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61 The Killer

If you're talking about the killer from the episode "Hook, Line, and Screamer", I can see why he's on the list. Despite the fact that he had five minutes of screen time tops, he was still pretty annoying. His voice was just easy too high to tolerate. I'm sorry if you talk that way naturally, but the Killer was a ridiculous character. Please send him to the nearest asylum ASAP. It's for the sake of sanity and humanity.

62 Manitoba Smith

Out of all six of Mike's personalities (including Mike), Manitoba Smith is by far the worst. Whoever thought of this stupid piece of garbage is now dead to me. What makes him worse is that he is would basically just be the inspiration for another character who is just so much better than him. So yeah.

But he's awesome! Take him off the list!

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63 Scarlett

She should be number 1. I know Amy's a horrible sister but Scarlett's a villain! She tried to blow up the island for goodness' sake!

64 Chet

I like how he and his stepbrother became friends.

65 Lorenzo

A very obnoxious and irritating contestant. He has a terrible attitude to his brother.

66 Gerry

"Even though he got out very early, he is still one of my 10 top ten favorite characters (Rank. 9)"

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68 Don

Terrible host that should've never existed

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69 Shawn

He tried to be greedy with the prize money and kept lying to Jasmine about splitting it with her.

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70 Kelly V 2 Comments
71 Rock

A rock star that lives in his mom's basement. This guy is a freeloader.

72 Ryan

Wait what?! Ryan's my favorite newcomer

73 Chris McLean Chris McLean

Shoot! I mistakenly typed "fro" instead of "for." My bad.

About Chris, I hasn't seemed to learn his lesson now that he's out of jail. Could he have eluded his lawyers right from under their noses?

If I created Total Drama, I'd never give Chris another chance for freedom. Instead, I'd let him get beaten up in prison. Either that or I'd have Chef Hatchet kill him brutally. At least, that assistant of his seems to better at being a person than him (Chris).

Also, I can't believe that Chris lawyers allowed him to continue hosting Total Drama even after he threw a phone that he used to talk with them with in lava just 'cause he didn't want to hear them anymore. In real life, that would have him sent back to prison.

If they still had those song challenges like in TDWT, I bet one of the competitors (possibly one who has Chris as one of their enemies on TD wiki) will sing a song about how cruel and judge mental Chris is. Also during the song, a competitor who treats Chris like a friend (such as Owen or Lindsay) try to show the good side of him, but the hateful competitor wins the bet when all the other competitors decide to stop Chris, make him go, and not come back! I'm kinda thinking it can be to the tune of "Bats" from My Little Pony, because it sounds very fitting.

Why is he on seventy three, he should be on one. He's selfish, sadistic, made zeke and Dakota look like disgraces, showed favoritism to sugar and max, two horrible contestants, let the players nearly get killed a few times, and one of Sierra and Duncan's elimination caused by his selfishness, even though I hate Duncan. Disgrace

That crazy Chris Mcclean guy has got to go! And I mean go as in, hit the road!

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74 Tom

I loved tom and Jen and Jen is half of my name I wish they had an awesome character named Jenna (me) ps. lol wouldn't it be funny if a character with your own name was your least favorite character lol

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75 Izzy

Izzy is queen she dominates in my opinion I wanted her to win action not island because she is better than beth and duncan

Izzy is one of total drama's best characters she should not be here


Just voted for her so I could comment that she is amazing. C: - Lollipopz

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76 Samey

She is one of the best for the manchineel trick she played on Amy.

Gets made fun of for being the second twin. Always bossed around by the older one just because they were older by like 2 seconds.

Gets made fun of for being the second twin. It turned out that she was older, and the first twin is the real loser here.

Wait what? Why is she here? I love Sammy

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77 Cody

Oh please, I don't think Cody deserves to be on this list. I know that his extroversion and obsession with Gwen get on my nerves. But he's not a bad guy. In fact, he showed that he means well. For example, he tried to get Gwen and Trent together. And that counts for his good side.

Cody is a good character, but I think he's rather overrated. He has done a lot to help Gwen out, but sadly he didn't get much development in World Tour due to Sierra. Yes, I do like Cody, but some of the Sierras (Is that what his fan base is called? ) take their love for him too far. - Turkeyasylum

I actually liked Cody. Sure he had a weird obsession with Gwen, including the bra swipe, but other than that, he was nowhere near as bad as Sierra.

