Top Ten Worst Total Drama World Tour Songs


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1 Lovin' Time

This deserves to be number 1! Heck,who the hell thought of this! This is the only one I loathe.And by the way,how the hell is gypsy rap bad?

Ok first why they put song in this series on ply T.V. Y shows do this and what chirsten potenza

2 Gypsy Rap

I like rap but its too short and its bad

The only song I loathe from the series. - Turkeyasylum

sad face

First part= good
second part=ruin first part

3 Eine Klein
4 Shearing Sheep

Sierra IS a cute crazy fan girl!

My favorite song! It's so catchy! Plus, I love all of their hats and Sierra was so adorable acting like a crazy fangirl

5 Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley

I laughed my butt off all night after this song came on

I'm sorry but this is hilarious and amazing - Froglamb

I actually really like this song as Blanely is one of the worst characters ever


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6 Come Fly with Us

You're the only person I know who doesn't like this song... - DapperPickle

It sounds like it's from LITTLE EINSTIENS!

7 What's not to Love
8 Rowin' Time

How is Eine Klein bad

9 Strip Them down

Because this is 4kidz now! - DapperPickle

You know, for kids

I like this song

You know, FOR KIDS! :D

10 Save this Show

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11 Menmen Chi

It's called a Chinese Lesson.

Is this even considered music?!

Is this even legel in some places?!

This is to TDWT songs what a Fiat is to cars. - Puga

12 Baby

The Justin Bieber version was bad enough, but this is even worse. - Gehenna

This song really does not mean anything to me. 😶

13 Blainerific

When I really think about it, this song is a perfect fit for Blaineley. The two of them are alike- annoying, obnoxious, anger-inducing and overall pointless.

This song is so annoying

14 I'm Sorry
15 Versus
16 Before We Die
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