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81 Lindsay

Shoot! I forgot to add "are" after "blondes." Sorry about that.

However, I'm not one to love Lindsay. Not only does she personify the stereotype of a blond girl. She screams in a high-pitched way, which enrages me due to my hatred for that kind of scream.

Bridgette may have screamed like the gal she is. But at least, she's smarter and more mature than Lindsay. In other words, she doesn't exemplify that dumb blonde stereotype.

Wow, Aaran, you have another opinion that I have. And that one's about Lindsay.

Well, the opinion of mine about that blonde gal isn't entirely the same as yours. But like yours, she does get on my nerves with her stereotypical behavior. Honestly, that's not how true blondes. Instead, true blondes are serious-minded, intelligent, responsible, and mature.

You are stereotyping, not everybody is the same because of their skin color or hair or even name. Not all blondes are serious nor are they all dumb. So, just stop.

Lindsay is the best character along with Samey, Dawn, Tyler, Junior and I guess Kelly.

I love Lindsay she is not a bad contestant she is funny, not so smart but if you really think about it she had good logic in action and should have WON all stars plus she is my 3rd fave

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82 Noah

So it's true. Noah is on this list. Well, I don't know whether to criticize whoever put him on here or to do the opposite of that. But one thing that I do know is that I do like him even though he's not my favorite character anymore.

These are some of things that I like about Noah:

1. He's pretty smart.

2. He's cynical.

3. He functioned as one of the only sane people in some of the Total Drama shows.

4. He's not friend of Duncan.

5. He doesn't go crazy like Izzy and Sierra.

6. He seems to sense more than one thing, though not as much as Dawn can.

7. He's classified as a nerd and a geek.

8. He's a rather serious guy unlike Owen.

Those are the things that also make me similar to Noah, which are why I respect him.

Noah is hilarious and in my opinion the contestant I can relate to the most. Mister Whoever Put Noah On Here, take down this vote.

I never found Noah funny, sorry guys but I don't like him.

I love you noah

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83 Mike

Y'all can hate on mike all you want.

He will always be my favorite.

By the way... He's a cartoon character

And here's another fact... There's people with disorders who find this character inspiring. ( including myself ). I'm not saying you don't have the right to be offended by him. I'm saying that y'all are out over nothing. In fact I find this hate more offensive than the actual character itself.

Seriously? Your saying "special" people don't deserve a place on T.V..

Wow. Your right, it's wrong to accept the mentally republic.

Sense only normal people can apparently be the only ones on public television.

Mike is not the offensive one... You haters are.

Weather you like it or not.

I also seem to notice that most people who hate mike seem to have nothing wrong with them...

Seems legit to me.

And seriously if your so offended then stop watching the stupid show instead of driving everyone ...more

I do not have Dissociative Identity Disorder, but I do have a disorder (I'm autistic). Before Mike made his debut in Season Four, I felt like there wasn't a character that I could really identify with and say "he/she thinks like I do." But all of that changed when Mike revealed that he had Multiple Personality Disorder. I instantly thought 'ERMAGHERD A CHARACTER THAT I CAN IDENTIFY WITH YAY! ' And before you say that autism and DID are completely different things (which they are), remember that there weren't any contestants with a mental condition. I think I've probably proved my point here.

Mike used to be my favorite character, but I realized that despite his multiple personalities, Mike himself has absolutely zero personality. I guess I was touched by his other personalities instead of him. He's still an amazing character, but he is kind of overrated. I know I might sound like a jerk for hating on the only one with DID in the series, but once you get past the fact that he has an incredibly rare condition, he's pretty bland.

He sucks

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84 Cody

Oh please, I don't think Cody deserves to be on this list. I know that his extroversion and obsession with Gwen get on my nerves. But he's not a bad guy. In fact, he showed that he means well. For example, he tried to get Gwen and Trent together. And that counts for his good side.

Cody is a good character, but I think he's rather overrated. He has done a lot to help Gwen out, but sadly he didn't get much development in World Tour due to Sierra. Yes, I do like Cody, but some of the Sierras (Is that what his fan base is called? ) take their love for him too far. - Turkeyasylum

I actually liked Cody. Sure he had a weird obsession with Gwen, including the bra swipe, but other than that, he was nowhere near as bad as Sierra.

I think he has a cool design.

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