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1 Duncan and Gwen

I hate this couple. They started out by Duncan cheating on Courtney and even though she was kinda bratty (she's still my favorite character though), she didn't deserve to be cheated on. And then Gwen was in denial with the whole "they weren't even dating when he kissed me so I didn't do anything wrong" stuff. Who knows? Maybe Duncan and Courtney really weren't together at the time (it's kinda hard to tell with them cause they're on and off constantly), but Courtney thought of Duncan as her boyfriend at the time so Gwen should've just owned up to what she did instead of making excuses. Besides, I feel like Gwen and Duncan are just plain boring together. With Duncney it's two opposites bringing out different sides in each other, which is interesting and fun to watch. With Gwen and Duncan it's just too similar and too different at the same time. Their only real similarities is their looks. Other than that, they are different (and not in the good way). Their personalities are totally ...more

I can name billion ways why they can't be together. Look at Duncan and Gwen in best couples ever to hear them and comment. This couple stinks!

This couple made me lose my senses for a while. When I watched Gwen and Duncan kissing, the back of my head started to ache with betrayal and hatred. Most of the hatred was aimed at Gwen because she and Courtney were friends at the time. Also because she put boyfriends above friendships, with the most unlikely person! She should have treasured it. At least Duncan was still obsessed with Courtney somehow on TDAS. Case closed

I hate them so much mainly because they got together through cheating I honestly loved them as friends but as couple yuck 🤢
I don't know why they have fans
DXC for life

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2 Anne Maria and Vito

In my opinion Mike and Zoey are a boring couple and boring in general so I Prefer this couple

I hate them together because I think Zoey and Mike are much more cute than them

I did not know there a couple... huh

GO MIKE AND ZOEY! Ann-Maria Stood In There Way!

3 Noah and Cody

Noah kissed Cody on the ear ONE TIME.

Noah already found someone else, but I didn't really payed attention to this pairing

Noah is mine! Back off!


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4 Mike and Zoey

So boring and cliche. And very overrated, too - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I hate them, my least favorite couple, heck, even Duncan and Gwen is better. The writers made it too obvious it was going to happen, its way to overrated, and it makes me sick. - Catacorn

They are both annoying. Zoey is constantly "the normal one". and Mike's voice actor has a horrible old man and gymnast impression, it gets really annoying. WORST FINAL 2 EVER!


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5 Dawn and Scott

They don't even like each other in that way. especially scott

This is the worst fan made couple ever.

Is it bad that I ship them? Haha... Oh boy... - MontyPython

This is the worst couple ever!

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6 Amy and Mike

Aren't they in different seasons. how are they a couple

7 Ezekiel and Eva

They barely interacted with each other...i think Ezekiel was afraid of ever anyway

What the heck? How do you pair THEM of all people?

This would be a very disturbing couple.

What who made them a couple. this doesn't make any sense - mariofan456

8 Sierra and Cameron

I pray that these two will never become an actual couple. It would be so gross and disgusting!

How are they a couple? Sierra just missed Cody so much, she replaced Cameron with Cody!

9 Duncan and Courtney

This couple treated each other like crap, and always put the other down. There is nothing but pure hate between these two, why people ship them is beyond me. At least Gwen knows what it feels like to be an outsider and understands Duncan, and also once he started dating her he became a better person.

They are the most amazing couple ever

How could this be the best and worst couple? - Turkeyasylum

Abusive Gwuncan is better in my opinion

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10 Bridgette and Geoff


Their to much of a kiss...kiss...kiss...kiss...couple

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11 Sadie and Lightning

What?! Who paried then up? This is so random...

12 Samey and Amy

They are sisters, not a couple!

They would hurt each other. THEY ARE NOT A COUPLE

They would hurt each other in the redonculous race! EVEN THE STEPHBROTHERS WOULD MAKE IT FARTHER AND THEY HATED EACH OTHER! - Dragonj37

13 Ella and Sugar

I'm not bashing on lesbian couples, but Sugar hated Ella.

Ho do you think is lesbian? It says "Couples".

This is lesbian and very gross and disgusting.

14 Max and Scarlett

I love Max and Scarlett. They both r evil.

15 Cody and Sierra

This was the best couple ever! Cody is a survivor to tolerate Sierra.

Gwody is so much better

16 Gwen and Noah
17 Owen and Sugar

They are too much alike. They would be brother and sister before they would be a couple.

2 fatasses... That's it. But Owen is lovable. Even though he counts as a villain in TDA.

18 Dave and Sky

I mean, how does this work? Sky doesn't care about Dave, or does she? She said after her audition was revealed in the finale, she actually liked Dave, but Dave goes psycho and nearly kills Shawn and Sky just because there's no point anymore.

Sky is a b***h! She continually played with Dave’s heart for money & rudely rejected him when he’s been nothing but nice to her & done everything for her happiness! But all she cares about is winning because she’s a shelfish b***h!

