Worst Transformers Video Games

Transformers Have A Lot Of Good Games, Espically The Autobot Decepticons Ones, But Some Of Them Kinda Sucked!.....

The Top Ten

1 The Transformers (1985)

A Game that literally no one played because it was on a commodore - VideoGamefan5

2 Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Stealth Force Edition

The best thing about Transformers are the robots and the fact they transform. So why the hell did Hasbro take this away? - Ultron123

Extremely rushed and poorly made game, while the Xbox 360 and Ps3 versions were ok, the Wii and 3ds verisons ports felt incredibly dull and broken - VideoGamefan5

3 Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark

Look, I played it. It was good. It's not as bad as other people say it is. - Ultron123

The pretty bad game based on the panned(ish) movie, (Age Of Extinction But somehow the creators gave it a different name for some reason), this game had many problems as it felt really flat - VideoGamefan5

4 Beast Wars: Transformers

This game was so weak - VideoGamefan5

5 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Autobots

Its not as bad as the 3ds and Wii verisons but still pretty bad - VideoGamefan5

6 Transformers: Dark of the Moon  Decepticons

I was going to put only one of them but because I need 10 items, I put them both - VideoGamefan5

7 Transformers: Cybertron Adventures

Unlike the good 360 and PS3 verisons, this game was just a rail shooter - VideoGamefan5

8 Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals

A very flawed game for the n64 and ps1 - VideoGamefan5

9 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

DS Versions good, The PS3 and xbox 360 verisons were fine, but the others were painfully forgettable - VideoGamefan5

10 Transformers the Game

Extremely mediocre game, the autobot and decepticon DS verisons were good though - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11 The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy

Nobody wants to play this. According to AVGN

This was a game realesed in Japan and its imfamous for how hard it is - christangrant

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1. The Transformers (1985)
2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Stealth Force Edition
3. Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark


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