Top Ten Worst Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Cars

Toyota is the worst car company ever. Lexus and Scion are unfortunately its subsidiaries. This list is meant for the worst cars from Toyota AND its subsidiaries.

The Top Ten

1 Toyota Corolla

Our first one wasn't safe. We wrecked and I got injured.our second one caught fire

2 Toyota Prius
3 Scion iQ
4 Lexus CT 200h
5 Toyota Yaris
6 Scion xB

Excluding the from bumper, it's a CUBE! MORE CUBICAL THAN A NISSAN CUBE! - SelfDestruct

The Cube was first released in Japan and that was even before the xb was released. - SelfDestruct

7 Lexus IS300
8 Toyota Aygo
9 Toyota AE86

It's an ugly car. - SelfDestruct

10 Toyota Camry

This list =pack of lies. Toyota is very reliable.(Sorry)

The interior feels like it was designed by Rubbermaid.

The Contenders

11 Lexus RX 350
12 Toyota Murai

Unsightly hydrogen powered car, waste of time, money, energy, and electricity. There is only 13 hydrogen power stations in the world and they're all in fu--ing California.

13 Lexus SC430

Not a bad car per se, but was an underwhelming car, made by a manufacturer with all the capability to build a good one. - MrVixen

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