Top 10 Worst Tourist Nationalities

This is a list about travelers (by nationality) which have the worst behaviour while visiting other countries.

That doesn't mean all those people are bad, it just means that some of these travellers give their whole countrymen a bad name. And often the culture is just different, so people don't know they behave naughty.

The Top Ten

1 The Chinese The Chinese

A lot of Chinese people are very selfish, obnoxious, rude, and loud. They only see themselves and think about themselves. They cut in line, they let their kids go potty in public, they chew with their mouths open, they scream and yell at each other from miles away, and just do not understand common sense. It is disgusting to see them act in that way in different countries and they need to be taught that how they act in their own countries doesn't apply anywhere else. I feel bad for the children whose parents don't teach them that because in the future half the world is going to hate China for how they behave in other countries. It's also an embarrassment to the well educated and polite Chinese people around the globe.

Be it on a plane, at the airport, at a resort, a mall or a restaurant, Chinese people are just obnoxiously loud and rude. They don't care if they invade your personal space. Almost all I've encountered don't bother excusing themselves or apologizing if they bump you. They act like they're the only people in the room. So annoying especially when you're stuck in a row with them on the plane.

I have few Chinese friends who actually hate when they see other Chinese tourist group, like those are in group are so brash, they never said like excuse me or sorry. My friend was a nice one, her English wasn't very good but she's always says grateful thing and don't mind to say sorry when she's wrong. She said those people need to calm down.

Chinese tourists are rude to other countries’ cultures. Because How selfish they are. when you meet a chinese tourist. They might like other countries’ food but they always say that chinese food is better. Which is not true. Italian, mexican, japanese, indian, french, american and Greek foods and more is better than chinese. And no I do not hate chinese food. I actually love their food! But they do not have the best food in the world. And still if they judge by something that they mean is Worse than theirs. You still shouldn't do it. Its still disrespectful! I also watched a video of a thai woman being pushed many times by chinese tourists many times at an airport. And an other thing they do to other countries’ culture is that they are ruining special landmarks. They Even do it to their own special landmarks. Such as the Great wall of china. And all of you might think I'm lying but most of the people Who are visiting the wall are from their own country. Which is really stupid ...more

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2 The Americans The Americans

I have to agree despite being American myself. After all, a French officer in Courage the Cowardly Dog said, "stupid Americans". Wow. Truer words could have never been said by a background cartoon character to describe only the worst of American tourists! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I am an american but this is true we all think we all are so great and live in the best country.

3 The Russians The Russians

One of them nearly ruined my holiday. How retarded is it to leave your clothes in a changing booth on a beach only to come back later and break in without any sense of respect for the person currently changing (I.e. me)?!

They have no courtesy and I have almost been pushed out of the train by a Russian trying to get on at the same time as me, and no acknowledgement was made either

Some are very nice, but others are just drunken, impatient and start a fight with everyone... this is extremely annoying - Lemoon

4 The British The British

Hmm...I'm ashamed to say the Brits should be higher! Sometimes we behave appallingly (excluding myself of course) They seem to think that people abroad are the foreigners in their own country! Honestly...what a picture they paint of other decent, respectful Brits. Tsk! - Britgirl

In Greece we start having jokes about drunk British tourists.

Gah! ; just realised! This is NOT the true Union Flag! This is so disrespectful! - Britgirl

5 The Indians The Indians

I usually tolerate tourists, most of the time. However, India, please, control yourself and your children!

Don't respect personal space and don't watch their kids

Weathly Indian tourists expect people to treat them like kings.

Why do people stand in a line? That is for everyoe else except me, many travelling Indians seem to think.

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6 The Germans The Germans

Acting superior to those in Crete and Spain while on holiday is gringeworthy but spreading trash around the airport within arms reach of the trash bin is just plain rude! I was shocked by the actions I saw

7 The French The French

Was on a bus this morning where a group of french women teens were insulting and threatening a local irish girl because she did open a window. The adult acompagnying them did not say a word...

8 The Italians The Italians

Top 10 Worst Tourist Nationalities: The Italians
Noisy, blockhead, men look like bitches, bigot

9 The Israelis

I work in the travel industry and over the years have done an informal survey of travel guides in more than ten countries re which tourists are the most difficult. Unbelievably, the answer is ALWAYS the same country: the Israelis! I wonder if this is ever discussed in the Israeli press.

Rude and always with a total disrespect for the local people. I witnessed two episode where groups of Israelis became violent. Once against a.fellow traveller defending a girl they were harassing and another time against an old man whose fridge they had just raided and he dared tell them off (it was his local bar). Not to forget in a hostel in Colombia 3 Israelis stole the food of the lady owner who was taking 3 young kids on a trip away. They had to cancel the trip. They threw rubbish everywhere.
In Nepal my hiking guide told me mountain lodges preferred to pretend to be full rather than taking them. It's not worth the absolute unpleasantness, and possibility of being robbed.
When working in the travel industry we had to pay more money to house Israeli groups in hotels. Because of stealing, rudeness (staff would call in sick), complaints from other guests etc.

rude rude

10 The Turkish The Turkish

The Newcomers

? The Swedes

The Contenders

11 The Spanish The Spanish

Certainly, while I am a good tourist, some aren't. The problem is that this is one of the loudest countries and we go to bed at 11, 12 or even 1 o'clock. This is also a country that loves to party. - Martinglez

Loud, unrespectfull... their concept of tourism is to go abroad comparing everything with Spain.
Their have an incrediblle lack of open mind about different things, different ways of living. Extremely self-centered. A kind of "me,me,me..."
They don't hesitate in making fun of everything they see.

12 The Iranians
13 The Australians The Australians

I live in Bali.. and as a fellow Australian I see the worst of aussie tourists. Drunken, disrespectful of local culture, crass and ignorant. Being so close to Bali, we tend to get the small minded budget tourists, who think no rules or laws apply in Indonesia.

14 The Indonesians
15 The Saudis The Saudis
16 The Poles The Poles
17 The South Africans The South Africans
18 The Pakistanis

They cut queues and carry hand luggage that looks like hold luggage so all the cabin space is taken before you get to your seat.

19 The Greeks
20 The Brazilians The Brazilians
21 The Argentines The Argentines
22 The Congolese The Congolese
23 The Moroccans The Moroccans
24 The Egyptians


25 The South Koreans The South Koreans

I have met a lot of awesome South Koreans, but for another portion of those people, they don't follow rules and are annoying.

The Chinese are the worst (but not all of them). Koreans on the other hand are not even that loud compared to the chinese when they are in groups. Sure they are loud in groups but not as loud as the Chinese tourists (not all of them). - Jiaan

26 The Mexicans The Mexicans
27 The Portuguese
28 The Romanians
29 The Hungarys
30 The Bosnians
31 The Tunesians
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