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41 TBS

Worst original programming ever

Awful original programming.

42 Lifetime

Too much drama movies and shows to watch! All I see is a bunch of cry babies crying over a beer can or... Nevermind!

This channel is for housewives of single moms who watch this which is stupid; it's like Investigation Discovery, it's terrible.

Every day on this channel, I see either another one of their low-budget murder/romance movies or an episode of one of their many cheesy reality shows. Being a channel surfer, this has to be one of the most repetitive and boring channels that I've ever seen in my life. - Target

Their movies suck. - Cartoonfan202

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43 GMA News TV

Worst news channel ever

Only news T.V. that aired old movies and cooking shows

Bias Reporting, GMA News T.V. of Lies

This crap channel is on the list twice! - Target

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44 Cinemax
45 Animal Planet

Once upon a time, this was a channel that actually meant something. It was all about animals, with all sorts of awesome animal documentaries, and a neat logo. Now, the channel makes as much sense as history channel today. There is now a different logo, and it even says surprisingly human. What the heck?! As for the shows, none of them seem to focus on animals, only things like bounty hunters and building treehouses. What happened?!

Shows up there now suck... Mud loving rednecks? Tree houses and fish tanks? What happened..

Animal planet has gone from a nice educational channel to a vessel for history channel to show reruns of stupid shows like discovering aliens and the like. Finding bigfoot is so stupid its good though.

Needs to be higher. False advertising. You think it's going to be about animals like animal documentaries. No instead we get build tree houses,bouncer hunters,rednecks and fish tanks. What the hell? This completely ruins the point of ANIMAL planet. I expect better from AP. Never focuses on animals.

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CBS is like Disney Channel for adults.

47 CNN CNN The Cable News Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

Just as horrible and biased as Fox News. The only difference is that it's biased towards the opposite political wing. No facts, just false reporting to support their agenda.

Always breaking news this breaking news that. Kind of annoying.

Normally I would say Fox News is worse than CNN, but since they went after that guy that made the meme, CNN sucks. I now only rely on BBC news for my information. CNN, Fox news, etc. are horrible.

Selective news

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48 Discovery Channel

With a ton of their hired talent getting into all sorts of scandals and allegations of not vetting their hired talent, I'm surprised that this network isn't called out more for their deceptions.

Nature scenes are awesome

49 Showtime

They need to get a few shows off and continue airing The Right Connections. - playstationfan66

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50 MSNBC MSNBC MSNBC is an American basic cable and satellite television network that provides news coverage and political commentary from NBC News on current events. The network also carries a nightly 'opinion' programming block during prime time hours.

Too much opinionated news and liberal bias of the Democratic Party. Even confirmed by the president of MSNBC Phil Griffin. Also the worst rated of the three main cable news networks.

I occasionally watch it for laughs. I.miss the raging ass Melissa Harris-Perry. That woman had those braids too tight and said the most hilariously stupid things. Now they replaced her with the severely racist Joy Reed.

The liberal equivalent of Fox News, 'enough said.

Hate Speech all day every day

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51 TV2 Malaysia

TV2 Malaysia is a greedy.

TV2 Malaysia totally after break or before shows ends he will blinking the names of the programs.

Annoying the names of the program and still blinking the names of the programs till now, since the name of the programs was blinking mid-year 2013! Argh!

TV2 Malaysia it still blinking the names of the programs!
TV2 Malaysia was showed the cube ident before the show ends!
In 2013, TV2 Malaysia show the name of the programs to the right edge! TV2 Malaysia is a worst television channels in the world!

The channel only aired that are related to government only and that not all there is not enough programs for other race especially for Chinese and Indian

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I hate AMC, because I hate horror anything. They are some non-horror stuff as well, I like non-horror. AMC, stop with the horror crap. - ToyStoryYes_FoodfightNo

AMC rules, shouldn't be here

53 History Channel

Axe men, swamp people, swamp loggers even! Finding bigfoot or monster hunters... I don't think I need to say much more except that five or so years ago I could flip on the history channel to find a cool documentary or something neat like modern marvels. Now its more relevant to animal planet, and now animal planet is showing a lot of junk about domestic animals or animal cops. Its just all gone to crap, T.V. is almost like a cesspit stagnating peoples brains with bland repetitive programming. I hope the videogame industry doesn't start pumping us with crap too

Another good channel that has gone down the drain. It seems that a lot of good programming has been eliminated for content that appeals to the lowest common denominator.

There used to be good stuff on history channel, but nowadays it's like the only shows they have is either pawn stars or American pickers, or some annoying auction shows

This channel believes the only historical event that EVER HAPPENED was World War II.

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54 ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corparation)

This network actually has good shows.

They do good shows on ABC:/

Again, why on here.

I can't believe they did it like that the shows on the r :( that's y I never watch it again

55 Astro HITZ (Malaysia)

Apparently, this stupid channel is always air the "Outdated" music video and still not played some "Fresh" music video, like MTV.

ARRGGG! But anyway, this channel is totally rubbish!

56 Discovery Kids

Lame and Boring cartoons - VideoGamefan5

57 Xcess
58 Golf Channel

Good for sleeping. Nothing else

I hate Disney but golf. Really you just need a big stick and a small ball and a hole

But.. But my dad loves golf - Catacorn


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59 Penthouse TV
60 G4

G4 is not about video games any more. We should be seeing a countdown to new game releases, game trailers, and anything video game related. What is with the non-video game stuff?

The only shows I enjoy watching is Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior, but what's up with all the Cops rerun? I ain't interested in that crap!

G4 is officially dead people but really back then it really sucked all it had was COPS re-runs, some Campus police show similar to COPS, and two shows that are related to video games. But back in the early 2000's they had shows that were actually good like Icons, Starcade re-runs, and many more. I'm glad that this channel is dead!

I Have Charter And G4 Is On Channel 37 And The Channel Sucks God Damn It I Love Fox and others

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