Worst TV Advertisements In India of 2013

Worst ad's that you have seen on Indian TV this year i.e. 2013.

The Top Ten

1 "Crazy Feet" - Vodafone

Probably the worst ad of the millennium. Enough said. - jimmy12lee

2 Obese and mental teenagers - Nokia Lumia

A strong contender for the top spot. I cannot believe that someone actually thought this ad would be appealing. - jimmy12lee

3 "Sirf Dekhne ka nahi" - IPL Season 6

Oh my God, Farah Khan should just go away and never come back. - jimmy12lee

4 "Malkham Rock" - Nokia 206

The song is good, The video is good, but the ad does nothing for me. - jimmy12lee

5 Sehwag hits a six in gully cricket - JK Lakshmi Super Cement

This ad is lucky to have even made it on the air. What does Sehwag hitting a six have to do with that old man's remark? - jimmy12lee

6 "Toofan sabke andar hai" - Thumbs Up
7 "Bachaiye aag se" - Havells wires

The previous one was sweet, but this one where the kid puts the flag on a wire just stresses too much on the pun of the word "aag" - jimmy12lee

8 Playing basketball inside a lab - USHA Fans

Why Indian scientists would do such stupid thing? I mean, WHY?!

9 "What will Aamir do next" - Godrej Products
10 "Sweet and Salty" - Krack Jack

Another terrible ad. Unfortunately it will be around throughout the IPL season. - jimmy

The Contenders

11 Free Stickers - Stop Not Chips
12 "Bom Chika Wah Wah" - AXE Deo
13 Bewajah khushiyan lutao - Coca Cola with SOTY cast

I just look at those three kids and, sigh, loose hope in India & overall humanity..

14 Tetra Pak "100% Fine" ad.

Moms dancing dressed as a cow? Sends a bad message.

15 TV Setup Box Advert - Videocon

Abishek bachan?.. Picture pollution?. You know the adverts content is retarded when abishek bachan is in it. Sorry abishek

16 Air Tel Money Transfer
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