Worst Toppings to Put on Ice Cream

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1 Ketchup

When my brother was little he had this idea that everything tasted better with ketchup ice cream was what disproved it.

Ketchup is my favorite condiment, but it would taste weird on ice cream.

Anything not sweet is a bad topping for ice cream

That would be weird to put ketchup on ice cream

2 Mustard

Even though I may like having it on rice (if it's too creamy) and spaghetti (without spaghetti sauce), ice cream is a very disgusting choice.

That would be weird to put mustard on ice cream

3 Pickles

That would be really weird to put pickles on ice cream

4 Onions

Spongebob also used this
We all know how that went

That would be strange to put onions on ice cream

5 Olives

That would be weird to put olives on ice cream

6 Peppers

That would be weird to put peppers on ice cream

That would be the ULTIMATE clash of taste palletes.

7 Beans

That would be really weird to put beans on ice cream

8 Sushi

That would be weird to put sushi on ice cream

9 Anchovies

Yeah, no thanks. I dislike anchovies in general, so obviously I would hate having it in my ice cream.

10 Ranch Dressing

Don't understand Calamari (I'd like to try that), but ranch dressing isn't a good topping for much.

That would be really weird to put ranch dressing on ice cream

I'm going to barf...

The Contenders
11 Calamari
12 Wasabi

The bigger question here is why would anyone want to put Wasabi on ice cream it just doesn't make sense.

I've seen MasterChef contestants making Wasabi ice cream, so it's not unheard of at least.

Wasabi ice cream is actually a thing in Japan.

13 Vinegar
14 Sauerkraut
15 Hot Sauce

Never mix hot and cold together. They never work together very well.

Hot sauce wouldn't be good for ice cream at all

16 Horseradish
17 Lutefisk
18 Jelly Beans
19 Barbecue Sauce
20 Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is good on pancakes but I don't think it would be good on ice cream

21 Chicken Nuggets

I like chicken nuggets I like ice cream but never together.

22 Liver
23 Gravy

Gravy is good on potatoes and fries, but it wouldn't be good on ice cream

24 Mayonnaise
25 Bacon

Bacon is good, but in ice cream, it wouldn't be good

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