19 Lindsay and Brick

They are way too different to be compatible.

20 Courtney and Gwen

If they can't trust each other in "friendship", how can they be a couple?

Courtney and Gwen aren't a couple.

Lmfao they can't even stay friends for 2 episodes - Lollipopz

Ew no

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21 Courtney and Scott

Okay! How is this couple not higher on the list. It is the worst couple on this show. There are many reasons why.

First off, and my weakest evidence because this is an opinion, Duncan was a better match for Courtney. I just feel good when both are on screen unlike Scott and Courtney, where it just feels weird.

Secondly, the chemistry was just weird, especially with that bird thing.

Thirdly, they broke up for a rediculous reason. Here are examples of better reasons to break up like throwing challenges, kissing your girlfriend's/boyfriend's best friend, and thinking of making your old girlfriend /boyfriend when still dating the friend (Just so you know, I still like Trent and Duncan even when they did these things). Scott broke up with Courtney because she drew him as a rat. He doesn't even realize that she put him in the final 2 with her, and he also voted her of but blamed Gwen when he started missing her.

Finally, I hate Scott. I never thought he was a ...more

I find that people adore this couple. Why?! It is the worst and should be number 1. People say they love each other. If they really love each other, then why does Courtney reveal she's using Scott (also unlike Duncan, she doesn't stand up for Scott from what I remember)? Also why does Scott get angry at Courtney for the chart? Being drawn as a rat is not a reason to break it off with someone and vote them off. I despise Scott completely. He is the worst character in Total Drama ever. I like Courtney, but she can do better than Scott. To those who prefer Scottney over Duncney (the best couple) can kiss my butt.

This couple was an embarrassment to Courtney fans everywhere.

22 Katie and Bob

Who the actual hell is bob? - DapperPickle

23 Noah and Dawn

Because people are so fond of this couple? They have nothing in common and neither are complete opposites, are not similar and OR AT LEAST IF CONHESEM! I do not really understand, can someone explain to me?

24 Lindsay and Tyler

This is s good faithful healthy couple. Probably the only healthy relationship on the show.

They don't interact enough, and Lindsay usually ignores him. They need more romance.

First of all crap is a bad word and how dare u this was my favorite ship

This couple is so stupid! Tyler said ONE thing to her, then she becames obsessed with him & they started making out! That’s all their ‘development’ in a nutshell. It’s confusing why people care so much about this c**p. There’s nothing to care for it besides the ‘comedy’ side of it when it’s not even funny anymore as they beated the dead horse sooo many times that the joke (whose Tyler/where’s Tyler aka he’s right next to me or not around at all). can never be used by any other show ever again. This is so bland, that water his more taste than this garbage! /bricked

But seriously, this couple is boring, has no substance, & it makes 0 sense to care for it!

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25 Dave and Shawn

Uh does this even make sense

26 Noah and Emma
27 Scott and Taylor

My least favorite Revenge/overall character with my least favorite Redonculous Race Character.

Sure...why not?

28 Ezekiel and Owen


29 Eva and Shawn

This couple would never work because Shawn freaks out a lot and that wouldn't work well with ever's anger issues.

30 Bridgette and Mike
31 DJ and Kelly

Just ok take a deep breath...EWW

32 Anne Maria and Alejandro

Ugh! Ya see, this is my problem! I guess they’re both kinda evil, but that’s what I hate most, when someone thinks of a dumb*** couple that is alike in completely different ways! It just never works out!

33 Jo and Brick

I think that their rivality is fun to watch and I like their interractions. I know that they will never be a couple because they are hating each others, but still a good match. I'm glad it's in last place - BlueDiamondFromNowhere


34 Noah and Izzy

Thus couple makes no sense.

35 Leonard and Tammy

These two are a cute couple.

36 Dakota and Sam

I like them as a couple when Dakota is Dakota, not that big orange ugly thing.

37 Staci and Duncan

Duncan would kill himself listening to Staci talk.

38 Leonard and Sugar
39 Miles and Jay
40 Alejandro and Kelly
41 Cameron and Laurie
42 Ellody and Jacques
43 Brick and Miles
44 Jay and Izzy

This would be a crazy couple with nothing in a common what so ever.

45 Katie and Noah
46 Shawn and Jasmine
47 Anne Maria and Silent B

She'd get mad because he wouldn't be constantly telling her how beautiful she is.

48 Kelly and Ryan

This would make Kelly a Cougar, since she's over half his age and I'm pretty sure it would be weird to see Ryan as Taylor's stepdad.

49 Mickey and Jen

The boy with allergies and all kinds of misfortunes and problems, with a fashionista? It would never work!

50 Josee and Topher

They are both too egotistical and arrogant to love someone other than themselves.

They'd be at each other's throats.

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