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81 Henry Danger Henry Danger Henry Danger is an American superhero sitcom television series airing on Nickelodeon. The series was created by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen. The series revolves around a 13-year-old boy who becomes the sidekick of a local superhero.

This show is the ultimate proof that Dan Schneider needs to retire. As if Sam & Cat wasn't proof enough of that fact!

Why I hate this show
1. It's a rip off to batman
2. The plot is lame
3. The characters are unfunny
4. The show isn't funny
5. The show was poorly done
6. Henry ruins the missions
7. It's overrated
8. It try's to be funny but it's not its instead stupid
9. Captain man us the only good character while the other characters suck!

Now you know how henry danger sucks and needs to get killed in hell!

Oliver is so ANNOYING. He's like buy a fruit bar! Okay. He makes me want to strangle him until he tunrs blue at the face. He' s a flat out retard and has no place in the show whatsoever. They should kill him AND Jasper off. I'd totally watch that episode.

Where do I begin with this? I actually used to somewhat like this show, but I have no idea what I was thinking back then. Here are some reasons why I absolutely despise this show:

1. All of the characters are unlikable. Henry is a jerk to everyone, Jasper is annoying, Rey is a jerk to Henry, Piper is the worst human being ever, and the list goes on.
2. The laugh track is WAAAY overused. I know that it is overused in a lot of sitcoms, but this show takes it too far. For one, it is used when nothing even remotely funny was said, but again, a lot of bad sitcoms do that. What other sitcoms don't do though, is use the laugh track in random, jarring moments of horror, torture, and characters treating each other awfully! Some scenes are seriously somewhat disturbing and the fake audience is acting like it is the funniest thing they have ever seen!
3. The "humor" isn't even the slightest bit funny, just completely immature and random. I can tolerate some random humor, but that is ...more

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82 Allen Gregory Allen Gregory Allen Gregory is an American animated television series that aired Sundays at 8:30 pm on Fox from October 30 to December 18, 2011. The series was created by Jonah Hill, Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul.

Probably the only reason this is so low is because barely anyone watched it. Jonah Hill voices a pretentious little piece of crap who tries to get it on with his 81yo principal, and he's seven!

No wonder this show didn't last long, it sucked butt.

This show only lasted 7 episodes 7 EPISODES! that's how bad it is

Why is he 7 yrs old? He sounds like a man and should hire a kid and make him talk just like what real little kids are supposed to sound like, not trying to be offensive to the actor of Allen Gregory here. - dsr32011

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83 Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is an American animated television series created by Peter Browngardt that debuted in 2011 on Cartoon Network. The show revolves around a fraternity of five monsters who unleash wild stunts upon the public from their eponymous mountain fort. The show is loosely based on more.

This And Adventure Time Should Switch Places.

Adventure Time above this? - 445956


84 Geordie Shore
85 My Mother the Car

Its an old show but it sucks

86 My Babysitter's a Vampire My Babysitter's a Vampire My Babysitter's a Vampire is a Canadian comedy horror television movie starring Vanessa Morgan and Matthew Knight.

The first seasons where ehh but now it's just B.O.R.I.N. G!

The most pointless piece of garbage I have ever seen!

I never heard of this show. But It sounds like a crap sitcom on teletoon. I think I prefer Mona the vampire!

87 Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men is an American television sitcom that began broadcast on CBS on September 22, 2003, and ended on February 19, 2015 after twelve seasons.

With Charlie Sheen, this sitcom is not funny. Without Charlie Sheen, this sitcom is not funny. It's one of the worst shows of all time. Thank goodness Angus T. Jones finally left that awful sitcom.

All they do is drink and have sex with ever woman they meet.

I wish I could remember who it was that said, "That's how many it would take to hold me down and make me watch it." - Ylfie

No! Never!
This one is the worst. - redhawk766

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88 K.C. Undercover K.C. Undercover K.C. Undercover is an American sitcom developed for Disney Channel, created by Corinne Marshall and executive produced by Rob Lotterstein.

I only don't like it because Judy is such a little brat. Dunno what they were thinking or why they keep her around. - LeiaSkywalker


89 Doctor Who Doctor Who The Doctor a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, he travels around in his time machine called The TARDIS which stands for time and relative dimensions in space. The show was first broadcast on 23rd November 1963 one day after JFK was assassinated! The show has since more.


I love how people automatically assume it's a troll's doing. Just because there are lots of people who don't share your opinion, doesn't mean it's the work of the devil.

Truth is this show is highly overrated and crap. The first seasons were classics; from the black and white to the start of color. They were not my thing but they deserve respect for the times. Now it's just a shameful reboot. Piss poor actors and out dated special effects (that make the effects from the 60s, hell even 50s science fiction look stunning) makes this show barely fit for viewing. I've seen seven episodes of different newer seasons, each one left me in stitches (I literally could not stop laughing, and the saddest part is they were supposed to be 'gripping, dramatic scenes') due to how bad the acting was, how poor the writing was and all in all it seemed low budget. I've seen better effects on student films created by one person back when I was in college. This show proves just because something is ...more

Doctor who is awesome

I don't watch this show, BUT WHY THE HELL IS THIS ABOVE FAMILY GUY? - 445956

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90 The Garfield Show The Garfield Show The Garfield Show is a French CGI animated television series. Based on the American comic strip, Garfield, the series is executive produced by Garfield creator, Jim Davis, and co-written and voice directed by Mark Evanier, who also wrote most of the episodes for the Garfield and Friends series.

