! - luvtoread

27 Best Credit Repair Services

this is so boring that when I noticed it was a list a almost vomited, yes rockland middle school is annoying, but this is simply disgusting, inapropriate, and boring. - CaptainComedy17

28 Best Ways to Prepare Chicken

One of the best ways to prepare chicken is Popcorn?!

29 Best Jackie Evancho Songs Since 2010

Why SelfDestruct is so obsessed with Jackie Evancho that he puts her on lists like this bunches of times.

30 Reasons Why Anime Sucks

Oh, this list was made by mrcoolface, right? - Animefan12

31 Best Online Dating Services

spam, spam, spam, wonderful glorious spam - Darrell

32 Best Celine Dion Album
33 Best Yo Mamma So Fat Jokes

jesus those jokes are stupid. also LMAO at those Rockland Middle School ones! That's absolutely hilarious. lol middle school kids are so stupid. - asdfalexia

34 Top Ten Things To Put Ketchup On
35 Top Horde WoW Character Types

sort of like the song "Somebody Told Me" by the killers. - biscuits

36 Worst Rock Voices

very insulting and only 1 here has the worst voice - ronluna

37 Top 10 Worst Anime

Yes. Why? Because this is the stupidest list I ever encountered in this site. I cannot stand the people who wrote this list! Because nearly all the animes I saw there are good ones. Pokemon, Naruto, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Code Geass... Oh, what a stupid list.

The list subject isn't bad because I have seen some terrible anime. However, such things you mentioned (excluding Pokemon and Sailor Moon) should not be in the list. - SelfDestruct

38 Underrated YouTubers

Mikey the Thrash Metalhead, Cinemassacre, CuteFuzzyWeasel, Jambareeqi, Zaffre Revolution, Atlantic Records and etc should be on this list. And to whoever said that Selena Gomez worked hard on her overall career, go screw yourself. Whoever made this list might be saying true facts. Selena Gomez better be beaten up by her boyfriends.

39 Top Ten List of Bizarre Swickis

what the hell is a bizarre swickis? - luvtoread

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40 Top Super Smash Bros. Brawl Secret Characters
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