Worst Trial Captains in Pokemon Sun and Moon


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1 Ilima Ilima

Boring. This guy is more bland than a piece of bread. His trial was OK, I guess but he's so boring. Also, I thought he was female at first. Just wanted to add that. - EspioTheChameleon

2 Mina

I like her arty style and personality, but her trial consists of you walking! Thrilling. Just thrilling. - EspioTheChameleon

3 Sophocles Sophocles

Yeah, it's cool that he still technologically savvy and runs the Festival Plaza, but the way he became the Trial Captain bothers me. His cousin (I think? ) gave it to him. Can you say "Nepotism? " - EspioTheChameleon

4 Kiawe Kiawe

Yeah, he's kinda of overeccentric, but I don't know, I kinda like that. Pretty underrated in my opinion. - EspioTheChameleon

5 Lana

Besides the fact that she tricks you by saying there's a Kyogre in her river, she's a really, really good character. Her trial was fun and so is her character. - EspioTheChameleon

6 Mallow Mallow

As a huge grass type fan, Mallow was going to be high for up here. Also the hidden Mario RPG reference is awesome. - EspioTheChameleon

7 Acerola Acerola

This is where I can't find anymore flaws. Acerola is a perfect Ghost-type specialist done right: Creepy, but not so creepy it turns people off. I tip my hat off to you Nintendo. - EspioTheChameleon

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