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81 The Filipino Channel
82 QVC

No! I don't want to watch a channel full of advertisements! - Turkeyasylum

83 Noggin

Now it is here that human stupidity is displayed at its best. Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the Backyardigans are a clear explanation for the state of our country today. We have people like the directors for these shows voting! - everton96

I Have used my noggin today... What the heck does that actually mean?

Gets babies glued to the screen

This channel doesn't exist anymore. It's nick Jr.

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84 GBC

What is this doing here!?

Sadly, NBC has went from amazing to horrible.

During the Broadcast Of the 2017 Coke zero 400 Why isn't Danica Patrick on the NBC Accident List Meanwhile She DNF

NBC was best American T.V. channel! Why NBC is on here? - BorisRule

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86 Channel 4

Why is it here? It has Grand Designs, The Gadget Man and Car SOS!

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Espn is a good sports channel! It has sports highlight, sports center, sports shows and more!

Just a talk show about stupid things. Everyone just tries to be cute.

The comment on the bottom is nothing. everyone loves sports, right?

88 Food Network

It changed so much throughout the years - BrotherOfWolves001

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89 RTL

Basically a channel who exist because people like to make fun of people who are dumber/bigger than they are - PugsfromMoon

90 ABC
91 Al-Aqsa TV

Two Words: Tomorrow's Pioneers - PerfectImpulseX

92 FX

It is a great channel because of the show called "Louie"

93 TV WorldWide

All those channels around the world are broadcasting only crap! Are they making all of us dumb creatures?

94 E4

E4 these days is only good for The Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The rest of the time spent watching it is wasted. And it comes with the most pointless and often creepy advertising in between two halves of whatever you're watching. In short, E4 stinks. - PositronWildhawk

I'm sorry e4 but When you have an advert of a dog humping the channel's logo they you deserve a płace on tenis list

95 ABC Family

The majority of the time they play all these romance films, I mean not everyone wants to see some couple go to Paris or Italy and make out constantly,

Most of the crap they show on there isn't very family at all.

Now, THIS is LITERALLY the adult Disney, CBS is only kinda adult Disney. - Anonymousxcxc

Bring back ABC Family!

Abc family is'nt like that anymore.they
did a block called Familyfun day and
they would show Disney movies and
Animated movies like Despicable me!
and now,freeform has taken all that
away with their innaproppriate crap
and their live action garbage!

96 Babestation

Don't want my fella watching all those big bottoms bobbling about.

97 TV One
98 DSI by Inverleigh
99 Logo TV

Are you really pushing political agendas here, of all places? If you're going to be so opinionated, go to a political forum, for God's sake.

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100 IBC Channel 13

Still the Worst T.V. Station in Philippines because of lack of Program Strategies because the Government did not privatize because of the damn Economy

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