Worst Trinity Watt Episodes

Trinity Watt is a T.V. show where this 16-year old boy called James McGovern goes through a series of adventures in Trinity School with characters from other shows. But what are his biggest blunders from the show's two seasons thus far?

The Top Ten

1 Love Your Teacher (Season 2)
2 James' Day Off (Season 2)
3 The So Called 'Date' (Season 1)
4 Anti-Series 6 (Season 1)
5 The Grenade Choir (Season 1)
6 Neb the Rubber (Season 2)
7 Girlfriend or no Girlfriend (Season 2)
8 The Clash of the Rainbow Warrior (Season 1)
9 Bowser's Kingdom (Season 1)
10 Pepper Clark (Season 1)

The Contenders

11 Romeo McGovern (Season 2)

There are TONS of awkward moments with James and Neb in this episode. Not to mention that sad ending.

12 Science Pals (Season 2)

This 'episode' contained no good jokes and the worst ending in Trinity Watt history! These writers should learn how to write, or don't write at all!

This 'episode' had no good joke, (In fact, I don't think there were any jokes at all in this episode. ) a generic plotline and the worst ending in Trinity Watt history! These 'writers' can either learn how to write or DON'T WRITE AT ALL!

13 The Crystallised Trinity (Season 1)
14 Truth or Care (Season 1)

The entire episode is mainly Mozart and Pinkie arguing. And Twilight doing nothing about it! Horrible.

15 Don't Go Into the Church Please! (Season 1)
16 Patrick's Revenge (Season 1)

Why, James? Why do you want to threaten Spongebob and Patrick to die? Just, why?

17 Monkey Busters (Season 2)

It's just a blatant rip-off of Monkey Puzzle if you think about it.

18 Welcome to Year 11, James! (Season 1)
19 James Power Friends (Season 1)

James and Salvo are annoying as hell.

20 Who Knows? (Season 1)
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