Atrocious Animation #4: Sundae Muddy Sundae (Total Drama)

Turkeyasylum Honestly, this was probably the SECOND worst episode in Total Drama's history (The Number 1 is a Different Episode). So, the episode begins with thecontestants being interrupted by Chris, who lives in the Spa Hotel with Zoey(For the umpteeth time that happened). On the way there, Mal rats Courtney out on a chart f her plans to win, using Scott. Chris talks about the challenge: Building a sundae. The catch was that the ingredients were at the 4 "most dangerous" places on the island. The ice cream was a a snow capped cliff, the cherries in the swamp, the nuts in the cafeteria (how was that a dangerous place?), and the chocolate in the forest by a mutant fire-breathing plant. I would have replaced the cafeteria with Mount Looming Tragedy. So thechallenge begins. Scott was in the lead, but falls way behind due to slipping on the ice by the cliff, falling into the water. Zoey and Courtney take the lead, and Mike and Gwen follow. When Zoey reaches the swamp, she gets stuck, and Courtney too, and Mal takes the lead. Gwen takes the lead, after helping Zoey, and Courtney is left behind. She eventually gets the cherry, and Scott follows right behind. The nuts are gotten quickly by Gwen and Zoey, but Mall struggles. He eventually gets them, before Courtney and Scott. At the chocolate, while Zoey and Gwen get their chocolate safely, Mal gets his, then burns the chocolate. Scott and Courtney find out the chocolate is burned, and Scott uses dirt as a substitite (like we knew you wouldn't do that). Courtney puts burnt chocolate bits on, and then a bird pukes on it in disgust. At the race to the finish, Courtney bolts ahead and wins. But, Chris makes the contestants eat their sundaes, to make Courtney lose. Zoey wins her millionth immunity, and of course, Courtney goes home. So many opprotunities, gone. Courtney and Scott in finale. Courtney and Gwen in finale. Now the only way is Mike and Zoey. Good job paving a way for them, writers.

Envious Ending- 20/20, Plot Holes 11/20, Horrible Humor 13/20, Treturous Twists 19/20, Catastrophic Characters 17/20.

Overall Awfulness- 80/20.