Top 10 Worst Tourist Nationalities

This is a list about travelers (by nationality) which have the worst behaviour while visiting other countries.

That doesn't mean all those people are bad, it just means that some of these travellers give their whole countrymen a bad name. And often the culture is just different, so people don't know they behave naughty.

The Top Ten

1 The Chinese The Chinese

One tourist photobombed my picture and did not even apologize. I find that downright rude. How would someone like that if I did the same thing back? Advice (and this applies to everyone): Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Disgusting people.

I have seen it all: Chinese tourists screaming over maps at Macy's at the King of Prussia Mall. I went to Canada once and I saw a Chinese couple changing their toddler's diaper in the middle of the mall. I saw a video on Youtube where they were fighting over and hoarding shrimp at a buffet.

Heck, I'm Chinese myself and my family's 1000% more civilized than they are!

Everybody knows why~
Chinese people aren't considerate. I can see them smoking in non smoking areas. They throw trash everywhere. The most terrible thing is they spit on the street. When I was in Hong Kong I saw Chinese kids peed in the middle of street. All people around watched them, but they didn't care. They should be changed as soon as possible!

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2 The Americans The Americans

Stupid and fat lol

I'm filpino, and I really don't like being half American honestly..

American tourists talk so LOUDLY and older American female tourists wear a lot of jewelry even if it's only bling. A lovely, older American couple I know told me they're not traveling anymore because American tourists are hated, which is very sad.

They don't want to learn new things, be in contact with new cultures. Just keep consuming their food and way of life in other places.

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3 The Russians The Russians

They are unpolite, without education, speak bad and they think it is normal if you pay!

Drunk and racists

Very rude and arrogant

One of them nearly ruined my holiday. How retarded is it to leave your clothes in a changing booth on a beach only to come back later and break in without any sense of respect for the person currently changing (I.e. me)?!

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4 The British The British

The British aren't bad really. They just have a bad drinking culture like the rest of Northern Europe, but obviously, the UK being the most populated nation in Northern Europe means that is exposed more to the world. When you're drunk you don't know what you're doing and do silly things.

The British are bad tourists in only certain areas, and are polite when they are not drinking. I've seen worse from Germans who don't have the excuse of alcohol consummation. - tigerbw

British will not shut their mouth until they get what they want! They treating hotel staff like a slave and they are complimentary seekers.

Why do they always have to get naked when drunk?

They behave like they are privileged and have no eating or drinking culture.

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5 The Indians The Indians

Vile racist people

Horrible, uneducated, racists, think they own the place. Terrible culture. - tigerbw

Indians have no culture. No education. They are arrogant, racist, demanding, and they let their kids poo on streets. Very uncivilised nation. - Florence23

Terrible people even kicking me out of my seat in the tour bus!

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6 The Germans The Germans

Loud, rude, lack of respect or manners. Always getting drunk, not learning our language, laughing at us for not speaking German. Very poorly behaved, always drinking and eating with their mouths full. German girls pray on you and get drunk to they literally can't walk. German men get so drunk they piss on war memorials and trash hotels/local customs. So disgustingly behaved!

The Germans should be higher. They are so rude, uneducated, violent, and think they own whatever country they travel to. They live in Spain and make NO effort to speak Spanish or get into Spanish life then have the cheek to complain that foreigners are taking their jobs. - tigerbw

Met 2 German girls in Magaluf. They were dressed appalling and had a terrible trashy accent coming onto you like there's no tomorrow. They got so drunk they couldn't even walk and laughed at anyone who wasn't speaking German. I've met several rude, disgusting, racist, and abusive Germans like this. No respect.

German tourists are the world's worst. We just don't hear about it because their bad ones are reported in Germany not worldwide. Germans are drunk all the time and go to Spanish islands to simply get pissed and smash the place up. They do this in a lot of Eastern European nations too. Even the older ones are little educated and in-polite, and have the classic ''we are better than you and we why are there so much foreigners here'' attitude! - Florence23

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7 The French The French

Inpolite, little mannered, uneducated. They do not respect local customs. - Florence23

Was on a bus this morning where a group of french women teens were insulting and threatening a local irish girl because she did open a window. The adult acompagnying them did not say a word...

8 The Italians The Italians

Completely rude, no manners, and uneducated. - tigerbw

They are rude, loud, obnoxious and just very arrogant in general. They bump into you and don't apologize. They expect everyone to speak Italian regardless of where they are and get very condescending when someone doesn't speak Italian. You are in another country for Christ's sake. If you can't speak English stay in Italy.

