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1 Total Drama All Stars

This season is one of if not the worst season of a show. Almost every episode was awful. It had derailed almost all the characters. Most of which we came to love. The only character that was good this season was Alejandro. Characters I like to watch like Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Mike, Lightning, etc all became garbage characters these seasons. Scott was not good either, but I never liked Scott anyways (I know people like Scott now but I never did, heck All Stars made me hate him more).

Anyway I think this season should go die now.

THE 2 main problems I have with it is 1 Gwen was so fake and 2 MAL

This season really DESTROYED Courtney and Duncan. HATE IT!

Quick drinking challenge:
Watch every episode of All-Stars back to back with no breaks at full volume and take a shot for every:
-Predictable Elimination
-OOC Moment
-Bad Writing Choice
-Missed Opportunity
-Animation Error
-Unfunny Joke
-Unanswered Question
By the end of it all, you'll either be dead, wanting to be dead, contemplating suicide, regretting your life choices, depressed, or so drunk to the point where you actually consider All-Stars a good season.

Also, your bladder will feel like hell if you haven't been pissing yourself or if you're already dead.

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2 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Someone seriously said this was the best season? what?

I get that the writers wanted to shake things up with new characters but telling us exactly how to feel about each of them in the first five minutes without having any character development was a horrible decision. It would've been better if it wasn't so short and actually gave us some insight into these characters' stories.

You Only Hated This Season Because Of The New Characters, I Personally Like This Season. I Think The Worst Season Is PAHKITEW ISLAND! - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

This season had the best cast! Why is this even on this list? Revenge of the island was the best season, and the best thing to happen to total drama! Thank you Tom McGillis for giving us this season! I watched it obsessively.

This was the best season not second to worst.

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3 Total Drama Pahkitew Island

This season deserves to be with All Stars, it's horrible! - Gehenna

This season was actually the best! I loved this new cast, they all became instant fan favorites. Sorry you haters, but you watch this show and then complain about it. If you really hated it so much, you wouldn't be watching it. This was actually one of the most popular seasons, and I hope to see each and everyone of these amazing well written characters on future seasons. The ones complaining, you know you are going to watch a new season if it has these characters in it, so stop complaining so much and be grateful to the awesome Tom Mcgillis for giving us a brand new cast of characters to love, and I hope he continues to give us more amazing, awesome new characters with distinct personalities to add to the Total Drama family!

This was boring. I only pike 5 characters:Jasmine,Sammy (I refuse to call her Samey)Sky, Shawn, and Scarlett(until Scarlett fever). I also kinda liked Ella.My least favorites were Sour(Only because Sugar is so Sour and Amy

Total Drama started going downhill after world tour when they got a brand new stupid cast. I hated the new cast. I still watched Revenge of the Island and All Stars, but I never watched Pahkitew island after seeing that the new characters all looked chubby, ugly, and stupid. I miss the original cast.

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4 Total Drama Action

I hate this season. It ruined total drama

The season dragged on. Too many reward challenges, and the final five was the worst final five ever... I'm not a fan of Owen, Beth, and Harold.

It was still good, but not as good as the others.

Not exactly the most memorable of seasons

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5 Total Drama World Tour

It was so obvious they weren't going to have a fan favorite win during the season.

HOW CAN you people NOT LIKE THIS SEASON It's THE BEST ONE! Their is singing, going all around the world, cool challenges, and 2 new characters, Sierra and ALEJANDRO! He's amazing! How can you not like this season? It was SUPPOSED to be different from TDI

I feel like the people were all backstabbers, liars, users and cheaters in this season. This season made me lose respect for a decent amount of my favorite characters, for how they were portrayed.

THIS WAS AN AMAZING SEASON! For some weird reason I voted it just to say that the comment that said "Raise your hand if you tolerated this season's songs, let alone liked it. Nobody? Good." Guess what? Almost everybody else loves it so why did you put nobody? a lot OF PEOPLE LOVED NOT EVERYONE CAN AGREE WITH YOU

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6 Total Drama Island

The original always wins people! - Gehenna

Honestly, the teams on total drama meaning Screaming Gophers and Killer bass were more Likeable than the other teams on the other total drama teams other than besides Team Amazon, Team Chris is really really Hot because they are also another likeable teams as well

It's a decent season, BUT JUST BECAUSE It's THE ORIGINAL doesn't MAKE THE SEASON AWESOME AUTOMATICALLY! You need to make sense if you only like season 1 because it's the first season. OK? Be smart!

This season was boring.

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7 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

I feel like this season was rushed, we didn't get to know the characters as well as we did in previous seasons, and I feel like they didn't spend enough time on the couples/relationships. Most of the couples weren't intimate enough. This season lacked romance, I think that was the biggest let down. Not enough heartfelt/sweet moments for the couples.

I would have liked to see more interaction between the contestants, and more flirting, but besides that I can't complain. This season just needed a little more too it.

Total Drama The Ridiculous Race was awesome! (Except I didn't watch every episode) but I enjoyed it

The most boring season of total drama ever. 😵

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8 Total Dramarama

This is my favrote season ever cause there's there's no word about it oh wait awesome


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