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Twilight's worst character, all she does is let her boyfriend do her work, why can't she step up and try to do something and it's like she's surgically attached to Edward, please Girls deserve more than this. All Bella does is teach us that men can do better than women and you can't live without a man, If you want someone better try Katniss, Hermione or Tris but don't learn from Bella. She's a bad role model.

Bella Swan is so horrible, most characters in the story are well written and are okay in the movies but she is a horrible character. She teaches people you're nothing without a man - and the story was written by a woman - and if he leaves you you're as good as dead. Now, I have depression, and it isn't because a man or woman left me, it's because of many years of mental abuse and bullying. If anything I am saying is worth something it should be that, because I only know one person who tried to kill himself because his girlfriend dumped him, and honestly, he came back and he was fine, I believe that it was just a rumor. Anyway, Bella shouldn't be a role model for anyone, because she is a selfish, self-centered, man dependent person. She is a horrible person and should never be in the top 10000 female characters. Hell! Moaning Myrtle was a better character along with flipping Thumbelina!

She teaches young girls today that you are nothing without a man
How bella is even compared to the likes of hermione Granger or katniss everdeen is beyond me. They are strong independent women, and good role models; unlike bella - lily_hp

I don't think SM got that when you make a character as boring as Bella, you're supposed to make a plot in which they either become less boring or do something significant to catch our interest. But instead she centered her story around other characters to make her main character interesting. She failed to develop her main character, if SM had simply developed Bella as character, she might had made a series worth while and a character whose decisions I respected. But instead we got a main character who's irrelevant in their own series.



Jacob is so stupid, he brags to Bella about every thing and pretends to be modest. He sucks

Bella should be up here!

He is ugly he looks like a bald Rhesus Monkey. - Lunala



useless - blueLight


Proves that just because you're hot you can get away with abuse literally. Because every girl was dreaming about having a guy as perfect as him most missed the signs of his abusive behavior and Bella spent so much time grateful that he would go out with her that she just took every bit of the abuse without question or complaint (which is ironic when you consider that she spent most of the series complaining about everything). - DisniPrinzess

He's too perfect, does he actually have any flaws? Because of this he's just not realistic and I can't relate to him, but that's what it's like with all twilight characters - lily_hp

I don't really like Edward. I only like Team Jacob because it's Jacob! I don't actually like Bella AND Jacob. Bella is such a bad character.

Bella and Edward are the worst characters. Jacob is ' awesome.


He is a nobody


I love Anna Kendrick but to pretend like Jessica Stanley wasn't a total bi-yatch is just ignorance.

I actually love Jessica. Though that probably has everything to do with the actress who plays her. So I guess I'm biased.

Renesmee Cullen

She's very bland and boring I know she's a child but she doesn't do anything interesting I know that she is only a child but she's not very entertaining she's a mary sue like bella she may have other activities but sometimes if you see her all she does is stand there agreeing with what other people say also her name is strange could't bella have come up with an original one? I like the actress who plays her but Mackenzi Foy can do much better her character in twilight is boring, and just plainly bland talking to her is like talking to a wall you'll just get bored easily she doesn't even like to speak which makes me believe she's anti-social and something tells me one day she'll become a spoiled brat who will whine all the time for not getting what she wants

A complete Mary Sue. Having no flaws is the worst thing to ever happen to a character. She doesn't look like a normal kid either and what? They made her to be stronger than most characters. By the look on her, I'm sure she won't fit in well with humans

She doesn't even have a personality and she looks fake in the movie!

She's a nothing character who literally a plot device to solve all conflicts without any work put into. She literally makes no sense and it becomes very clear that her existence and traits are just that to cater to Jacob and his fans - and a pretty poor job of it as a Jacob fan. Her existence literally makes New Moon, Eclipse and the werewolves pointless because if you took them out the book would flow perfectly and more cohesively and all because of this plot hole of a character. we all thought Bella was a Mary Sue - well enter Renesemee, the epitome of perfection, everyone who meets her loves her and those who don't are immediately villainized and killed for such a thought. She is the specialist of snowflakes - at first the only of her kind and then the only to kill her mother. She's the most powerful of all the mutants - only one with psychic powers to get past
Bella's sheild, and doesn't even need to talk to communicate. Seriously this wasn't even wish fulfillment Mary Sue, ...more


I honestly don't understand how anyone can hate this character. Not because she's a great character or anything, but because she's not in the series enough to think anything positive or negative about her - in fact the entire time she's in the series she does nothing of import to pique any interest. - DisniPrinzess

Angela isn’t really that catchy in the movies, and she’s not loved or hated- she’s more neutral.


She is better than most female characters. Though Vic is better than her. - blueLight

Only 10th because she is seriously overpowered.

So cute on the outside but really really evil

Jane is bad inside but a cute girl she is

Poone from Iran

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Victoria is just there to create a plot line in Twilight and Eclipse snm

Victoria is the best character what is she doing here? - blueLight

Alice Cullen

In all honesty I don't understand the way people just adore this character. Maybe it's because in comparison to Bella she has a hell of a lot more to offer, but when you look at it the only thing that makes her remotely interesting is that she can see the future (albeit unreliably). When you strip that away she's shallow, pretentious, materialistic, and at times just as controlling and abusive as Edward. She's not really even a great friend - she spends most of her time trying to change Bella into the friend she wants instead of the one she has and literally sold her out for a porche. And she gets away with all these terrible qualities because she's the "cute pixie" and "so adorable", but in reality she's just really annoying.

Alice is amazing - blueLight

Mike Newton

He's scary

Mr. Biers

Because he is scary and annoying

Emmett Cullen
Charlie Swan
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