Top Ten Worst Total Drama Island Season 1 Characters

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1 Heather

People like her because she is devoted to winning. I have to admit she kept the plot going and got me into the series when I found it on Netflix, but you wouldn't like it if she did that stuff to you! She messed with charecters and got Trent, ever, Lindsey, Beth, etc voted off by manipulating and lying to everyone! She read Quen's diary, and messed up her relationship with Trent, and after all that Lindsey has done for her she betrayed her. She is exactly all the curse words Lindsey called her. She reminds me EXACTLY of this girl I met in the 3rd grade who backstabbed me, my friends and turned us against each other and permanently wrecked my friendship with a girl, we were perfectly fine until SHE came along, spread countless rumours about me in order to get popularity and sympathy and my expense, she bullied my best friend and many other friends and some people I don't know, all for attention. The only time I routed for her was when she was up against Alejandro, who I managed to hate ...more - ToptenPizza

The way Heather is written in the first season is to have people straight out HATE her. She went from being the antagonist that we all hated for various reasons to the anti-hero we straight out wanted to win in World Tour. She's worked her butt off arguably more than any other character, and she is currently the 1st place contestant in terms of episode count, beating out top dogs like Duncan and Courtney.

You people act like she's a real person. I say this so many times but this show is FICTIONAL. You don't look at it from a standpoint who's nice and who's mean. She's such a well written character that knows how to play the game! That's a fact you can't argue that

No, she's actually one of most well developed characters in the series. - Therandom

2 Eva

You guys are joking, right? Ever is the best character on Total Drama Island, I like that she's the strong, independent female of the show. I hope she returns for future seasons, she deserves to win one of them. Not to mention, she has the biggest boobs on the show. That's saying a lot considering how Lindsay is on there.

She was a character I knew was gonna get voted off early in at least first 5 eliminations. She didn't have a good story line. She was a rage. She was very boring. All in all she just was a boring person

To be honest she was very angry and tempermental. She was also very 1 dimensional and flat, her only moment was her comeback and she didn't have enough screen time to actually become a fan favorite. - ToptenPizza

Predictable elimination. Just thrown in at the last minute. - Puga

3 Ezekiel

I hate him only in the first season, he was sexist to girls why just why you’re insulting the females we should treat each other equally after that I became fine with him

He is a stupid redneck who is also very sexist and said some rude stuff about girls but I laughed really hard when ever beat him up that was the only moment I liked ever, also he had very little screen time and was fame hungry until he became a feral beast which I guess is metaphorical how people who want to be famous become monsters and loose themselves for fame. - ToptenPizza

Although he gets homeschooled, he is clearly hands down "THE WEAKEST COMPETITOR IN THE SHOW"

Well he must be gay since he hates girls. I hated this character. My personal favorite is sierra from total drama world tour.

4 Justin

Justin is the hottest guy in Total Drama history. He is gorgeous, and great to look at. He gives the show major eye candy! He should not be on the list. He is the reason I watch the show! He is the best guy character on that show. He is not annoying. He uses his looks to get what he wants, just like people in the real world do. People that look good get what they want in life. Get over it. Nobody likes haters, and Justin has a strong fan base and always will. I hope he is added to future seasons, I would love to finally see him with a love interest.

He's really annoying. He is only notable because of his looks, other than that he has no talent OR personality! And making him an antagonist for a while was the worst decision ever. - ToptenPizza

Justin is EVIL! He uses the girls to his advantage to help him win the game.

5 Courtney

Harold a good character why is seventh she should be above her harold something for the team like winning dodgeball and pleased chef

Why are katie and sadie higher than her. Sure they are annoying but they don't bully anyone.

UGH! She's SO annoying! She got kicked off because her boyfriend was a total JERK! Duncan is my second least favorite character. Anyway, when OWEN got kicked off because of HER, she didn't care! Owen is one of the best characters which is another reason why I absolutely HATE her!

Courtney is such an annoying person. I actually like Heather but Courtney is so annoying. She is a massive hypocrite and I hope her lawyers send her to prison. She would have gotten voted off anyway. ANYTIME SHE SAYS SOMETHING ANNOYING AND PISSY I WANT TO THROW A HAMMER AT MY T.V.

6 Sadie

She was whiny and pretty annoying. I liked Katie better because she didn't have a meltdown when she got voted off and had to be seperated from Katie - ToptenPizza

7 Katie

First of all, Katie is not a black girl. I'm not being racist when I say that, but whoever said she is your wrong, leshawna calls Katie a white girl. Next of all, Katie is like the skinniest girl on the show, so calling her fat, all the other girls on the show must be obese. Third of all, they are not exactly the same personality wise. They are similar, but not robots. Fourth of all, your butt is the one that can't fit in a seat, you hater. You just wish you were as pretty as Katie.

She is fat and is not that diffirent from Sadie, personality wise, she's fat and white and Katie is black and skinny, but they wear the same clothes and also she cried too much. And Sadie is right she's too big to fit in a bus seat. - ToptenPizza

You mixed up Katie with Sadie

Katie is white and skinny
Sadie is black and fat

8 Harold

I never liked harold to be honest. he was annoying most of the time for me and voting off a innocent character who did NOTHING to you is insane!

