Worst Total Drama Pahkitew Island Characters

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1 Sugar

Let me put it this way: Sugar truly believes that Leonard's "magic" is real. Who's the bigger fool: the fool, or the one following the fool?

I hats here she is the worst she got ella eliminated if she kept her fat mouth shut ella would probably make it a lot further

SUGAR! HOW DARE YOU REACH NUMBER 1! The good thing is Sky is on Number 1 of the best contestants. SUGAR IS SO MEAN TO SKY, JASMINE AND ELLA! Jasmine is the nicest contestant on TDPI! Ella is the best contestant! And Sky is my favourite contestant! Sky is allowed to go on a date with Dave! Jasmine and Shawn are allowed to get married! Ella is allowed to sing! - AlecS172

She was meant to represent a older honey boo boo in fact she even said I remember when a had a reality show when I was younger

2 Leonard

He was absolutely useless with his so called wizard powers... And you know what? The team he was on won every challenge after he was eliminated. - DapperPickle

This guy's just as deluded as Ella. I bet that his involvement in so many role-playing games made him think that he's a real wizard even though he isn't.

Since Leonard (whom I'd rather call Leo) and Ella seem to be the most realistic characters in Total Drama Pahtikew Island, I think that they're better off being a couple. Besides, they seem to have European auras.

This "wizard" reminds me of the song "wizard" by martin garrix

The wizarding thing would've been nice, if only it didn't interfere with his performance in challenges. I think he should've been out first instead of Beardo.

3 Amy

Make her #1! I hate her so much. She needs to learn to respect SAMMY and I believe she has to be the first one out should she return!

HOW THE HELL IS SHE NUMBER 3. Sammy is awesome AND she's right. Amy is a bossy blonde cow. - Scaranna

Amy you stupid doe - SanjayandCraigSucks

She cares more about picking on her sister than winning the million dollars. She sucks!

4 Ella

The most overrated pahkitew island character. I mean, name 1 time where she helped win for her team by herself besides the singing thing that got her eliminated. I'll be very mad if she returns - alexcousins

She is NOT beautiful, but she is weak, dull, boring, and tedious. Not to mention annoying. I would vote Courtney as my top 1 favorite TD Princess over ella anytime and anywhere.

Ella is AWESOME! Shes so kind-hearted.

Leave her alone Sugar lovers. Ella doesn't deserve to be hated - Gehenna

5 Dave

He is so whiny. He shouldn't force Sky to love him if she doesn't want to! Also, he acts like a jerk in the finale.

He acts like Sky owes him something. It's just annoying and creepy when a guy can't take no for an answer. Whether or not Sky was sending him mixed messages at first with her own flirting, a real man just needs to take "NO" at face value and accept it. He's so whiny and pathetic, and do we even know why he signed up for the show in the first place?

I used to like this guy. But when he showed that he isn't as normal as here seems to be, I stopped likin' him.

Another thing that I loathe Dave is that he became the very person who he hates: an abnormal antagonist. Since he he saw that Sky didn't love him, he should have just accepted it like a man.

He is just like ashfur. when he found out sky (squirrelflight) has a boyfriend (brambleclaw) he wanted to ruin (kill) her

6 Scarlett

Just when I thought that she was one of the most down-to-earth character in this show, she just had to prove that she's not as good as she appeared. If I didn't know better, I'd say that she isn't any better than Chris at being a person.

Right when you think a character is good, they ruin it, just like with Scott, Alejandro, Heather, and Courtney when they wanted to make Mal the best antagonist, while all he does is break stuff and laugh evilly.

Scarlett was interesting before and after she revealed her true self! Seriously, who is putting all these good characters on these lists?

The only villain that I like (besides Mal from total drama all-stars)

7 Sky

Sky doesn't deserve to be on this list because she's one of the most mature and realistic characters in that series. It pisses me off when other people claim that she has no flaws when she's far from being totally perfect. Newsflash for those jerks ( Total Drama was made by flawless people. Therefore, their flaws rubbed off on those characters.

