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41 Redhead Alert II (Season 2)

It's just about James wanting to die his hair red! That's a stupid idea for an episode!

The concept is uninspired. James just wants to die his hair red. That's it.

42 Pedo Phobia (Season 2)

Come on guys! Neb is extremely unlikeable in this episode, kidnapping Taylor and Gabriella like that!

43 Wingstruck (Season 2)

Spoiler humour does not belong in Trinity Watt.

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44 Female Fox Season (Season 1)
45 The Quest for Flatford Mill (Season 1)

The James and Naomi subplot is TERRIBLE.

46 The Geography Episode (Season 2)

There is basically no plot whatsoever.

47 The Dirtiest Gem (Season 2)

Rarity is so mean in this episode.

48 A Tank Sized Sleepover (Season 2)

What bugs me is the premise. It's a SLEEPOVER! And that is stupid.

49 Autumn Job (Season 1)
50 Genie Ghost (Season 1)
51 Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom (Season 1)
52 Gangman Style City (Season 2)

James gets abused for absolutely no reason.

53 Dear Pesky Plumbers (Season 2)

James is so stupid at the end! He is like a dummy! Worst episode so far!

54 Dragon Mist (Season 1)
55 Spongebob's House (Season 1)
56 Plankton! (Season 2)
57 It's From the PPG! (Season 1)

The Powerpuff Girls are not like their show counterparts in this episode.

58 Lazy Cats (Season 2)
59 James' Quest (Season 1)
60 Professor Bowser (Season 2)
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