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41 Topher

First of all, how is Topher a real name? Second of all, I never liked this guy at all due to his being similar to Sierra (though not as bad as her) and his tryin' to be like Chris. But even though he's not favorite character of Total Drama, I can probably handle hi ma little better than that McLean guy because he doesn't put other contestants into lots of danger.

Does anyone understand he doesn't care for Chris like Sierra, he's doing it for attention, this is why I HATE this guy.

Topher is the weirdest name I know next to Koji

The most pretentious attention whore in the show. What really sucked about him is how unfunny he was. So annoying Chris had no choice but to purposely cause his elimination. - naFrovivuS

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42 Taylor

"She was rude to her mother and I am happy she got out early (13/18 place)"

A spoiled brat! I can't take her crud

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43 Spud

" my mom says I'm a light eater when the lights go on I eat" lol he says funny things

Let's just say he wasn't the best character.

He is extremely boring to watch

44 Beverly "B"

Dang, I forgot to put "in" between "comes" and "handy."

Anyhow, B's the kind of guy who deserves to your side as long as he isn't an accomplice. Heck, he and Dawn are rather good friends with each other. But I don't think that they're worthy to be a couple.

If B wants her girlfriend, he can probably pick Anne Maria (even though I can't stand most of her) while Dawn can have Cam for a boyfriend.

Oh come on! He doesn't deserve to be in this list 'cause he's a good guy due to his actions speakin' louder than his words. Like Cam, Noah, Harold, and Cody, he's really smart enough to survive in the challenges that Chris threw at him.

Just because B doesn't talk, it doesn't mean that I hate him. Besides, he genius-level intelligence comes handy just like cam's and Harold's. Due to this intelligence, I bet that he and Cam would be best friends.

It's a shame that Scott got him voted off. The nerve o' that farm boy! But at least, he (Scott) slowly became better at being good in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

This character just has no reason to exist. He has one gimmick which kind of got old and also made him an uninteresting and predictable character. As much as I hate Scott for Dawn's elimination, I am grateful that he got rid of B just because he, like Staci, was a character that really did not need to exist, but more overrated,

Lay the hell of B, you damn hater! Who the hell are you yo decide that B's overrated?! I like him for his intelligence and competence.

I love B!

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45 DJ

Why is he on the list! He's one of the best!

DJ is a great character! he's friendly to other people and even animals! One of my favorite TD characters! - Catacorn

He may have hurt all of those animals in tdwt but that was a curse. Alejandro tricked him.

Why did DJ got here?
He's one of the sweetest,kindest,good natured of the contestants I mean seriously why did you even put DJ here I mean WHY?

46 Sky

The most overrated and hypocritical character ever! I bet she doesn't like Dave a lot

She's not allowed on this list

Sky is a wonderful camper, she's smart, beautiful, patient, and caring. I was so happy she won TDPI in her ending. - Catacorn

I liked her until the last episode because that's whyen she pretends to like Dave just to win

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47 Chef Hatchet

Psychotic ass who doesn't know how to cook.

He's such a hoe ya know

48 Brick

Please stop hating on Brick. He saved both teams from dying, and practically saved the show. If he hadn't done that, the show would have to be named "Total Drama Radioactive Corpses".

I loved Brick and his rivalry with Jo was so fun to watch he was gonna and should have been in season 5 instead of Sam he is much more of a hero than sam

Got the head of a brick. - qwee

He is the dumbest soldier I have ever seen

49 Tyler

... Why is he on here?

I like him. Courtney and heather love to bully him. Another reason I hate them both!

I loved Tyler he was so funny he was season 3 pain magnet

Tyler is sone funny

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50 MacArthur

Why is she here? She's easily one of TD's most hilarious characters!

Fat, sloppy, annoying, gross. Took up too much screen time.

MacArthur is hilarious but she kind of made most episodes focus on her.

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51 Stephanie

The definition of Satan! She acts like a total jerk to Ryan, who is very nice to everyone. Thank goodness Ryan tried to be with Carrie than with this horrid animal!

