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21 Scott's elimination (TDAS)

Zoey is a complete dumbass voting out Scott if she voted mike out he might be able to get psychological help and ultimately Scott would be easier to beat any ways - Shartfart

22 Noah's elimination (TDI)

Even if Noah had been in the dodgeball game the team still would have lost I mean look at him he"s not athletic personally they should not have voted him off.

Why? Way too early. Could of got out Owen. He lost the challenge!

23 Taylor and Kelly's elimination (TDRR)

They should have lasted longer, they were my favorite team!

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24 Mike's elimination (TDRR)

Scott blackmailed him over the course of the day and just dumped him at the end!

25 Max's elimination (TDPI)

Why in tf was Max voted off Chris had absolutely NO reason to eliminate Max all he says is "i think I'm about done with evil" and then he puts him in the cannon and Bye max that is stupid

26 Leshawna's elimination (TDA)

I'd rather her eliminated in the Sports episode.

27 Heathers elimination (TDI)

Honestly this is really dumb chef shaved her head which was supposed to happen... But just because she didn't "agree" to it... Dumb

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28 Ella's elimination (TDPI)

Ella would stay longer if it weren't for Sugar kicking her out. Ella should've spurred revenge on Sugar sooner.

29 Staci's elimination (TDROI) V 1 Comment
30 Rock and Spud's elimination (TDRR)

They should have lasted way longer in the game!

31 DJ's elimination (TDI)

He would have won every season if the eliminations weren't rigged

I don't think many people remember this elimination but nobody voted for dj chris just decided for him to go home. that's just unfair. Sure Dj could be a little boring but I thought he may of won the competition though but he did make it far in tdi

32 Scarlett's elimination (TDPI) V 1 Comment
33 Ryan and Stephanie's elimination (TDRR)

I hate how things ended for these two...

They should have won!

34 Izzy's elimination (TDI)
35 Chet and Lorenzo's elimination (TDRR)

This elimination definitely sucked!

36 Junior and Dwayne's elimination (TDRR)

The elimination of these two made me mad.

37 Sky's elimination (TDPI)

That was cruel what Chris did with the whole video thing of Sky, making Dave go crazy and mess up her game like that. She didn't even get to explain herself, and got shocked like crazy with a shock collar. Not cool, and she deserves a second chance at redemption. She should have won for sure.

38 Silent B's elimination (TDROI) V 1 Comment
39 Miles and Laurie's elimination (TDRR)
40 Trent's elimination (TDAS)
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