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21 Moon Madness

I was REALLY happy when Gwen broke up with Duncan. I'm just sad that Duncan didn't get back together with Courtney again. He obviously still had some feelings for her.

While happy to see Duncan and Gwen break up, they executed it so terribly. And they made a lot of characters look weak in favor of Mal.

They had an amazing idea for a challenge, and the way they did it was the biggest challenge flop I've ever seen. Not to mention the rushed Gwuncan break. Gwen basically said it was over without reason or buildup. - Turkeyasylum

Sucks because everythins switch around and Duncan and gwen Up. :(.

22 Wawanakwa Gone Wild

How is this #4? THere are like at least 40 Episodes that should be above this - alexcousins

23 Food Fright
24 Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2

I despise this episode! My 9th least favorite. - quizmint

25 Sky Fall

This is actually a very good episode

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26 Niagara Brawls

I was stupid and thought there was no song but now I realize I accidently skipped through it...

27 Hide and Be Sneaky

Heather kissed Trent and Trent's eliminated for that! Also it could've and should've Heather's elimination. - quizmint

Dumbest. Elimination. Ever.

Quizmint, wrong episode. It's Search and Do Not Destroy you're talking about.

28 The Enchanted-Franken Forest

Lightning got derailed SO MUCH in this episode. He wanted to kill Cameron throughout the episode. Talk about going too far? - Turkeyasylum

Lighting was my favorite this season besides Jo and they totally ruined him! Plus it created An all Male finale :/

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29 Three Zones and a Baby

Pretty stupid to the babies and the challenge made no sense.

30 Dodge Brawl

I loved this episode. It was the start of the great total drama franchise

Why is this on the list, let alone the top TEN? - Turkeyasylum

The Ridonculous Race was absolutely amazing! Watch it and you wont regret it. If you are not a fan of Noah the Ridonculous Race will make you into one! Plus Dodge Brawl was a great episode. I'm glad in Total Drama World Tour Tyler remembered Lindsay and Total Drama explores that relationship more

I loved this episode

31 The Treasure Island of Dr. Mclean

Terrible episode that introduced Dakotazoid. Besides that monstrosity, the episode was super annoying, and when it wasn't that, it was boring.

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32 Chinese Fake Out

The episode made all the characters seem dull and one-dimensional. Blaineley and Chef had potential, but they put her in too late and eliminated her too early. Plus, she was actually funny in Niagra Brawls. In this episode? Not at all. - Turkeyasylum

33 I Love You, I Love You Knots

Dave goes absolutely nuts. Dave calm down. Sky please help poor Dave. Jasmine, stop telling Sky to ignore Dave

I hate the episodes were Dave goes insane for Sky. Sky, please help the poor guy.

I feel so bad for Dave in this episode. I want Sky and Dave to end up together. I hate this episode. It is the worst one.

This is another episode were Dave goes insane.

34 Greece's Pieces

The entire episode was about the love triangle. And after this are 2 more dreadful TDWT episodes. This one glorifies episodes like Sky Fall. - Turkeyasylum

35 Grand Chef Auto

I hated this episode for obvious reasons.

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36 You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Gwen and Courtney were horrendously out of character, Zoey was permanently dumbed down after just one episode, Duncan's season-long character development was thrown in the garbage for a cheap gag, Mal and Alejandro form an alliance only for it to immediately not matter, and Cameron was saved from elimination AGAIN for no reason AGAIN. And none of the jokes are even that funny. :/

37 The Chefshank Redemption
38 TDWT Aftermath: Hawaiian Style
39 Beach Blanket Bogus

Even though it was funny the challenges were boring.

The Total Drama Action challenges are really lame. 3;10 to Crazytown, Beach Blanket Bogus, and Rock'n Rule are all terrible Total Drama Action episodes.

Worst challenge ever. Seriously, a build your own sandcastle challenge.

40 So, Uh, This Is My Team?
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