I actually think Sky isn't that bad.

She is over-competitive, obsessive with winning, and is not above taking advantage of Dave to win the million. She was a jerk as of 8-13. She did not deserve that finale, and she made Dave less normal.

Am I the only person who dislikes Sky because of what she did to Dave? I mean, Dave was saying all the wrong things but she did still say it. I don't hate her, she's pretty cool, but that was harsh.

8 Rodney

Thank goodness that I'm not the only one who hates Rodney. I mean, what's his deal with that mentality of his? Just 'cause he was born on a farm, I doesn't mean that he should be brainless. If anyone asks me, true farm folks are smart in their own ways and not totally brainless.

His 'girlfriend (s)' running gag got really annoying

SO ANNOYING. Rodney should be Ezkekiel for all I care

He's A Pervert

9 Beardo

Even though he means well, I don't appreciate his ability to make sounds with his mouth because that's counterproductive and off-putting.

Dave should be one he should be 3 or 4 raise Ella and Leonard up this list so their 8 and 9 or something like that

Beardo is cute, but all he does is waste time making noises.

This guy dosnt look near to a bloody teenager or acts like one. He acts like a child and looks 38 years old!

10 Max

This guy is nothing but an annoying and over-the-top dr. Evil villain wannabe, despite the fact he is not at all!

He just there for a comic-relief that miserably failed, I don't even crack a smile if he's on the screen, I HATE HIM SO MUCH!

Max is a terrible antagonist! A villain that's not even evil but says it every two minutes. He's really annoying.

What a delusional and unrealistic guy he is. He thought that he was so bad. But he's just screwed up in the head.

Nobody likes him and knows who he is. What a turd!

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11 Topher

There are many reasons to hate Topher.

1. He barely spends time cooperating with his team.
2. His only interaction until episode 7 was with Chris.
3. His plot with Chris lasted WAY too long.
4. Lackluster design.
5. We all knew his plan would ultimately fail.
6. He does not have a real personality that we can connect with.
7. Did not do anything memorable... EVER.

Even though I don't love Topher, I prefer him to Chris because he's much less nasty than that host.

I hate topher nearly more then sugar

12 Jasmine

At first, I thought she was going to be a female version of Brick (mostly because of her outfits), but I think she's different of this cadet. Plus, she's a true down 2 earth girl. She's not annoying at. I think she don't deserve to be on the list

All Jasmine could talk about to Shawn is how she wanted him to share the money with her if he won. It was all about the money with her, if he decided not to split the money she would have left him.

13 Chris

Chris' personality makes the show funny, so I ain't no hater. He does pick out certain contestants to tease like Gwen (My fave character) and Sky, but I just can't dislike Chris

Worst character in total drama history

14 Dawn


15 Lindsay

Lindsay isn’t a Pahkitew character

16 Shawn

You guys are the biggest bunch of haters I have ever seen. Shawn is the best character on this show. Yeah, he has a fear of zombies. Everyone is scared of something, nobody is perfect.

He totally deserves to be in this list due to his delusions. Seriously, I don't know why Jasmine forgave him. She shouldha given up on him when she had the chance. I know that I would if I'm her.

Another thing about Shaun is that he should never have won the final round of Pahtikew Island. Instead, it should have been Sky since she's one of the most realistic characters in that show.

He's the most one-dimensional character in the entire show. And that's saying something, with Ella, Topher, and Max. - Turkeyasylum

Shawn is the best character on this season

17 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

I love samey and don't MAKE FUN OF ME FOR THIS, Leonard,Jasmine,Sugar,and Ella

I personally love Sammy along with Ella, Jasmine, Sky, Shawn, Amy and Thoper.

Who put Samantha here?! YES I CALL SAMEY SAMANTHA! - SanjayandCraigSucks

18 Gerry

He does suck, but this is a Ridonculous Race character.

19 Ellody
20 Tyler

Or is your name Tiffany? Tony? What's your name?

21 Harold
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