Worst Train Companies In the UK

Voting for the worst train company in the United Kingdom.

The Top Ten

1 South West Trains

South West Trains are absolutely terrible. Having to commute with them every morning, I am in the face of all the issues. With the dreaded 'middle of three' seats, South West Trains is the UK's number one TOC for an unpleasant, expensive journey to London Waterloo, with a 2 hour delay and missing your stop to make up time. - SamBook

Awful service constant delays, lack of information from staff and I have been left stranded late at night on various occasions due to their engineering changes

2 First Great Western

First Great Western is well known for it's cramped, busy trains into London Paddington with standing room only, known to the commuters as 'Cattle Section' which is where the only place is to stand, between the joints of the carriages. - SamBook

3 Northern Rail

Northern Rail is well known for it's poor quality stations and fleet. Although punctuality is good for them, they need improvement on staff and fleet. - SamBook

4 CrossCountry

CrossCountry is well know for its silly delays, for example, I was at Manchester and heard an announcement that the train was delayed due to disruptive passengers, and it was a 5 hour delay. Although the fleet is good, the operating needs the most improvement. - SamBook

Four very crowded coaches all the way from Bristol to Birmingham Stench coming from toilet all for an extortionste fare

5 Heathrow Connect
6 Great Northern & Thameslink
7 London Midland
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