Worst Toy Story Movies

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1 Toy Story 2

Why is this on the list? I thought it was actually a great movie from my childhood

It has 100% on rotten tomatoes this shouldn't be here why does this list exist - VideoGamefan5

Its not that it's a bad movie, its just that the others are better

What a crappy movie. Jessie was the worst.

2 Toy Story
3 Toy Story 3

This is the only toy story movie I don't like, it's not bad but it just fails to be what it wants, and has a terrible balance of being a movie about growing up and a prison escape.

Hate Barbie and Ken. - CN121

This one had no meaning to it at all. - brookeloveslotr

This should be at first. It's so scary and crappy

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4 The Story Time Forgot

I don't think it's bad, but it's a bit forgettable - darthvadern

5 The Halloween Special

Hello, Halloween special should be #1

6 Partysaurus Rex
7 Hawaiian Vacation

Toy Story 2 is really underrated. - RalphBob

8 Small Fry
9 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins
10 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4
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