At the start of the first season, I liked Courtney. She seemed like a typical Type A person the writers were clearly going for. I liked watching her develop throughout the season, especially with her odd relationship with Duncan. After her elimination Things took a turn for her.
TDA was Courtney at her worst. She filed a lawsuit just to get into the game and continuously acted incredibly chauvinistic towards the people around her. I was so glad to see Duncan put her in her place after so much time. She didn't deserve to even outlast Justin.
I hated her even more when she repeatedly accused Gwen of stealing Duncan. As Gwen said, "You can't steal a boyfriend when the boy is free," which shows how defiant Courtney was.
I was beginning to like her more in All Stars, but then her reputation was destroyed by...the chart. Yeah, good job writers on turning Courtney into the most hated character in the entire show.

Here comes all the Courtney fans ranting about something dumb.. In my opinion, Courtney should be at number 1! People always say that the creators ruined her after season 1, but in season 1, she wasn't any better, really. All Courtney wanted was to win, and then she'd be satisfied. Hey! Preschool called, they want their toddler back. Whenever she's winning she's so happy but when someone accidentally jeapordizes for her, she becomes a raging banshee. Like when Duncan did his fear and got her a point, she was happy but when Bridgette accidentally burned down the tent, she started whining! Then when Harold got her eliminated, she went around Playa Des Losers with a POLE in her hand ready to smash him! So many Courtney fans hate Harold because of that, which is so ridiculous! Then it got worse in TDA when she literally stole Lindsay's spotlight! It was supposed to be HER season, then Little Miss CIT comes and ruins it by making everything go her way. In TDWT she got mad at Gwen for no ...more

Courtney is the one character they brought back to this show every chance they got. Hell, they might as well just pair her with Gwen in TDTRR. Does anyone even like her? I mean, he sued Chris for not getting on the show. Are you kidding me? And what does she have against Owen? It's not like he did anything. If they made an 8th season, I'd rather have it being entirely about Sierra, Cody, and Gwen stuck in one room for all the episodes then bring Courtney back again. And then she starts hating on Gwen for dating with Duncan AFTER they already broke up. In All-Stars, she started off meh, but then she started getting screwy and made her chart which completely broke the "friendship finale". No, that's not a bad thing. I mean, of COURSE everyone wanted to pick Zoe and Mike, the most bland characters in the season. So she's basically the reason we have The Final Wreck-ening, one of the worst Total Drama episodes in history. Jump off a cliff, Courtney.

"Shes such a @#$%^. I'm sorry, but shes just the worst character in total drama history, nothing will make me like her"

You don't have to be sorry because you're right about that part of her. And you don't have to censor that bad word you called her because deserves to be called it due to her hostility.

But unlike you, I don't think that she's the worst character in Total Drama. It's ever who think is the worst because she's nastier than Courtney.

Worst character ever! She was never good! She's an immature, obnoxious, hypocritical, arrogant, cowardly, selfish, entitled, whiny, short tempered, egocentric jerk who got EXACTLY what she deserved in Sundae Muddy Sundae!

Courtney is the hottest girl on that show! Yes, I agree, she turned into a bratty mean girl. I would too if my boyfriend cheated on me with my so call fake friend. Gwen is fake. So is Duncan. Courtney never deserved all the crap she was put through. I hope Tom McGillis turns things around for her soon! She is my favorite character in the series.

Oh my gosh! Courtney's SO annoying! First in Island she thought she was a leader or something and just would never shut up. Especially with the whole,"I was a C.I.T.! " And then in Action with the whole lawyers and acting like she was better than everyone else! She would cheat her way into anything, and she wasn't even supposed to be on that season! Like, get over it! And World Tour, she was still bossy, but she got better around then middle, until she became crazy annoying again! And not to mention was a big hypocrite!

I hate her so much. She is, in my opinion, Heather. However, there is one big difference. At least Heather could pull her own weight. Courtney is cowardly, and relies on blackmailing, along with being cruel to Duncan in TDA. Duncan is my favorite, so I wanted to throw her into a KKK meeting because of how insensitive she was. I will admit, in season 1, she was a good character. She was uptight, played to win, genuinely cared about Duncan, and was always fair. I was actually SAD when she was cheated off. Then, season 2 came along, and she is back with none of the good qualities and that whininess, bossiness and cruelty amped up to Heather+1, minus the genius schemes. Just... ugh. Was anyone sad when she left?

The most self-centered person I ever saw! She has no sympathy for people and she always cares about winning. Who cares about being a C.I.T?!

Cannot agree more. A five year old who whines about losing all the time. Acts like she's better than everyone and plays victim whenever she feels vulnerable

She was alright in the first season, but she got really worse in Season 2, 3 because crazy went down the drain

Guys, your missing the point. Courtney was grown up in a place where everyone had to be the best, like I am. I can definitely relate to her. And yeah, she wasn't the nicest at times, but her character development throughout the series is what made her special.

I hate Courtney so much! She keeps rigging the eliminations and acts bossy to her teammates all the time. And she was so spoiled about the love triangle

She is very annoying because with Duncan broke up she went back together with him She wouldn't together with him just because he won the big prize when he didn't really like her backwhen he kissed when she acted like she was so hurt but there were never really back together in the first place so basically she's very annoying and she plays too much

She is a hypocrite and not an interesting antagonist at all. She is the worse thing about Total Drama Action.

Definitely the worst. Hope she never comes back

God I hate her. She's a narcissistic brat, and her voice QUITE LITERALLY sounds like a dying goat.

She was so nice in Not So Happy Campers, but in the end of Part 2 of it, she completely ruined it.

Courtney needs to let loose of Duncan and let Gwen be

I love Courtney. I can see why you would hate her but at least she actually has character. I like characters that actually have an interesting personality but for some reason people like one of the blandest characters,Zoey.

Despite being in 4 seasons she has been pretty useless as a teammate. Honestly try to think of 5 times over all of TD that she was actually really useful.

Woah, she is bossy, she wouldn't stop going on about being a Cit, on total drama,drama,drama island, she just ran away with the money and wouldn't help Duncan when he battled an alligator to get it for them, so she is greedy, after the whole boyfriend kisser thing she hated Gwen, even though her and Duncan already broke up, AND she kept getting mad at Gwen for accidentally making her fall into traps, though she did deserve it!

I don't know if this is hypocritical or not, but I think it is. In TDI, she said ever is never gonna get a job if she can't get her act together, but in TDAS, she says she got fired from HER job for flinging ice cream at a customer because she was "on her break".

Too much of a jerk to be a good friend or girlfriend. I hope she's happy. NOT.

She should've been voted off first Harold probably didn't need to tamper with the votes she'd be voted off anyways I'm a huge Ezekiel and Harold supporter on of them deserves to win