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1 Sundae Muddy Sundae

This episode completely ruined Total Drama All Stars. Fans have wanted Courtney and Gwen to be friends again for 3 YEARS, and when they become friends, the writers ruin it, and make Courtney's elimination obvious. Plus a few more mistakes, making the finale more than obvious, and scrapping 2 major plots, Sundae Muddy Sundae is a clear #1 worst.

I don't hate TDAS, but I will admit it is one of the weaker seasons. This was the start of TDAS's final 3 episode and the worst in that regard. I will say this, Scott was really funny and I liked Courtney's Ice cream job rant. Now, on to the negatives. This episode completely ruined all the development Courtney went through! I was actually hoping she would be a finalist and I'm neutral on her most of the time! Speaking of that, I did a little research and found out that 3 of the 4 writers had plans for Courtney to be a winner and were rooting for her. However, Ed McDonald decided that Mike and Zoey had to be finalists and created his abomination. I would have been find with a Courtney and Zoey finale, but NOPE! Ed McDonald, I hope you never touch this show again!

This episode sucked. Plain and simple. Also, Gwen agrees to an alliance with Courtney in this episode, but only if Courtney votes for herself. I mean, come on! Courtney has been on TD long enough to know that voting for yourself is an immediate elimination, therefore defeating the purpose of an alliance.

I loved All-Stars until the final 5 episodes. Courtney should have beat Gwen in the finally

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2 Hurl and Go Seek

Total Drama just so you know, no one was rooting for Dave in this episode. If Dave didn't get eliminated this would be the worst episode of all time

Dave went absolutely insane in this episode. Ruined his character forever.

Total Drama could have done great things with Dave. Well not after this episode he is ruined

I don't know why the producers will do that to Dave character

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3 The Bold and the Booty-ful

Absolutely terrible episode. The Total Drama series is really funny. But not this one. Its disgusting and not in a funny way. 3.5/10

This was Trash!

Has TDAS really gone this low? Poop Jokes?! There is nothing funny about poop jokes at all.

4 The Ex-Files

The Ex-Files? More like The Love Triangle, because that's all this episode was about. Nothing but Courtney, Duncan, and Gwen drama.

I hate to say this, but Owen should have been eliminated in this episode. Sure Tyler screwed up the alien artifact but at least he helped while all Owen did was run around screaming.

I like this episode the song was good. I Like that they went to Area 52 although Area 51 is better it was still a fresh episode from the countries concept of the season.

It's called Total DRAMA. Not "Total Duncan and Courtney Live Happily Ever After".

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5 The Final Wreck-ening

Keep in mind it took TWO people to make this episode, TWO. This episode is pathetic in every way. The jokes are cheesy (which is typical late TDAS-TDPI), and there are countless terrible moments in this episode.

First off, the balloons. Making the balloons fly away was so unnecessary. They could have used those ten seconds to do something more productive, such as a joke or an intern quickly popping all the balloons.

Second off, the pointless cameo. Owen's cameo was poorly executed and he seemed to be exaggerated significantly. Alex Ganetakos, message to you: THAT WAS NOT FUNNY. Not even a bit.

The reset button. I could go on for eons about the reset button. It's not only anticlimactic and boring, but it's offensive to people with MPD. While Mike himself was pretty accurate about the disorder itself, the reset button was anything but. I'm serious, the reset button might even top the final part I hate!

The challenge. Lame and predictable for the TD writers. ...more - Turkeyasylum

This final two was awful, and we got the obvious ending that we all DREADED. In my opinion, if he wasn't gonna stay Mal forever, they should have made Mal end like 6 episodes sooner

Sure Sundae Muddy Sundae was a horrible episode but the final wreck ending was just awful there was nothing interesting but this episode and I thought Total Drama Action and Pahketew Island had bad endings All stars ending was horrible finale to finish a horrible season

Worst season of Total Drama with the worst ending. Camp Wawanakwa blew up and nobody gave any f about Mike or Zoey.

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6 Scarlett Fever

This is when Scarlett took over the island.

They unfairly voted out Max and they turned Scarlett into a weird pyscopath nobody likes

This is when Scarlett tries to take over the island

I love how out of all the characters to take down Scarlett it was Max. Max truly was Pahkitew Island's king of evil. To bad he got voted out he was hilarious

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7 I See London

Okay writers and storyboarders of Total Drama, We all understand Duncan is one of the most popular characters in the show, However have you not seen how mad people got when Justin was replaced with Courtney in Action? Well let's screw everything up again! This episode is awesome, Noah proved he can hold an episode with minimal help and we had a lot of Tyler, Owen, and Gwen and Courtney becoming friends. It was funny! Every background character was brought to the foreground and it looked like things were finally going to work in a new player's favor. Amazons win. Why? Just why? We all heard the challenge and just because Duncan is back doesn't mean we're happy Team Chris is Really Really Really Really hot lost. But you know what if it's a reward and they add an extra payer what harm can it do? Screw that! Duncan is now replacing Noah, who almost every fan was now getting to like, he didn't just join the team he replaced one member! I hate what Duncan did in World Tour after this ...more - Gronk27

The ending to this episode was crazy but I don't support couples really but that was still pretty low, of Gwen and Duncan to do behind Courtney back.