The Italians are the worst people of the world. It is not by chance that in may public places, in the past there was a panel saying "Entrance forbidden to DOGS and ITALIANS". Italians are ignorant, they do not speak any language and expect that in every Country in the worldpeople speaks Italian to please them. Italians are rude. they are extremely loud, shout at you, harrass women in the most rude and explicit way, they drink and destroy everything around them... when italians arrive in one touristic place, the holiday is finished for every other nationality.
Italians should be the number 1 in this list.

Top 10 Worst Tourist Nationalities: The Italians
Noisy, blockhead, men look like bitches, bigot

9 The Israelis

Rude and Loud!

Racists and supremacists

the worse

I work in the travel industry and over the years have done an informal survey of travel guides in more than ten countries re which tourists are the most difficult. Unbelievably, the answer is ALWAYS the same country: the Israelis! I wonder if this is ever discussed in the Israeli press.

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10 The Saudis The Saudis

The Contenders

11 The Turkish The Turkish

Beautiful country, worst people in the history of planet. I don't have to say anything, just open a history book.

12 The Poles The Poles
13 The Spanish The Spanish

Often claim other nations are bad tourists but are incredibly uneducated and violent themselves. - tigerbw

LOUDIEST TOURISTS EVER. Fat, rudely behaved and don't respect local cultures. - Jok3232

Certainly, while I am a good tourist, some aren't. The problem is that this is one of the loudest countries and we go to bed at 11, 12 or even 1 o'clock. This is also a country that loves to party. - Martinglez

Very badly behaved. Very poorly educated and they often place their social class horrors on other nations. The girls dress very slutty and have no manners or decency. They laugh at you for not speaking their language ABROAD. - Florence23

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14 The Iranians

We iranians have this really bad habit of leaving piles of our trashes behind, wherever we go. We can't speak english well, and have to use those stupid body movements to make others understan us! We talk loud, we stare at others in streets and our men only travel to have sex with prostitutes of other countries...we are the worst tourists of all time

15 The Indonesians

They love to taking selfie everywhere, even in front of cemetery :(

Taking selfie everywhere is true. It is ashamed. Many of these tourists have the journey only in once or twice a year. Or some have the trips once in some years...that's why..But they are not rude. - niaga

16 The Australians The Australians

Loud, rude when drunk. You will always know when an Australian is nearby because you'll hear them first ( can make this judgement as I am an Aussie myself, though nothing like my fellow aussie tourists). I was in Thailand and this young drunk Australian guy was insulting this poor Thai woman who owned a cafe, shouting at the at her and the customers saying that no one would come back to her cafe, because her food was terrible. I felt so bad for her!

I live in Bali.. and as a fellow Australian I see the worst of aussie tourists. Drunken, disrespectful of local culture, crass and ignorant. Being so close to Bali, we tend to get the small minded budget tourists, who think no rules or laws apply in Indonesia.

17 The Brazilians The Brazilians
18 The Argentines The Argentines
19 The Greeks
20 The Pakistanis

They treat others with no respect, they take everything for granted. Act likes princes.

No respect for woman, boys are so narcistic.

They cut queues and carry hand luggage that looks like hold luggage so all the cabin space is taken before you get to your seat.

21 The South Africans The South Africans
22 The Mexicans The Mexicans
23 The Hungarys

Epic adjective

24 The Egyptians

Very demanding high maintenance people, who think the world owes them a living. They confuse knowledge with hyper-talking.


25 The Irish
26 The Congolese The Congolese
27 The Tunesians
28 The Swedes
29 The South Koreans The South Koreans

I have met a lot of awesome South Koreans, but for another portion of those people, they don't follow rules and are annoying.

The Chinese are the worst (but not all of them). Koreans on the other hand are not even that loud compared to the chinese when they are in groups. Sure they are loud in groups but not as loud as the Chinese tourists (not all of them). - Jiaan

30 The Romanians
31 The Dutch

Dutch are drunks with no education. Horrible violent people. - tigerbw

32 The Moroccans The Moroccans
33 The Portuguese
34 The North Koreans

They have been insulting my country for years now (south korea), as I have constantly seen them cross the border, and when they do, all they do is say how bad we are, and how we don't worship there ugly big fat leader.

35 The Bosnians
36 The Serbians
37 The Ghanaians
38 The Scottish
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