This show is amazing stupid ugly haters

This Actually Isn't That Great Of A Show. It's Really Boring.

It's a bad rip-off of my beloved original. And Garfield just isn't himself anymore. - redhawk766

Talking about the old hand drawn cartoon of the cgi one on cartoon network

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91 Black Jesus Black Jesus
92 Pocoyo

I'm neutral to this show. Besides it's narrated by the legendary Steven Fry!

This show for little kids you know. I used to like this but I grow out of it.

I'd rather watch Yo-kai watch which is a good show and instead of the ugly Pocoyo!


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93 MAD

I used to like MAD. And then I woke up. It's SOOO painful to watch! They cintinue to try and be funny, and make fun of good movies. And when they make fun of a BAD movie you may ask. Well, it's still not funny! How they had 3 or more seasons, I don't know. Why Cartoon Network didn't cancel it sooner with its offensive "humor", beats me. And honest to god, the Spy vs. Spy thing is so stupid, with the stupid laugh at the end! It makes me want to rip out my eardrums! And isn't the purpose of being a spy supposed to be to try and be stealthy, and espionage and stuff?! Not blow each other up! And even when they aren't making fun of perfectly good movies, the comedy is STILL really bad. Watching this show (bad animation and all) is a painful experience! Do. Not. Watch. This. Show! - Duncan99

Exactly. MAD hurts to watch, your eyes burn as you see your favorite T.V. shows and Movies painfully mocked. They try so hard to be funny. But it's not. It's horrible. -_-

Prepare to see your favorite movies and T.V. shows mocked in painfully unfunny sketchs

The Cartoon Network version was actually a big guilty pleasure of mine when I was little. - PerfectImpulseX

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94 Drawn Together Drawn Together Drawn Together is an American adult animated sitcom which ran on Comedy Central from October 27, 2004 to November 14, 2007. The series was created by Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, and uses a sitcom format with a TV reality show setting.

This show is what I call the animated Jersey Shore.

Wow... just wow... I have never seen anything gory and gross before, My Little Pony and Uncle Grandpa have way better humor than this.

Overrated and disgusting. Please get it higher.

Big Brother mixed with South Park levels--- No, I mean, this show makes South Park look safe for work in comparison. But that's only if you have a bad stomach. With all the cringy humour, you'd think this is a joke. But it isn't trust me.
Oh well, can't be as bad as the movie, can it? - Swellow

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95 WWE Raw WWE Raw WWE Raw, also known as Monday Night Raw or simply Raw, is a professional wrestling television program that currently airs live on Monday evenings at 8 pm EST on the USA Network in the United States. The Biggest Stars are Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss, TJ Perkins, Sasha Banks, The Miz, Bayley, Dean Ambrose, more.

I have not watched this in YEARS! The WWF/WWE has not be worth watching over the past 16 years.

What is up with that leprechaun, hornswoggle?

This should not be on here

Who the freak put this on the list? Whoever it was they were on drugs and they were retarded! And they obviously don't know a good show!

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96 Nina Needs to Go! Nina Needs to Go! more.

This show is just about a whiny 4 year old who needs to go ti the bathroom every second with her grandma thinking shes a superhero there is terrible animation no story and just plain awful

Yet another reason why children have accidents - mayamanga

"Next time I will use the potty! " Five seconds later " I don't need to go to the potty" Five more minutes later " I really need to go! " Rinse and repeat - Frouze

It's strange but it's good enough for kids to let their parents know when they need to... y'know - redhawk766

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97 I Didn't Do It I Didn't Do It

I know there has to be an explanation to your life long problems

I absolutely hate this show, it's stupid and corny and sappy like every other Disney show.



I thought the thought-and-pretend-grandma-died scheme was stupid. I was really excited when Lindy wanted different friends as a little kid but it turned out it was a dream from Delia. I hate Delia so much. And adding "eww" from licking your feet is disgusting? I looked up "weirdest habits" and one of them was licking your feet. Stopped watching after a dozen Season 1 episodes (in Ep1-Ep12/Ep13).

98 Wander Over Yonder Wander Over Yonder more.

Ok, when I made this list, I made this #2 for a good reason. Some peeps say that it's the only good show on Disney, but it's actually one of the stupidest. "Later, Hater! " is a ridiculous quote that stupid orange octopus says. I am 11, and some kids my AGE like it, but personally, I think it's made for 2 year olds. Just say in'!

Thank you. Why is this stupid retard so oblivious and I HATE PACIFIST PROTAGONISTS ON T.V. SO MUCH.

It is the worst just those little Animals running on T.V.

Would everyone stop using the word "retard"? You probably don't even know what that means. - LeiaSkywalker

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99 Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life V 1 Comment
100 Beavis and Butt-Head Beavis and Butt-Head Beavis and Butt-Head is an American animated sitcom created and designed by Mike Judge. The series originated from Frog Baseball, a 1992 short film by Judge originally aired on Liquid Television.

I once got called a female Beavis/Butthead. By my mom... - LeiaSkywalker

This show is awesome and funny

This show is a little awkward.

GET THIS OFF THE LIST NOW! - christangrant

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