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1 Dawn's elimination (TDROTI)

Not cool. Everybody says she stole everything and nobody suspects a thing. - Darellfat

This is one of the worst eliminations in the show's history

This is completely self-explanatory. Nice list! - Turkeyasylum

Scott framed her I mean come on D:

2 Trent's eliminations (TDA)
3 Courtney's elimination (TDAS)

I hate THAT episode. They torture all episode and even destroy her development around it. - Darellfat

Gwen and Mal got Courtney, my favorite character, eliminated for a ridiculous reason!

I everyone hates this
Episode. They should of eliminated A different character.


4 Cody's elimination (TDI)

Just because he was mauled by a bear

Poor Cody.


5 Lindsay's elimination (TDI and TDWT)

After all her eliminations, she deserves to win a season. The TDWT and the TDAS are the worst yet. - Turkeyasylum

It kills me how this girl can't catch a break. TDI made crossing the finish line pointless, but I was happy she badmouthed Heather. Her World Tour elimination is something I hate. DJ wanted to go home, he didn't try to win, but Of course Lindsay go's home. - Darellfat

She got cheated out of every season she played. ALL OF THEM.

Don't forget TDAS

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6 Le'shawna's elimination (TDI)

She could of won that season but the peanut gallery was so stupid that they voted her off. I thought Heather was going home and it would have been funny seeing her going home in that episode

LeShawna was a power house and a great character and this elimination was awful cause of that. If Heather or Owen were eliminated instead of LeShawna then I would be happy. But that didn't happen. - spodermanfan1000

Do I really have to explain this? They were tricked into voting her off. That was a real screw over. - Darellfat

Leshawna is not my favourite, but that was a stupid elimination. the only two votes that could've counted were really sadie and katie's.

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7 Gwen's elimination (TDAS)

Gwen should have been kicked off third or fourth after getting better with Courtney. Also, why did they HAVE to put a butt joke in? - Turkeyasylum

I will admit even if she was going home anyway she still brought back something. Mal brings back Scott and gets a freebee. Wow. - Darellfat

Gwen should be eliminated first, not Lindsay

Scott brought nothing but Gwen did and that resulted her getting kicked off cause the painting smelled awful.

say what. - spodermanfan1000

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8 Geoff's elimination (TDI)

I say this because the excuse was because he was too nice. But that makes no sense because Owen is WAY nicer than Geoff. So him being nice is one of the stupidest reasons I heard. - Darellfat

If nobody was safe, and they all hated HEATHER, why didn't they vote her off? - Turkeyasylum

They eliminated him cause he was too happy but not a girl who tricks everyone, hates everyone, and annoys everyone. - spodermanfan1000

This should be number 1. It’s maddening once you think about it.

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9 Gwen's elimination (TDWT)

She is Alergic to koalas

10 Cameron's elimination (TDAS)

Okay this was a messed up way to go. Last season he proved he was no longer a bubble boy and a forced to be reckoned with. So due to injuries he goes back to the bubble. Very screwed up. - Darellfat

And the blame goes to Mal. - EpicJake

I think this elimination was a bit reasonable. - spodermanfan1000

Cameron was a good character,but his elimination in All-Stars is damn right messed up.Cameron got injured and injured so he could go back to his bubble.But...Mal wanted to eliminate Cameron,he was rigged with them so he cheated elimination and was never seen again,probably.

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11 Noah's elimination (TDWT)

This was one of the worst episodes of World Tour next to Cody's elimination. Duncan comes back. Worst song ever. Noah gets eliminated just for warning Owen about Al. Come on! It's just retarded! - sdgeek2003

Noah and Owen caught the criminal but Noah got the boot. But Alejandro was caught BEFORE the challenge even begun! I know the writers intended for Alejandro to stay cause Alejandro would go up against Heather. Very poor writing. - spodermanfan1000

It was dumb. Just dumb. The challenge was to catch Ezekiel, Noah and Owen caught him and won for their team. But they lose because Courtney and Gwen bring back Duncan. Something they were NOT suppose to do. - Darellfat

It was just too predictable to me. - Garythesnail

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12 Sammy's elimination (TDPI)

Sammy was a decent character and he got kicked off cause he said a sentence that included evil in it. Okay if you watch episode 10 you will understand what I'm saying. - spodermanfan1000

Sammy finally get it to Amy, but the latter comes back and whines then gets her sister kicked off. - Darellfat

I hate TBFTP SO much! Sammy gets kicked off, and there's no resolution to their arguments! - Turkeyasylum

I used to think that TDPI finale would be "girl vs girl" instead TDROTI, and I REALLY wanted to see a finale between amy and sammy...

13 Bridgette's elimination (TDI)

This is an elimination I loathe. The four guys (even Geoff) vote Bridgette off, because the girls could work with each other. And this is why Geoff is a terrible boyfriend: he lied to Bridgette, and said he didn't vote her off! This turned him from a great character to just plain unlikeable. - Turkeyasylum

14 Izzy's elimination (TDWT)
15 Jay and Mickey's elimination (TDRR)

OK this elimination was nothing but pure crap! First of all Jay and Mickey should have never been eliminated this early! Their underdogs (like Cameron) so they at least should've got more attention, but what happens you may ask? Well instead Emma sabotages then just so she can not get eliminated and her boyfriend can't get eliminated! I mean, why in the hell did she do this to them! After Jay and Mickey wanted to be in an alliance with her and kitty! Instead she's so selfish and only cares about Noah instead of the two people who wanted to be in a alliance with her! I can go on for days about how stupid this elimination is, so whatever you do total drama producers put jay and Mickey back in the next season because they deserve a lot more respect than that!

The rockers and Daters shouldn't have outlasted them and if Emma and Kitty won there would be some angry adversity twin fans out here!

Leg 10 should've been an elimination round and this one shouldn't have, why exactly would you eliminate one of the most popular teams so early? - naFrovivuS

I think that the creators could have done a lot more with these guys

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16 Beardo's elimination (TDPI)

I do not know why they voted him off. Leonard was at fault than his team to lose. - Yona_db

Beardo should not have gotten sent home so early. I hope he comes back on a new season. He deserves to make it further than he did.

17 Sierra's elimination (TDWT)

She won and I think she paid when her hair got blown off. However Chris eliminated her anyway. - Darellfat

Were those candles fireworks? Because THAT WAS STUPID!

It was just so sad. Sure having Alejandro was more dramatic but, but... I wanted to see a CodyvsSierra thing but still a very good season.

18 Cody's elimination (TDWT)

He would of sucked as winner

Cody deserved win TDWT

19 Zoey's elimination (TDROI)

It definitely should have been Lightning and Zoey would have been a much better Finale

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20 Max's elimination (TDPI)

Why in tf was Max voted off Chris had absolutely NO reason to eliminate Max all he says is "i think I'm about done with evil" and then he puts him in the cannon and Bye max that is stupid

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