Top Ten Worst Traits Most Teenagers Have

These are personality traits I can't stand that lives inside most teenage girls/boys

The Top Ten

1 Arrogance

I hate arrogant people, they think they are the only living things and like to act like the entire world revolves around the.. - ToptenPizza

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2 Hypocrisy
3 Annoying

Basically every teenage girl and some boys - ToptenPizza

4 Selfish

Soon, you realize people are too busy worrying about themselves to give a crap about you. It puts things in perspective for me. - keycha1n

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5 Materialistic V 1 Comment
6 Idiocy

Idiotic parents give birth to idiotic teenagers... Stop being so rude. We aren't all that bad :'(

Y.. Yeah, I'm an idiot but you'll notice that teachers think that boys are more idiotic than girls which some boys take it as a compliment proving their idiocy! - Animefan12

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7 Racist

I notice a lot of teenagers say racist or sexist or nasty stuff against a certain group - ToptenPizza

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8 Phone Addiction

Can't go 5 seconds without an apple, right? - ToptenPizza

9 Isolated

Why do they feel isolated? Because they isolate themselves purposefully, over minor irritations which they express as if they were life-changing tragedies. Grow up, people. - PositronWildhawk

Except their little elite secret society - ToptenPizza

10 Bully

The Contenders

11 Ignorance
12 Bad Attitude
13 Lazy
14 Perversion
15 Dramatic
16 Disrespectful
17 Indecency
18 Sexist
19 Disingenuousness
20 Grouchiness
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