Worst Trinity Watt Episodes

Trinity Watt is a T.V. show where this 16-year old boy called James McGovern goes through a series of adventures in Trinity School with characters from other shows. But what are his biggest blunders from the show's two seasons thus far?

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21 Trinity Busters (Season 1)

The bullying premise of this episode is handled poorly.

22 Black Girl hunting (Season 1)
23 James' Robots (Season 1)

Every single joke falls flat. Just like 'Don't Go Into the Church, Please! ' when you think about it.

24 James and Gabriella (Season 1)

This episode Is creepy. I mean, doesn't the way Gabriella glomp James just freak you out?

25 James and Trixie (Season 1)

Trixie is an annoying character. Enough said.

26 Meet Darknut (Season 1)

This episode is teeming with flanderisation and makes James seem like a murderer.

27 Lesson Forty (Season 2)

This episode was terrible.

28 Darknut Day (Season 2)

There is just a ton of filler about Darknut doing nothing.

29 The End of Term of Doom (Season 2)

That anti-climax with Dr. Eggman is just stupid.

30 Clung Ho! (Season 1)

It's just about James cleaning a bell! Nothing exciting or important.

31 Shuffle Man (Season 1)
32 Double Jamesboom (Season 2)

Do not overhype your product or you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

33 Day of the Barney (Season 1)
34 Darknut's Army (Season 2)
35 Trinity Time (Season 1)

The plot is predictable and James is debatably out of character.

36 Fall Weather Piggies (Season 1)

This episode is boring!

37 Pepper Clark II (Season 2)
38 Sudden Darkness of Doom (Season 2)
39 Mayo Quest (Season 2)

Not only is it boring, but the plot makes no sense whatsoever.

40 Trench Fillies (Season 2)
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