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81 Noah

So it's true. Noah is on this list. Well, I don't know whether to criticize whoever put him on here or to do the opposite of that. But one thing that I do know is that I do like him even though he's not my favorite character anymore.

These are some of things that I like about Noah:

1. He's pretty smart.

2. He's cynical.

3. He functioned as one of the only sane people in some of the Total Drama shows.

4. He's not friend of Duncan.

5. He doesn't go crazy like Izzy and Sierra.

6. He seems to sense more than one thing, though not as much as Dawn can.

7. He's classified as a nerd and a geek.

8. He's a rather serious guy unlike Owen.

Those are the things that also make me similar to Noah, which are why I respect him.

Noah is hilarious and in my opinion the contestant I can relate to the most. Mister Whoever Put Noah On Here, take down this vote.

I never found Noah funny, sorry guys but I don't like him.

I love you noah

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