Instead of the fashion bloggers staying, what should have happened was don realizes about Stephanie and Ryan and they get switched with Carrie and Devin and Carrie and Ryan become a couple and win the season

She's rude to her boyfriend Ryan!

She's one of those contestants you love to hate. Without her most of the Ridonculous Race's comedy would be gone. Likely inspired by Jonathan and Victoria from The Amazing Race 6. - naFrovivuS

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52 Miles

I'm neutral about this character.

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53 Laurie

Once again, Why?

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54 Emma

I had to put 2 on the same category because they are equally unlikable and useless! Sure, there's the sub plot between Noah and Emma, but this made me feel like that this was a drag to Noah's character! Also, they should not have made it to the final 4! This is due to Emma interfering with Mickey's challenge and got the Twins eliminated! According to the show's own rules, the sisters should have been disqualified in I Love Ridonc and Roll, and the Twins SHOULD HAVE been spared of elimination for that episode. Even if Emma hadn't interfered, they should have been eliminated in Last Tango in Buenos Aires, along with Carrie and Devin, even though I didn't want Carrie and Devin to be eliminated. Not only was it their fault that Carrie and Devin are gone, Emma also cheated. For example, Emma couldn't participate in the challenge because Kitty was supposed to do the Botch or Watch, and Emma can't physically help out AT ALL! This next example also proves my point pretty extensively. In New ...more

I think that someone might, like, tell me off for this but I hate her because she ruined Noah's character for me. He was better off as single in my opinion. If Noah was even going to get together with someone I didn't want it to be her.

Only in the race for herself and Noah. Purposely caused Jay and Mickey's elimination and accidentally ended Carrie and Devin's game. Both teams that were much better than the sisters. - naFrovivuS

Hate her so much

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55 Ellody

Boring that's all

Boring that's all

56 Owen

Owen should not even be on this list. You guys are the biggest bunch of haters I have ever seen. Owen is the best character on that show, he makes it funny. Nobody on here had a good answer of why they dislike him, except that he burps and passes gas, something every single one of you do. He makes the show good, and gives it character. Plus, he's the nicest one on that show, notice he never has anything bad to say about anybody, including Heather. Stop hating on Owen. There is no legit reason to hate on him at all. He also makes the best boyfriend on that show. He treats Izzy better than any of those guys treat their girlfriends.

So annoying. And honestly, farting and burping excessively does not a character make. And he's obsessed with food and partying. So annoying.

He is so disgusting with the way he acts with burping and farting, he is friendly though, however I understand natural functions but having him do this 24/7 is tiring, annoying and disgusting.

I hate owen for 2 simple reasons. 1 when he used Izzy as the human shield against the killer, and 2, when he ate everything in the food challenge and didn't get voted off THAT NIGHT because of it. He's a one dimensional stupid fat fart joke. it's not funny.

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57 Svetlana

I'm not really sure what to think of her or him. I mean, he/she could be off-putting with her overly feminine behavior. But at least, she was helpful.

She's so awesome! Take her off the list!

58 Geoff

He was a jerk in Total Drama Aftermath - Yona_db

I liked him in TD but in RR he's overrated and he didn't deserved to won.

Geoff is an unlikeable character. Remember that elimination of Bridgette in TDI? I have a theory he lied to the cameras AND his girlfriend about voting her off. Remember Derrick of BB16? That, and her was a terrible host in the TDA aftermath. Please, I'm glad Captain Hollywood is gone! But I think he was an antagonist. - Turkeyasylum

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59 Bridgette

I don't hate her. But I hate how the fanbase is so rude to her

What the hell guys! On every top 52 list of total drama she's on the top 10 so I can actually tell theirs a few copiers around here too scared to express their opinion which I absolutely hate

I liked Bridgette. Why is she on here?

She is not a bad character she may be clusmy at times but that girls got a heart ♥ unlike some characters in the show

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