I hate Harold. I'm so mad at him for getting Courtney out by hacking the votes. Duncan and Courtney's relashionship was just getting good. Not cool Harold

His geekiness was funny and he dealt with bullying, and his relationship with Lewshauna was PERFECT, but I don't like how he got Courtney voted off (my favorite charecter) because her boyfriend was mean to him. Like, COURTNEY never bullied you! It isn't COURTNEY'S fault! Get Duncan off! He was the one messing with you! - ToptenPizza

Well Lewshauna is a very stereotypical name for a black girl. - TheMainReason

9 Tyler

Sucks at all sports check, he can communicate with his teamates check, coward as harold check and what else. I like that he has a good relationship with lindsey and you see them kissing all the time. the only thing I like about tyler is his success with lindsey that he is good at.

Okay please tell me one thing. Who's idea was it to put TYLER here? Sure he's bad at sport and might brag a little by saying he is but he is super funny and loyal to his friends. In that TDWT episode he keeps his team from getting seriously bad injuries and lets them use them a human ladder. I know no one who would do that. And who is so determined. No one. I love his spirit.

It is cool that he sucks at sports. That's what makes him funny

He was annoying in season 1 but I liked him better in the other seasons because he became more important, and involved with the other charecters. But I just hate how he sucks at all sports. - ToptenPizza

10 Gwen

Gwen broke up with Trent which was the worst then in the same episode, Gwen literally told her team to vote Trent off who does that?!

Gwen She's a Negative,Harsh,Liar and Worst Goth Girl Ever I Hate Goths!

I felt bad for her when Heather read her diary, but I can't believe how she treated Trent! He throws challenges for her and she rewards him by dumping him and getting him voted off! She kisses Duncan, her friend Courtney's ex. I mean how can you steal someone's boyfriend, you don't kiss your best friend's ex! That's just rude! By the way Quen and Duncan is the worst shipping ever! - ToptenPizza

I Hate Gwen! She Deserves to Be Number One! She Wrecked My Favourite Couple ( Duncan and Courtney ) and was So Mean To Trent who deserves better! And I honestly do Care What Gwen fans say about this Post!

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11 Beth

Beth is totally annoying. When she was introduced I knew I wouldn't like her because she gave off major annoying vibes. Did we forget she cheated on her boyfriend? I don't even know how she scored one with how fluffing ugly this character is. The other characters (excluding Sierra) aren't this annoying and plain unlikeable. There's not one likeable thing about her. Annoying, no good, dirty, cheater... All words to describe her. Even Heather is better.

She didn't Stand out to me at all in Season 1. In Season 2 the show gave her more screen time which I liked. Beth isn't a horrible character. She just isn't really Stand out ish.

She was sort of annoying. - ToptenPizza

Glitter boys yeah yeah!

12 Duncan

A bullying a-hole

He act like a big jerk!

A Delinquent JerkFace and Bully!

Ok I love Duncan. I also love Duncan dounuts

13 Geoff

Geoff reminds me of an obnoxious frat boy or Spencer Pratt.

Geoff is so crazy all of a sudden.

HE IS SOOO NOT THE WORST! 1 Why is he even on this list!?!?!?

14 Trent

He cheated on Gwen with Heather, it was obvious he wanted to make out with Heather, that two timer.

15 Leshawna

WHO would hate Leshawna? She is hilarious!

She is awesome and she can take Alejandro down!

16 Bridgette

She isn't that bad

She is awesome

17 Izzy

She's psycho. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I see her as an annoying character, and she's quite mean to other characters in adaptions past TDI. Also, she has a stupid face.

Izzy is way too crazy for her own good.

IZZY?!?! IZZY?!?!?! She's the BEST character on the ENTIRE show EVER!

18 Amy
19 Dave

Not in season 1. Just saying

His hair burnt off his head ha ha.

He was good when he was competing, but he was a total jerk in the finale and took sky's boyfriend thing too far. serves him right.

20 Jo

Jo's attitude makes ever seem like an angel. You would be way more likeable and pretty if you wasn't so mean and pushy all the time.

Jo's not in season 1. Just saying

21 Lindsay

I LOVE Lindsay at least she as at the bottom.

She Is a funny lady

22 Chris Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Chris is like a criminal in disguise whose goal is just to finish off humans - Irank

He is my least favorite total drama character. He is a teenager abuser.

23 DJ

Who the hell put dj here

24 Owen

OWEN IS NOT UGLY! No-one is ugly. Everyone is pretty, cute, gorgeous, handsome, whatever. He's special and unique. That make's him one of a kind.

Owen is so ugly. He got Duncan and Heather eliminated.

Annoying, stupid and useless - Irank

I hate this character. he's one note, not funny, annoying, and just plain awful. should have been eliminated after the cooking challenge. - taishisohma

25 Ellody

Wasn't in season 1. Just saying.

I just wasn't feeling her vibe.

26 Noah

He was lazy and didn't help anyone.

Only in Dodgeball he didn't help his team but in World Tour he really did help his team Until Alejandro got him votted off!


27 Chef Hatchet
28 Cody

What about Cody he is my favorite

29 Sasquatchanakwa
30 Staci
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