I think he has a cool design.

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78 Lindsay

Shoot! I forgot to add "are" after "blondes." Sorry about that.

However, I'm not one to love Lindsay. Not only does she personify the stereotype of a blond girl. She screams in a high-pitched way, which enrages me due to my hatred for that kind of scream.

Bridgette may have screamed like the gal she is. But at least, she's smarter and more mature than Lindsay. In other words, she doesn't exemplify that dumb blonde stereotype.

Wow, Aaran, you have another opinion that I have. And that one's about Lindsay.

Well, the opinion of mine about that blonde gal isn't entirely the same as yours. But like yours, she does get on my nerves with her stereotypical behavior. Honestly, that's not how true blondes. Instead, true blondes are serious-minded, intelligent, responsible, and mature.

You are stereotyping, not everybody is the same because of their skin color or hair or even name. Not all blondes are serious nor are they all dumb. So, just stop.

Lindsay is the best character along with Samey, Dawn, Tyler, Junior and I guess Kelly.

I love Lindsay she is not a bad contestant she is funny, not so smart but if you really think about it she had good logic in action and should have WON all stars plus she is my 3rd fave

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79 Mike

Y'all can hate on mike all you want.

He will always be my favorite.

By the way... He's a cartoon character

And here's another fact... There's people with disorders who find this character inspiring. ( including myself ). I'm not saying you don't have the right to be offended by him. I'm saying that y'all are out over nothing. In fact I find this hate more offensive than the actual character itself.

Seriously? Your saying "special" people don't deserve a place on T.V..

Wow. Your right, it's wrong to accept the mentally republic.

Sense only normal people can apparently be the only ones on public television.

Mike is not the offensive one... You haters are.

Weather you like it or not.

I also seem to notice that most people who hate mike seem to have nothing wrong with them...

Seems legit to me.

And seriously if your so offended then stop watching the stupid show instead of driving everyone ...more

I do not have Dissociative Identity Disorder, but I do have a disorder (I'm autistic). Before Mike made his debut in Season Four, I felt like there wasn't a character that I could really identify with and say "he/she thinks like I do." But all of that changed when Mike revealed that he had Multiple Personality Disorder. I instantly thought 'ERMAGHERD A CHARACTER THAT I CAN IDENTIFY WITH YAY! ' And before you say that autism and DID are completely different things (which they are), remember that there weren't any contestants with a mental condition. I think I've probably proved my point here.

Mike used to be my favorite character, but I realized that despite his multiple personalities, Mike himself has absolutely zero personality. I guess I was touched by his other personalities instead of him. He's still an amazing character, but he is kind of overrated. I know I might sound like a jerk for hating on the only one with DID in the series, but once you get past the fact that he has an incredibly rare condition, he's pretty bland.

He sucks

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80 Gwen

It makes no difference to me that Gwen's on this list. But it doesn't mean that I hate her. Sure, she said and did some things that I wish she never ever said and did. But at least, she's mostly a good gal who can be counted on to be a good friend. For example, I'm glad that she became friends with Cameron, although I don't think that they're worthy to be a couple.

"Gwen is a good character. If you are a Courtney fan she is the worst"

You're right that Gwen's a good character. I'm glad that she made friends with Cameron, whom I like besides her.

While there's no doubt that Gwen's a goth, she isn't a fully-fledged one because she's nicer than than full-on goths. Besides, most of those other goths are personality problems.

But you know? I don't think that Courtney's the worst character of Total Drama. It's fine if you think so. As for me, ever's the worst because of her extreme nastiness.

I'm glad that Gwen gave up on being friends Courtney when she learned that that brown-haired girl was just using her to win the final challenge of Total Drama All Stars just as I'm pleased that she broke up with Duncan.

Damn it! I posted "ever's" instead "ever's." Shame on my getting that wrong.

Anyhow, I hate that ever was mean to Gwen. And the goth's right that that female bully is overbearing.

If there's a contest between ever and Gwen, I'd pick the latter to win over the former.

She should be in the top 30

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