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Sanjay and Craig is an American animated television series produced by Nickelodeon. The show is about a 12-year-old boy named Sanjay Patel who owns a talking pet snake named Craig. It ran from May 25th, 2013 to July 29th, 2016.


A never ending image of farting because they think that it its automatically funny, naked butts because they think its automatically funny, and characters that look a lawsuit level similar to bobs burgers. and they steal facial expressions from adventure time. I like adventure time, and I'm offended by this! - hurjelert

*sigh* This show.. It's just. Wow... *facepalm* The humor is just plain immature. Fart and poop and butt jokes in every episode. I MEAN IT. Every single joke has something to do with farts or asses or poop. Also a seriously disturbing stinky armpit joke in one episode. It needs to be cancelled. I haven't seen sexual jokes yet, but I bet Craig the snake is symbolic for a penis. The only REMOTELY GOOD EPISODE was with Snoop Dogg as a guest star. That was awesome. This show is a disgrace and insult to Nickelodeon, the same channel that brought childhood classics like Ren and Stimpy and Spongebob. But alas, this show isn't half as bad as Breadwinners, il grant it that. Seriously don't WATCH BREADWINNERS! If you think this show has too many jokes about fart and poop and etc. than Breadwinners just overuses it into oblivion. Just runs it into the ground. It will forever ruin jokes of that nature for you, that is if Sanjay and Crap hasn't already done that.

Sanjay and Craig is a pathetic excuse for a show. The jokes... I wouldn't even consider them jokes! I get home one day and I see my brother watching this. I sit down for about 5 seconds just to see what it is. 5 seconds later I want to gauge my eyes out. It is the worst show of all time. Nickelodeon was my child hood. They have good shows but not recently. Just like with every kid's channel they cancel the really good shows (they take it off of Netflix 3 weeks or so after it is canceled) and replace the shows with crap ones and the good shows are never to be seen again. This show is a perfect example of the after affect of this system.

This show is the most horrible thing I've ever seen. It's idiotic, immoral, panders to the audience, and is absolutely OBSESSED with butts and farts! It features the worst role models ever, heck Sanjay's dad is practically the only one who comes CLOSE to a rational human being. The rest of the show is no better. When it's not focused on butts and farts, it's something else disgusting. I'll give you an example. One episode was about them trying to go an entire day without drinking anything so they wouldn't wet the bed. What happens next? They give in, drink lots of water, and wet the bed! And get this: according to their "idol" Remmington Tufflips, "there ain't no shame in wetting the bed"! Seriously?! This makes SpongeBob's worst episodes A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal look like their best episodes Band Geeks and Chocolate with Nuts!

I was wary of this show just from the commercials alone, but when it finally premiered about a month after I first saw the commercials, it turned out to be even WORSE than I thought it would be! It's so disgusting, just thinking about it makes me shiver. The butt transplant episode and several others made Sanjay and Craig one of the only kids shows that have made me barf. A truly terrible show; in fact, the very WORST show I have EVER seen in my ENTIRE life! So glad it's at #2 right behind Jersey Shore.

This is the worst cartoon I've ever seen. It does everything to make you hate it.

The creators of these shows just don't like kids do they. They try to make them lose brain cells by showing kids retarded (literally crappy) fart jokes. Kids, I warn you not to watch this show and never do what the characters do because if you do you will never have any shot at getting girlfriends or boyfriends. I advise you not to watch this show.

This show is so crappy. Why do they even show it on T.V. anymore. It's plain out gross and disturbing. The writers obviously had NO idea what they were doing. This show is full of disgusting fart/butt jokes, nasty flab, and it's plain out unappealing. This show show be banned from Television. That's how bad it is.

Yes. I literally threw up from an episode.

It's also very annoying. Like scream day? come on. And going through a body and being pooped out? That's very gross. Don't get me started on the gross animation.

I rather gorge my eyes out than watch this crap.

Nickelodeon, get a better creators, writers, etc. please. - BubbleBear01

I cannot believe how NICKELODEON, one of the best channel back then, with the amazing 90s and early 2000s T.V. shows, created this PILE OF TRASH. Its just some retarded idiots who show their butts and make gross jokes. Thank god Nickelodeon had a brain working and cancelled it. - Catacorn

This is the worst cartoon of all time bar none. It's extremely disgusting showing a stupid Indian kid and his equally stupid snake sidekick watch butt transplants, eat tongue tacos, and have farting contests. As well it also is annoying and idiotic. Not to mention the theme song sucks too. I give it a solid 0.

This is the worst show I've ever watched! I especially hated the butt transplant episode. That was awful! I also hated the barfing one, the one where Sanjay gets pregnant with a baby fart, and the one where they wet the bed. The one where they wet the bed was so stupid! This is easily my least favorite T.V. show.

Sanjay and Craig is just disturbing why would a kid be friends with a snake. If you ever heard the story of Adam and Eve, then you should know that you shouldn't trust a snake. Especially one that talks and wears human clothes. Creepy if you ask me... Plus it's pretty gross, lots of farts.

Nothing but a stupid insult to my intelligence that rips off facial expressions from Adventure Time. But hey, this gives me hope that one day I'll be able to create my own cartoon for a network, because apparently if THIS got on the air, then anything can!

WORST SHOW EVER! Sanjay is a stupid, annoying, and immature kid and Craig is his creepy snake friend. And I hate how even though they're supposed to be friends, they still fight and are always trying to one-up each other. AND I HATE THE BUTT AND FART JOKES!

Breadwinners is worse, it lacks plot, has much worse animation, but still has the same bathroom humor, but Jersey Shore is still the worst. - nelsonerica

This show is nothing but a menagerie of every poop, fart, and butt joke possible. If I have to see the commercial where the snake says "you smell like a butt's butt" one more time, I'm committing a violent crime. Hannah Montana shouldn't be #1, Flopjay and Trash should be

Not as bad as Breadwinners, Breadwinners has FAR worse animation, and NO PLOT, Sanjay and Craig has Bob's Burgers' animation and a plot, but I know it still sucks.

Actually it isn't a bobs burgers rip off one of the guys that work on that show also does storyboard on sanjay and craig at least that is what I think he does on there

A rip off of Bob's Burgers if you look at the animation.

This show should be on Adult Swim or something. The animation is similar to Family Guy and American Dad. It has 100% disturbing content, and it is offensive to people under 13. - TopTenHaters

This is the sickest show I've ever seen, it is filled with disgusting moments, unfunny jokes, and Sanjay and Craig are terrible protagonists who are very bad at being friends. Awful show.

A Butt Transplant? Really Nick! Is That Really The Best Thing You Can Come Up With!

It's as if Ren & Stimpy farted on The Garbage Pail Kids, it would become this animation, boring jokes, scary characters, this is why Sanjay & Craig should be on the top of the list

Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners should switch places, 2, Barney and Friends, 3. Breadwinners, 4. Sanjay and Craig and 5. Dora the Explorer.