Top Ten Worst Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race Characters


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1 Gerry

But this character is good

2 Chet

He got on my nerves to no end and his chest is too hairy for a teenager.

3 Leonard

Thankfully, he and Tammy were the first to go.

Leonard is not that bad. At least he's nice to people.

Man I hate this guy

Let me guess, Amy and Samey are going to be in the next season, along with Katie and Sadie, and Owen and Noah returning.

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4 Junior

I don't care if he looks like nor resemble Justin Beiber but that does not make me hate this character. Overall, he's pretty cool though, wish he could have made it almost all the way along with Kitty and Emma, Cadets etc

He seemed pretty rude and yes, he looks like Justin Bieber

Junior looks like Justin Bieber - Yona_db


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5 Tammy
6 Ennui

Why is he on here?

Ennui means bore in French. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I like Chef Hatchet

7 Lorenzo
8 Josee

She and Stephanie have serious anger issues, get them both straight jackets and anesthetics stat! - PrincessKiana

I hate these Ice Dancers. They make me think of meme faces.

She is all the villains in total drama combined but much worse. And people say JACQUS is the problem. Why! Jose has tormented Jacques for years, and she even threw a COCANUT at his hard in episode 5. Jose is rude, selfish and inconsiderate.but the worst thing she has done was in the second to last episode where MacArther saved her LIFE and what Josse do? She throws a coconut at MacArther's HEAD Josse is even worse than every bad total drama character COMBINED! And that is saying something. Worst. Character. Ever.

She's Funny but is way to crazy like Izzy. But she is more crazy than Izzy like, she throws a T E M P E R and destroys statues.

9 Taylor

She is so rude to her mother!

Spoiled brat, who wants everything and commands her mother

An ungrateful brat who needs to be whipped in front of everyone and grounded.

10 Rock

I liked the rockers, because that's the music I like. Music like Metallica.

Spud is FAR worse

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11 Pete

Pete is too old to be on this show and needs to take his ancient self home.

12 Jacques

His treatment to others was very rude.

13 Spud

"Hurry up man, the other teams are catching up! ".

He wouldn't even HELP in Iceland. - Turkeyasylum

14 Dwayne
15 Stephanie
16 MacArthur

Whoever said she was vile and mean should be trolled by the Ice Dancers.

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19 Don

Chris should've hosted the season, but instead, he must've decided to retire and moved to New York City where he could sit around and read newspapers in peace.

The new host is super boring so far. Why'd they have to make a new host in the first place if all he's going to do is act EXACTLY like Chris?

20 Tom

This guy is really obnoxious. Refusing to do the first challenge because you don't want to wear a helmet? I'm sorry, but I hope he leaves early.

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