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41 Ocean's 8 or 9
42 The Aftermath: Trent's Descent V 1 Comment
43 The Aftermath: For-Gwen and Forget?
44 Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Owen is not an antagonist. He is the fan favorite that every contestant besides Courtney like

Horrible. They made fan favorite Owen into a villain in this episode.

Owen is probably my favorite character. I got lucky by the time I finished watching this episode he was still my favorite.

Wow they made Owen into an antagonist. That is impressive in a bad way

45 Newf Kids on the Rock

Poor DJ they ruined him by giving him that dumb animal curse. This episode was very stressful to watch and I didn't enjoy it to well

Poor DJ. He is always killing animals. I feel so bad for him. This episode is a wreck.

46 Jamaica Me Sweat

Poor old DJ hurt more animals, but he finally got what he wanted: to get eliminated.

V 1 Comment
47 Haute Camp-ture

This episode was bad because it was boring and Leshawna got unfairly voted out. The good part was Leshawna should have been eliminated a long time ago. It was also good that to see what the eliminated contestants were up to

Leshawna got voted out in an unfair way although she should have been out for a while.

Leshawna deserved to stay she was cheated out if that didn't happen Heather would be out but then again she would have her hair...

Leshawna was voted off unfairly.

48 Runaway Model

This one sucked the challenge was a fashion show. The Rats should have won the challenge.

This is when the Challenge is a fashion show. It was boring and not entertaining.

This truly was the only bad episode in total drama revenge of the island

49 Walk Like in Egyptian
50 A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Only the best episode I've ever watched

51 I Love Ridonc and Roll

Why is this on here it was a great episode.

52 Bahamarama

I think Devin and Carrie got annoying. Carrie just find a way to tell Devin! It is so annoying. Stephanie was ruined from the start but they ruined Ryan to by making him interfere with Devin and Carrie. I'm glad The Surfer Dudes are back and The Sisters were one of my favorite teams. This episode should make The Top Ten Best Total Drama Episodes.

Ugh. This episode was awful. By far the worst episode of TDRR. Let's be honest guys: everybody was hoping Carrie and Devin would win. But they were eliminated in the episode prior to this one. So Bahamarama really doesn't have any purpose. At least everybody's least favorite team got eliminated *cough* SISTERS! *cough*

I am so happy that THE SURFER DUDES WON!

53 You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Gwen and Courtney were horrendously out of character, Zoey was permanently dumbed down after just one episode, Duncan's season-long character development was thrown in the garbage for a cheap gag, Mal and Alejandro form an alliance only for it to immediately not matter, and Cameron was saved from elimination AGAIN for no reason AGAIN. And none of the jokes are even that funny. :/

54 Brunch of Disgustingness
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