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21 4kids

Thank god this Saturday morning anime trash is gone for good. Good thing is, they replaced it with Vortexx and they got better shows than those stupid shows including Dinosaur King and Kirby.

The only reason I hate 4kids is because of Tecna's voice on the Winx Club. It sounds like a rip-off of Luna from Sailor Moon--plus it makes her sound like she's a grandmother reading a story to her grandchildren, not a magical fairy that fights evil. I was going to watch the 4kids version because I'm watching the RAI one right now (whatever that means, and by the way, I'm watching from a YouTube channel called "WinxClubEnglish", just so you know.) The point is, 4kids was great, but I just hold something against Tecna's voice.

I hate this channel. The only good show here is only the original Winx Club dub. Sonic X is the worst show. Sonic Boom is tons better - MLPFan

They censor words in Sonic X, don't know why, and they also cut scene s that are sad because it would be a Terrorist attack If a kid cried. - MinecraftHater

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22 PBS

Do you mean pbs kids or pbs? If you mean PBS kids, guess what? They have awesome shows like Arthur. Just because it has Barney, that doesn't mean that IT IS BAD!

PBS IS AWESOME! It's only pbs kids that can be bad.

Do you mean pbs kids

Learning is good

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23 E!

LOL, this junk appeared twice on the list. - Target


Independent? More like Imported!

Reruns of imported shows is pretty much all they show.

This channel used to be amazing. But then they axed Bernard's watch, Curious George, TMNT and (I was obsessed with the following show) Uncle Max.

These shows were good - but now we just have a trashy wannabe CN! And also, who wants to watch shows about a farting monkey and a TMNT ripoff with a weird name and crappy protagonists/antagonists?

Curious George and Dog and Duck may seem like "baby shows" but we liked them because they were cute, original and had good morals. Every thing on CITV now is the opposite.

I use to think CITV stood for children's ITV - which nowadays is true because the kids who watch this crap will LOVE TOWIE when they're older!

Rubbish channel, 75% of the shows on this channel are imported. If you want a good channel that shows this kind of stuff, check out CBBC, it's better than this and most of the shows are really good dramas for kids. Anyway back to how this sucks, CITV stands for Children's Independent Television, hmm, independent, I think not. This channel can only import to save it's life with shows that are just god awful. Can't wait for CN, Nick and Disney to sue their arses of the air. - ArpstaAmy333

They are frauds they copied Nick, Disney now who are they gonna copy

This channel is just a vacuum cleaner bag for imported and hackneyed cartoons. (HH, Fleabag MonkeyFace, Almost Naked Animals.) I like some modern cartoons on CITV.

These are some classic CITV Shows that are better than those overplayed,vulgar cartoons.

1. Thomas and Friends
2. Tugs
3.Lavender Castle
4.Mopatop's shop
5. Jim Henson's Construction Site
6. Art Attack
7. Dream Street
8. Wolves, Witches and Giants

If you don't like some of these modern cartoons, respect my rights of opinions.

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25 Disney XD Disney XD Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney improved by a decent amount since 2012 or 2013, now it's a decent channel once again, think of Lab Rats, reruns of The Suite Life on Deck, Mickey Mouse shorts, Doraemon and finally, Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb would have been on here if it didn't have the repetitive plot it always has, Disney is better. - nelsonerico6

Why did Jetix and Toon Disney had to do why? What is so good about this channel? They cancelled Naruto Shippuden and now they have crap like Lab Rats.

Took away Toon Disney and Jetix. Shows are dumb and the name is bad! No wonder this channel is horrible!

They started going downhill after they aired Pickle & Peanut, Right Now, Kapow (it looks like The Problem Solverz 2.0.), Numb Chucks, and Freaktown. I was crying when they cancels Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja! Now, I didn't watch my T.V. anymore! - ChatNoirFan18

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26 ION

This is one of the dumbest channels ever. All that's on during the morning is stupid paid programming and all that's on at night are marathons of crime dramas. Seriously, do we really need 10 episodes a night of Flashpoint?

Yes it is! I love me some Criminal minds but not episodes that play over and over and over again!

Boring local channel. Enough said.

Started as WNYC T.V. channel 31 as a new York City government Channel,then bisnet,then pax.the founder sold the network to NBC.

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27 Adult Swim

Adult Swim is awesome! It's called ADULT swim for a reason! Do you expect a channel with the word adult in it to be for kids? Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force are great! You might as well go watch Disney channel and nickelodeon if you don't like it! - Fireboy

This channel has disturbing and inappropriate shows. I wish it never existed!

But what is good is Adult Swim made Samurai Jack have good revival, not these like idiotic current CN shows - BorisRule

Very horrid Channel! It has shows that will make you puke!

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28 BET

This stupid dumbass channel does NOTHING but show the worst stereotypes of black people and what makes it even worst is that its owned white (fake Jewish) people.

White people took it over and replaced what was good about BET (Midnight Love, Hits From the Streets, Rap City, and yes Uncut) with water down garbage that they think black people might enjoy. Actually this is more of a movie channel for old black movies like Baby Boy, it's not Black Entertainment Television. MTV, VH1, and BET all need to go away because they are all trash now.

The worst of everything in Black America. Not all Black people talk in Ebonics and worship slain hip hop artist.

