Top Ten Worst Total Drama Couples

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21 Katie and Bob

Who the actual hell is bob? - DapperPickle

22 Noah and Dawn

Because people are so fond of this couple? They have nothing in common and neither are complete opposites, are not similar and OR AT LEAST IF CONHESEM! I do not really understand, can someone explain to me?

23 Dave and Shawn V 1 Comment
24 Eva and Shawn

This couple would never work because Shawn freaks out a lot and that wouldn't work well with ever's anger issues.

25 DJ and Kelly

Just ok take a deep breath...EWW

26 Jo and Brick

I think that their rivality is fun to watch and I like their interractions. I know that they will never be a couple because they are hating each others, but still a good match. I'm glad it's in last place - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

V 1 Comment
27 Noah and Izzy V 1 Comment
28 Leonard and Tammy

These two are a cute couple.

29 Lindsay and Tyler

This is s good faithful healthy couple. Probably the only healthy relationship on the show.

They don't interact enough, and Lindsay usually ignores him. They need more romance.

30 Dakota and Sam

I like them as a couple when Dakota is Dakota, not that big orange ugly thing.

31 Staci and Duncan

Duncan would kill himself listening to Staci talk.

32 Leonard and Sugar
33 Noah and Emma
34 Scott and Taylor
35 Miles and Jay
36 Alejandro and Kelly
37 Cameron and Laurie
38 Ellody and Jacques
39 Brick and Miles
40 Jay and Izzy

This would be a crazy couple with nothing in a common what so ever.

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