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21 Mini Moon - Sailor Moon
22 Peppa - Peppa Pig

Hi I'm Peppa Pig I wear diapers and everyone hates me, my dad got rid of me cause I wanted to kill George and I live in a shack

Annoying voice,annoying name,annoying friends,ANNOYING EVERYTHING!
Yep that's peppa pig in a nutshell.

23 Monica - Friends

She gets louder and more bossy and annoying as the seasons go on. Once her and Chandler got married, she became a horrible nightmare to watch. Her sea shell hair, her opening all the wedding gifts without Chandler, her constant loud talking...she is a complete turn off!

I don't understand why phoebe and rachel are ahead of her. She is the most annoying character in friends. All the other characters are amazing

Her possessiveness and bossiness is SO annoying. Friends would be so much better without her.

When people say to me:without monica on the show, it wouldn't of been that good. No, it would of been brilliant, she ruined everything. - PotBellyPup

24 Roger Baxter - Littlest Pet Shop
25 Pizza Steve - Uncle Grandpa Pizza Steve - Uncle Grandpa
26 Kenny McCormick - South Park Kenny McCormick - South Park Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is a main character in the animated adult television series South Park, along with his friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman.

Whoever put him here is a dickhead - mimimelon987

27 Robin - Teen Titans Go Robin - Teen Titans Go

This show is good

Stop hating this show is not even that bad

28 Miles - Home and Away
29 Iris - Pokemon Black & White

She's really annoying and in EVERY single episode ( so far) She judges ash on how he's a little kid and its getting very annoying! UGH >

30 Flapjack - The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Flapjack - The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
31 Clarence Wendell - Clarence
32 Finn Hudson - Glee

He is annoying because all he does is whine. I can't believe that Quinn (my favorite character) loved him on season 2. She deserved better. Finn is a baby.

33 Sam Puckett - iCarly Sam Puckett - iCarly

Sam Puckett is a bully, and her humor doesn't exactly redeem her either. She's downright cruel to everyone around her, using Freddie as a punching bag for no reason at all. She beats up anyone she doesn't like, she's an AWFUL friend, an AWFUL daughter, (despite her mother being awful as well) and she's a selfish, abusive, violent person. It's hard to laugh along with her, considering how realistically portrayed her bullying is.

I really wish Dan Schneider reveals the pictures of her and Melanie's past about the opposite identical twins' relationship with each other, their mother and father.

34 Lauren Lewis - Lost Girl
35 The Monkey - Green Screen Adventures
36 Harvey - Harvey Beaks
37 Finn - Adventure Time

Finn was okay in season 1 2 and 3. But by season 4 I was done with him. I think he ruined the whole show. He actually started to get annoying. Season 5 had me wishing he would just fall off a cliff. And by Season 6, every episode with him in or mentioned in it would make me turn off the T.V. and make me get in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

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38 Lily Aldrin - How I Met Your Mother

She is kind of annoying at times but I don't hate her. She is still funny sometimes, but she's probably the weakest of the 5 characters, considering how amazing and well written the show is.

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39 Lisa Simpson - The Simpsons Lisa Simpson - The Simpsons Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.

I hate lisa. I Hate Lisa. I HATE LISA.I. hATE. HER. SO. MUCH!


40 Wonder Red - Super Why
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