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29 PBS Kids PBS Kids PBS Kids is the brand for most of the children's programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States.

PBS Kids was, perhaps, the greatest block in television history, it had a HUGE variety of shows perfect for kids, with a few being bad, especially Barney and Friends, but it had do many good shows that kids can learn and be entertained at the same time, but then, the network decided to cancel many of the good shows and repeat the bad ones, yet they replaced some of the good shows with bad shows, They even made a horrible attempt at making a spinoff of the classic show Mister Rogers Neighborhood, after Fred Rogers died, One of it's new shows, Wild Kratts, is good, although it's predecessors are better, They cancelled Cyberchase, it's best though not popular animation, and Arthur used to be good, until it's original creator, Marc Brown, left and the new ones made it flash animated changed the characters' personalities, they should've kept Marc Brown, he must have been tired of his life, The only good shows on PBS Kids now are Wild Kratts and the number one show, Sesame Street, You were ...more

PBS Kids went downhill in 2013, when they got rid of PBS Kids Go!, they changed the mascots, and the premiere of Peg plus Cat. But it got better in 2015-2017, with new good shows. Also, they just released a 24/7 channel and have free live streaming. Even with crap like Splash and Bubbles, the channel is still amazing. Arthur, Sesame Street, Nature Cat, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, and Ready Jet Go are the best shows on the channel. - Cartoonfan202

I agree, but now Wild kratts is the only good show. Sesame Street went downhill when they introduced Elmo's world

Plus, Arthur was the best for people like me until 2012, now PBS KIDS just went to Downhill Hell, like Nickelodion. I mean it.

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30 Baby TV Baby TV BabyTV is a television channel for infants, toddlers, and parents, distributed worldwide by Fox International Channels and STAR India.

That butterfly will give you nightmares! - HondaCivic

Creepy butterfly = nightmare fuel. - Target

I suffered a year watching this channel with my brother.
Soon, my BABY brother is gonna make me suffer again.


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31 BabyFirstTV

SUPER annoying. - CoolKidsClub

What Is This, what IS THIS? This Is The Worst T.V. Channel Ever

Every Show They Air Is Stupid

Go And Blame Them

32 Hallmark

The Hallmark & The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Are The Worst Network On T.V.. Boring Movies And Shows. Your Networks Can Put Any Body To Sleep. Put On Better Movies & T.V. Shows.

I hate all their movies. They're all cheesy, sappy, sugary-sweet, lovey-dovey, boring, stupid, copy-and-paste garbage - Cartoonfan202

The Hallmark & Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Are Very Boring. The Movies You Show Are So Lame & Stupid. Put On Better Movies With Action & Drama. ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX Are Better Networks Them You Are.


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33 Oh! Oxygen

It's all stupid. They Play "Snapped", a murder show, all the time.

It sucks, all they play is Snapped almost every day... Which is so boring!

As dreadful as its owner.

34 TNT
35 A&E

After they cancelled "The Glades", I only watched "Longmire". After they cancelled that too, I programmed A&E out of my lineup.

This channel used to have really good programming but now just a lot of junk. Longmire was an exception.

I refuse to watch this channel because they canceled The Glades and Longmire.

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36 TV5

Because they don't air japanese animes anymore.

No Japanese anime at all. TV5 pays attention on Cartoon Network and Disney cartoons which shows several replays.

TV5 suck because they're change the demographics

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37 Cbeebies

Okay, let me get this straight, Cbeebies is by far, THE WORST, MOST ANNOYING, STUPID, EYE-GOUGING WRIST-SLITTING CHANNEL OF ALL TIME! It should be in the top 5 because it has boring and creepy shows, It used to have actually good shows like Teletubbies and Little Robots, but now it has eye-gouging and boring shows like Mike the Knight, Octonauts and other sore loser shows, Mike the Knight is boring as hell and just a hill of elephant excrement, And the worst part is, PEOPLE ACTUALLY WATCH IT! This channel is basically for 2 year olds who want you to have your head explode of all the stupidness and ancientness, The only good shows they have now is Alphablocks and The Lingo Show, the rest all have brighter colours than the Sun, more boring than History class and as creepy as Chocadoobie, For your safety, Stay as far away as possible from this sewage waste, Do not LET anyone watch it as it was diagnosed with evil, evilly stupid of course, I'm out...

Come on guys this channel is for like 2-6 year olds and I doubt anyone who voted for this is 2-6 I don't like the channel either but it wasn't aimed at me - Gamer4life

SHUT UP YOU JERKS cbeebies is a channel for kids. You ADULTS shouldn't be watching this at your age. I don't know who you are to judge a kids show so whoever put this on the list AND VOTED for shame

Only in the U.K you'll experience some thing this bad.

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38 Treehouse TV Treehouse TV

This channel used to be awesome when I was a kid and Big Comfy Couch and Blue's Clues were on. Now it just sucks.

I hate this channel it's more foul than garbage


39 CBBC CBBC CBBC is a BBC children's television strand aimed at children aged from 6 to 12. BBC programming aimed at under six year old children is broadcast on the CBeebies channel.

It used to be a great channel. But now it's brimming with god-awful comedy dramas and boring, generic school-oriented game shows.

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40 TBS

Worst original programming ever

Awful original programming.

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