I know people don't like it because Noah got out, but this is noah's best episode of all time

I cried so much when Noah was eliminated. He came in 22nd in Island, and came in 13th this season. I would have voted for his most recent elimination episode, Got Venom, but it had a nice setting and semi-good character development. And I See London? no character development. Plus, Noah gets replaced with a character that everybody knows WON'T WIN BECAUSE HE WON LAST SEASON! SO WE CAN'T ROOT FOR HIM IN NOAH'S PLACE! ARGGGHHH!

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8 Picnic at Hanging Dork

Gwen's elimination was very unfair, and no one looked very good in this episode, either.

To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this episode. It wasn't very funny and I felt sorry for Gwen when she got voted off. If I was in the episode, I would have pushed Courtney off the plane and gave Gwen some tissues.

Gwen got eliminated for her ALLERGIES.

I gave up on TD after this episode

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9 The Aftermath III: O-wen or Lose
10 Million Dollar Babies

Why would Harold believe that. what. I was really hoping to see Duncan go this episode, I had hope next episode and Lindsay voted for herself. I feel like they were literally trying so hard to keep Duncan because he is a "fan favorite" but most people I know who watch it, dislike Duncan, as do I.

Your telling me that Heather was voted out by Harold, her only friend besides Cody? And Harold voted with Duncan instead? What? Harold could of got his friend Heather and Girlfriend Leshawna into the merge, but instead chooses his mortal enemy. -_-

Gotta gotta Hate hate courtney after this danm stupid episode that ruined tda - coolguy101

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11 The Big Sleep

This is the episode were They have to stay awake as long as they can. LAME.

This is when the challenge is the awakathon. It was boring all you did is watch people try to stay awake.

This is one of the only bad Total Drama Island episodes. It wasnt that bad but it was really boring. The challenge was to stay awake as long as you can.

They eliminated my favorite character -_-

12 The Aftermath: IV V 1 Comment
13 I Love You, Grease Pig

It's an under hated episode. While I was glad to see Leanord leave, I was disappointed with the challenge and the interactions, although Jasmine and Sammy bonding was a good thing. That and it was an obvious elimination. - Turkeyasylum

This episode wasn't good but it wasn't bad either

14 Rock n' Rule

"Hey, you know Owen who we already eliminated and will obviously not win this season since he won the last season, and who nobody really wants back? Let's put him back in the game. And you know Lindsay, the character 400% of our viewers want to win? Let's eliminate her through the worst elimination in the history of our show". - Puga

Lindsay did not deserve to be eliminated. The challenges were absolutely boring (classic total drama action). At the time I was actually pretty happy Owen was returning. When I found out he was working for Chris I hated this episode even more. Lindsay's elimination was almost as bad as Bridgette's in Season 1.

Lindsay had a bad elimination

How is this episode not higher?! It was not executed well at all. Stupid elimination that was done awfully, I mean, why was Lindsay of all contestants eliminated? Almost everyone was rooting for her. My personal least favorite episode of all of Season 2, and maybe of all time.

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15 Riot On Set
16 Finders Creepers

This episode is one of my favorites ever

What was the whole purpose of a non-elimination episode anyway? - Turkeyasylum

This episode is so horrible.

17 3:10 to Crazytown

Completely ruined Trent. Why just why? He and Gwen had the most liked relationship in the show but they end it so they can put Gwen with Duncan because that "makes more sense" and also ended the second most liked couple of Courtney and Duncan

I hated the episode as producers put Gwen as a traitor, and she was not the fault of Trent manias. Duncan not orchestrated the separation anyone, he simply assumed that Trent mania to do everything 9 times was related to Gwen, because clearly he was obsessed and the number of letters forming the name of the two amounted to 9, and Trent had not this mania in Total Drama Island.

This episode is the worst because Gwen and Trent broke up. After this episode left Trent with very little fans.

Writers: "Hey! Let's ruin Trent! "

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18 If You Can't Take The Heat...

No offense to Owen, but why was Beth eliminated? The idiots on her team believed that the tiki doll caused them to lose the challenge? No, idiots, it was your fault for leaving Owen with the food. So really, Owen should have been eliminated in this episode - HollyleafOfThunderClan

The second worst in TDI - quizmint

19 Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize

Chris was a JERK in this episode. We were all looking forward to the finale of this season, especially since Sugar wasn't in it. It has the same problems the TDAS finale has: it doesn't feature all the season's contestants AND it has a terrible ending. After Hurl And Go Seek, we knew Dave and Sky were a train wreck, but we didn't know it was THIS bad. Sky was already DATING SOMEONE ELSE when she had a crush on Dave. Right now, I bet Sky and Keith are broken up. Both the finale canidates were dreadful... Where's Scarlett when you need her? The ending has to be the second worst part. Chris abandoned Dave on Pahkitew Island showing no concern for him. That was his second most sinister act to date, behind the balloned eight.n - Turkeyasylum

Chris left behind Dave. To this day I do not know what happened to Dave. Do you know? I will just assume he is the new Ezekiel ( Total Drama World Tour ). - Skullkid755

I was actually mad to see Dave go crazy and without a full resolution this episode thoroughly made me annoyed and really Sky and Dave not ending up with each other wasn't truly believable

20 One Million Bucks, B.C

Lindsay should not have fallen into the tar

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